Shuhei Yoshida: Knack was pitched as 'Crash Bandicoot for PS4'

Some of the announcement event's harshest critics questioned why Knack was the first PS4 game ever shown to the world, as its mascot-driven, cartoonish veneer seems an odd bellweather for next-gen gaming. Yoshida explained that the company prioritized Knack's announcement to stymie the expectations to be a dedicated console for photorealistic, mature video games.

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wishingW3L2043d ago

if it wasn't for the ugly chubby looking character models I'd be interested in the game. =/

G20WLY2043d ago

I like them! Pixar-esque... :o)

grailly2043d ago

I'd call them astroBoy-esque :)

Zhipp2043d ago

I think they're just fine, if a bit plasticky. Honestly, this and Infamous were the only exclusives at the conference that really piqued my interest.

Zhipp2043d ago

I'm not really into racing sims(I suck at them, haha), and I'm not much of an shooter person either.

Reverent2043d ago

Drive Club for me, definitely has my interest as I Loooove racing sims... But they really didn't give away any information on it other than some world-wide leaderboard stuff which doesn't really sound that interesting. I'm preserving my hype for the game until we see more of it.

Killzone looks gorgeous though :)

jakmckratos2043d ago

Wow bro..what did fat people ever do to you??? Eat your family?

M-M2043d ago

The visuals and art styles of Knack are only a few of the reasons why I'm getting it on launch day.

No FanS Land2043d ago

What the hell is about those critics, we can start a new gen, clean slate, fresh off the "grey" shooters and Knack is criticized for not being like this. I want next gen to be focused on fun to play experience, not just hyper realistic guns and hair, and everything. Gaming is about doing impossible things in life, not just merely recreating it.

DwightOwen2043d ago


Please watch and enlighten yourself:

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hkgamer2043d ago

I don't really like the character designs as well.

Was about to say how Japanese can design better characters for these types of games but googled and noticed Japan Studio is developing this game... Kinda shocked tbh.

r212043d ago

I like them and what about Japan Studio? They're a great studio.

PS4isKing_822043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

I think he's asking how is Japan studio making it if mark Cerny came onstage and told the press it's his game? I saw that and wondered that myself. Is Japan studio simply helping out or what?

ZeroX98762043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

mark cerny`s extremely fluent in japanese,so maybe he`s working from over there.

Black-Rock-Shooter2043d ago

I heard he can speak fluent Japaneses and is directing it.
Sure he is not put all his time into it as he has pretty much a big part in the development of the ps4.

hkgamer2042d ago

Just thought that Japanese artists are more suitable for these type of games. Then I noticed it was a Japanese studio. Kinda shocked tbh, thought it was done by a western studio.

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BitbyDeath2043d ago

Throw in splitscreen and you've got a sale.

jakmckratos2043d ago

Knack could use a cool looking female companion. How about we call her Rack? And she gets big metal boobies?

delboy2043d ago

Crash is legendary, and I can bet that Knack will be a huge flop.
Every game that fails to sell more than 3+ millions is a flop, because it doesn't make enough revenue to make up for production costs and marketing.
That's why Sony closed so many first party developer's.

Cryptcuzz2043d ago

What an idiot.

You do know Knack is being created by the same guy that made Crash Bandicoot right?

It might not live up to the classic Crash games, but it has a good chance of being just as memorable if not more with the same guy working on it.

Also, who says a game needs to sell more then 3 million + or its considered a flop? Each game has different budgets, which means each game has different projections for being a flop or not.

What a tool.

Trago13372043d ago


We could have had a Crash PS4 game? DAMMIT!

lol, but Knack looks great though, i just really want a new crash game that doesn't suck.

Zhipp2043d ago

Crash probably will show up on the PS4 sooner or later. It'll be Activision, though, which means multiplat and almost definitely mediocre.

HammadTheBeast2043d ago

Don't forget squashed head and toys4kids.

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