Someone Actually Beat and Finished ‘Snake’

We’ve all likely played Snake somewhere on some platform in our lifetime, but I’m sure that none of us knew that the game can actually be beat and finished – nonetheless, someone’s gone and done it.

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GreenRanger2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAKE!!!!

Rockefellow2021d ago

"Beat and finished?" Excellent writing there, pal

Axecution2021d ago

He was showing us the gif lol get over it

I thought it was awesome and really trippy to watch xD

Rockefellow2021d ago

Get over what? Judging from your writing ability, quality-written content on N4G isn't a big issue for you.

Toadsanime2021d ago

To be fair, N4G is first and foremost for written content and that title of mine is pretty shoddy.


Rockefellow2021d ago

Eh, I've seen a lot worse around here. Don't take my bitterness as a critique on your website or anything.

Qrphe2021d ago

The vast majority of "game journalists" are hobbyists who just write in their own time so this type of quality is expected. They'll never compare to professional journalists.

Zodiac2021d ago

That game hand an ending?

freezola752021d ago

Dayum someone actually completed this game!!

Wait... I never knew that it actually had an ending...

I remember playing that addictive ass game on the Nokia 900 phone.

Way before smartphones... there was that pesky Snake game...


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The story is too old to be commented.