No news on Xbox, but huge power of PlayStation 4 excites games fair fans

Guardian - While Microsoft kept schtum, Sony spilled more juicy beans on PS4 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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LackTrue4K2478d ago

true on that "day one purchase for the PS4"
But aside from that, i want info on the new xbox!
Its hard not to give the cold shoulder on something we have no info on.
Hope Microsoft gives some good news on its next gen console.

abzdine2478d ago

it will be xbox social with smartglass thing to use like wii u and always connected.. new version of kinect that you can use with your pet this time and a Halo launch title.

AO1JMM2478d ago

PS4 and Xbox 720 day 1

sobekflakmonkey2478d ago

Definitely PS4 on Day 1, but I don't know anything about the next xbox, so making that call seems a little strange..

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

hasn't been news on xbox for years now.

oh the new one?

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sway_z2478d ago

Copied/Pasted from these here forums...

VG Leaks....

We are going to be two console as part of the redesigned “Xbox Line” of products. A repackaged and reoriented Xbox 360 unit and the new “Durango” gaming console, both designed to compete with more than Sony in gaming, but against Apple as well.

When the Durango (game machine) launches, it will not support backwards compatibility for 360 games out of the box. Instead, this functionality will come from the other unit that will be networked with the Durango to provide this (not unlike the DVD add-on for the original Xbox).

The purpose of the smaller Xbox unit is to compete with Apple TV, but also provides XBLA and 360 game support which will give it an edge over Apple TV. The rumors of “always online required” comes from the smaller Xbox unit which may not have a disc drive and like Apple TV it would require a network connection and internet to provide any real functionality. It may be possible they will design both consoles to be stackable.

Durango itself will also always be online like any other device (correct with rumors), but it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent playing used games. Putting in an Xbox 360 disc into Durango will prompt the user to attach the supporting device that is sold separately. By separating the two devices and their functions it will ensure price competitiveness for both pieces of hardware. Microsoft’s delay in announcing these products from April goes more inline with not having a physical set of devices to show (among specification updates), which should be ready by May or June when this information is officially released.
The price goal of the smaller Xbox is $149 or lower and it is likely to not have a disc drive and would require a network connection. Durango will be priced competitively according to PS4′s price.

Don't ask me?? I found this on N4G Forums....

GalacticEmpire2478d ago

Completely unfounded and completely off topic

sway_z2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

How is it off topic tho??

The article clearly headlines "No News on Xbox ....."

...So here is some news for Xbox, it's 4hrs old apparently.

#Cheerupfella :)

Loki862478d ago

Not even close to true, this is megaton news for all xbox fans and relates 100 percent to the bs rumors that are spreading. Was about to post the same thing.

Good_Guy_Jamal2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

What he means is "please don't post any positive rumors about the next xbox, I am enjoying all the negativity from all the other unfounded rumors."

sobekflakmonkey2478d ago the Xbox is going the way of the Sega Genesis?

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Software_Lover2478d ago

That actually sounds pretty good, but would be better if the unit were 99.00 or less. You could offset the cost by selling your current 360. 360 hardware in the smaller unit run like a server off of the new Xbox. The xbox 4 will probably not have this issue as it, and the ps5 will probably go the same route as they have now.

So Sony goes with Gaiki and Microsoft goes with Hardware. Pick your poision ewwwwwwwww


hazardman2478d ago

Good lookin out Sway! After reading that, I felt that most of the always onlline rumour was towards the xbox mini and not the durango.

monkey nuts2477d ago

Its like a weight has lifted off my shoulders, lets hope its true. Its sounds much more reasonable than the other rumors tbh. They haven't gone bat shit crazy afterall it would seem, alah willing.

Neo-Axl2478d ago

That was a good read!

Interesting stuff, .. looks like the new Xbox isn't entirely doomed after all.

MasterCornholio2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

There's no backwards compatibility with the Durango which wont be a problem to people who allready own an Xbox but if someone wants to play 360 games on the Durango they will have to buy an Xbox Mini as well.

But at least this sounds a lot better than the Durango forcing you to use Kinect, blocking used games and always online DRM.

I just hope that Microsoft doesn't force Kinect use with their next console.

Motorola RAZR i

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2478d ago

Next-gen consoles day none. Most of the previous IPs that were worth getting hyped for are now ruined and even a few newer IPs have been ran into the ground too. Final Fantasy died with FF13, Metal Gear died with Rising, Resident Evil died with RE4 (technically; I know it was last gen but this gen made it much worse with RE6 by showing they're out of touch with the series & fans), Mega Man is dead, Tomb Raider died with the newest one even though it has been going downhill before it, the last good Halo was Halo 2 (Halo 3 was ok but it went downhill after that), Gears of War was a good new IP but the only good one was the first one (same goes for Infamous; changing the character's appearance and voice for Cole without no backstory behind it ruined all immersion I had for the franchise), and there are many other games that became trash this gen.

I'll just stick to PC gaming. There really isn't anything that could make me care for console games at this point.

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Axe992478d ago

Given that most high-profile PC games are also released on console, I presume you mean you'll be sticking to more hardcore PC gaming like flight sims and grand strategy? Or maybe you're more of a facebook games fan? Or maybe you'll just be playing the same IPs you dislike with a different piece of hardware?

Don't get me wrong - I'm a PC gamer, and I actually play the types of genres that are only found on PC (grand strategy, old-school RPG), but I'm in a select niche - most PC gamers are just console gamers that want higher frame rates ;).

Neo-Axl2478d ago

a PS4 or X720 article is Never complete until you show up and spread your.. "wisdom"

Real negative aura around you buddy, but you need to share your hate somewhere.. I guess the internet is the best place.

abzdine2478d ago

i am actually more impressed by the games they announced so far, and E3 still didn't start!

Good_Guy_Jamal2478d ago

As opposed to the games they haven't announced? :/ Do those impress you less?

r212478d ago

You sure like to be a Debbie Downer to someone's positive comment, dont you.

Hicken2478d ago

You REALLY want to join the ranks of the one bubbles, huh?

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