Forget EA. Fight the Real Enemy: Reddit

Mike writes, "At the end of the day, I recognize that awarding Reddit with some symbolic token of their sh***iness is about as meaningful as doing it for EA. So here I am, being part of the problem I guess. The thing is though, if you're going to make some kind of statement about a corporation that truly does damage to Internet culture and engages in unethical and unseemly practices, then go after a real bad guy."

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broli40002015d ago

I've always viewed Reddit as a place where a bunch of nerds get together to do exactly what they claim to hate. Someone get bullied? Then let's get 5000 people to bully the bully. Someone censor a group? We also like to censor groups that don't meet what we want said. A group trolled some of our members? Let's gather up a bunch of members to attack their website and troll them back. It's all reactionary garbage because they have sheer numbers on their side.

It would be 1 thing if the banning reason wasn't something that happens on their site daily by a million other sites that are accepted with open arms. It would be wonderful if Reddit stuck to it's own rules and had an even playing ground. Yet, they don't and by having it be so lopsided, they open themselves up to the criticism that they deserve. Unfortunately, like the little children that they act like, they will just turtle up, act hurt and try to come up with some moral high ground about yet another article condemning them.

thechosenone2015d ago

It looks like we found us a motive. I wonder if we can get Twinfinite banned from N4G too. lol!

Check out kafe's comment below on why he and his site hates reddit.

"All of a sudden, everyone who has ever posted anything from Twinfinite was shadowbanned.Furthermore, any time anyone, including fans, tried to post a link to one of our articles, it would always get put in the spamfolder."

grailly2015d ago

I use reddit quite a bit, and I like it a lot, but the banning thing is just stupid, the wole point of the site is to put the intersting stuff on top, if a another site consistently puts out bad articles it'll just never get to the top, which works fine.

KrystofKage2015d ago

Reddit: child porn good, EA bad!

Cirran2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Can be used for pretty much any internet community.

KrystofKage2015d ago

Yea, except Reddit openly defended /r/jailbait. It was only shut down after CNN did a major report on it, and one of the admins personal info was leaked. They didn't give a shit they were encouraging pedophiles, they were only scared that their real life information would be revealed.

FrostyZipper2015d ago

I agree and disagree. Some communities are terrible, others are slightly more sane or in tune with the world outside.

I accept that there are some Redditers who are decent folk, as well as forums/subforums of the site which aren't total hives of scum and villainy but, to me at least, its image will be forever stained by its generally uncreative, plagiarist meme kiddies and the constant 'le' bullshit. And let's not forget the HILARITY that rage comics bring us on a daily basis.

I suppose the main saving grace Reddit has is that it sucks up idiots, leaving some communities more free from lunacy than they would otherwise be.

Cirran2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Eh You can find some decent stuff there. Just skim through the crap and its not so bad. As terrible as the comments section is on most sites (including this one) you find a gem now and then. Laugh/ignore and move on.

grailly2015d ago

I see a lot of criticism of the reddit community, I'll just say that the r/games subreddit has a way better community than n4g, though less active.

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Reddit considers any self promoted site whose not willing to pay for advertising spam.

kafe2015d ago

Exactly. If it hurts their bottom line, it's spam. I even bought $100 worth of advertising for two days to advertise a giveaway for charity, and it was WORTHLESS. Negligible return, akin to tossing the money down a well. The same post, instead put on subreddits, performed far better than the ad. Advertising doesn't work for sites that don't sell a product, anyway, which is why small publications shouldn't be directed to "buy an ad" for popular articles.

kevnb2015d ago

lets forget both of them and focus on companies who poison us...

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