PlayStation Vita System Update Version 2.10 Fully Detailed

Made available last night, system update version 2.10 came to the PlayStation Vita. We previously told you about quite a few of the changes associated with this, but today, Sony loosed all the details. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2479d ago

I'm most happy to have the folders.

nix2479d ago

this and the new game "guacamala".

Mounce2479d ago

I had made a delicious Gaming section that fully has my Vita games and THEN FOLDERS on a single page that contained PS1, PSP and PSM games! Phoooo!

That made me clean up 3 wastefully-stretched pages of everything!

2478d ago
ftwrthtx2479d ago

Loving the new folder feature

Rockefellow2479d ago

I'm glad they listened to fans and added folders (and letting us finally save the layout of bubbles!), but they're completely useless to people who've filled their memory cards and/or want some decent organization. A miniscule limit on how many apps can be added to each folder along with there still being a 100-bubble limit is really asinine in the long run.

Shacojin2479d ago

Great.. just need a BIGGER memory card.. preferably 64GB or larger... and more games... give me NBA 2K14 on the GO PLEASE!!

Axecution2479d ago

lol they'd probably somehow charge us like 250 dollars for a 64GB memory card

knifefight2479d ago

Oh don't be ridiculous!

...You know it would only be $240!

Shacojin2478d ago

lol I wouldnt care if it was $300 just need a higher capacity option.. downloading is just more convenient for me and 32GB just isnt enough anymore

FragGen2478d ago

Total agreement. The fact that the Vita has ZERO internal storage is incredibly limiting. I have 64gb cards for my phone and tablet so my phone has: 80gb total (64+16) my tablet (asus transformer) has 96gb undocked, 128gb docked.

I'd like to be able to put movies and other media on the Vita rather than the phone or tablet, especially when traveling. Vita has the best controls for gaming and is a nice size to game or watch movies on or use as a music player. But with multigig games, I barely have any space for movies, etc, compared to my other devices.

chrisarsenalsavart2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

well sony, i am sorry but i have not been able 2 play one video on the browser.
not even from our good n4g.
what the fck sony.

PirateThom2479d ago

I just played a video through the browser.... what video are you trying to watch and I'll give it a go.

Salooh2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

All videos work to me only the ones in 1channel doesn't work and smart phones can't do that too :. ..

Cablephish2479d ago

I'm using a Galaxy S3 with custom ROM and I can watch stuff on 1channel just fine.

Salooh2479d ago

Thanks for that information ^^ . I never cared about the ROM because galaxy always give me everything i want and i heard ROM only good for older phones to bring the new features from the new phones such as note 2 so i didn't care about it. I think i will try to put ROM in mine to do that ^^

Axecution2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


Noooo haha. New ROMs do so much. They can improve the battery by a ridiculous amount, make it run sooo much faster, let you overclock, custom boot screens, cool new menus, new transition effects, etc. Really anything. It feels like a whole new phone sometimes. :p
haha i love trying out new ROMs. >.>

Just heads up if you're gonna venture into rooting/custom rom territory MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE ROM FOR THE RIGHT COUNTRY. Like if you have a Galaxy S3 i9000, dont download a Galaxy S3 i747m rom cause wont work and it'll just break your phone haha

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The story is too old to be commented.