Cerny and Ito talk about Backward Compatibility and x86 Architecture

Sony’s decision to cut out backward compatibility for the PlayStation 4 was apparently not an easy one. True, Dave Perry (founder of the cloud gaming platform Gaikai) suggested during the PS4′ s reveal back in February that it’s Gaikai’s goal to include the full spectrum of the PlayStation line-up of titles (as detailed in the latter of part one of our report on the PS4′s announcement), but – unfortunately – it seems that PS3 gamers will not be able to play their PS3 games on the new machine via traditional means.

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iGAM3R-VIII2110d ago

good read, I have a lot of respect for Cerny, great guy

miyamoto2110d ago

and 3 disrespectfuls disagreed with you

Skips2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I'm curious about the whole “try for free, and pay only for games you fall in love with.”...

So, do we get like, one free play through? And if we like it, we buy it? lol ...Interesting.

I'm still hoping for the whole. "Insert disc, PS4 reads content, and stream said game for free". Would be even better IMO.

porkChop2110d ago

He meant instant streaming demos for every game. But instead of demos it would be more like the 60 minute trials on PS3.

Skips2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )


OOOH, ok. Gotcha, thanks for explaining. lol

Instant demos for EVERY game sounds pretty cool. Still hoping for the "Insert disc, stream game" idea though. :/

Nonetheless, it seems like Gaikai and PS+ is going to be well worth the investment. :D

KwietStorm2110d ago

What do you mean insert disc stream game for free? Are you talking about PS3 discs?

Blackdeath_6632109d ago

he means that by inserting a ps3 disk into the ps4 the console can confirm that you have previously purchased the game and allow you to stream it of gaikai for free without paying for the service this idea was purposed as a solution to backwards compatibility by people online but it is very unlikely as they would of had to have made the ps3 games surrounding this idea from the start. it was just a suggestion/wish that some people have taken as speculation or even rumour but there is absolutely nothing that this will ever happen, is even possible or is being considered.

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Aceman182110d ago

i'm keeping my PS3 so i won't have an issue of no B/C, plus i'd rather a reasonable priced system this time around.

Monkeysmarts2110d ago

Keeping my PS3 as well. It's a no-brainer. I have no desire to play PS3 games on PS4... I want PS4 games on PS4.

Pillsbury12109d ago

Yup, still have my ps2 for ps2 and ps1 games. Keeping ps3, too much invested in it. Would rather have a low priced console.

memots2109d ago

well i am keeping my ps3 for sure. But i do like to have the option of leaving my ps3 in the rec room and ps3 in my living room and be able to access all my ps3 content on my ps4.

This is not a deal breaker for me but still i would love to have full psn/disc B/C

MYSTERIO3602110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I think it would be great if Sony somehow allowed PS3 games to be registered on the PS4 and then streamed via Gaikai for free.

avengers19782110d ago

The sad fact is, why include b/c in any new console, when they can re- release any game they want on there stores later on, and gamers will re-buy them.

Ashunderfire862109d ago

Well Look on the bright side, at least from time to time, you can get some games for free every month. Well only if your a PS plus member. No huge loss guys!!!

avengers19782109d ago

I have plus and free games are great... If you own a ps3 you should definitely get a PS Plus membership

ijust2good2110d ago

I'm hoping for Uncharted and other top game of this gen to get true FULL HD(1080p)60fps remake..

starchild2110d ago

No backwards compatibility is a pretty big deal to me. There is no way I am going to keep something like 6 or more consoles hooked up to my tv just so I can play all my favorite games.

Games, much like movies, are works of art. They aren't suddenly worthless to me just because something newer comes along.

There are hundreds of amazing games on PS1, PS2 and PS3 that I won't realistically be able to play any longer. My fat PS3 with backwards compatibility is dying and it makes me sad that there will be no BC in the PS4. It has always been something I loved about Sony consoles.

monkey nuts2110d ago

All I do is keep my old consoles neatly tucked away in storage boxes then if I feel like playing some mgs3 subsistence or super ghosts and goblins I remove the system from the discreetly placed box and set it up on one of the tvs at my house. It takes minutes, literally.

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Majin-vegeta2110d ago

I was saddened when i heard the PS4 would have no BC.But if it helps keep cost downs then i'm all for it.Honestly people just do i what did.I have a HDMI switcher with 3 of my PS3 hooked up to it.When i ever i feel i want to play PS4 vice versa.I can just press a button and right away i can start playing.

nukeitall2110d ago


"Honestly people just do i what did.I have a HDMI switcher with 3 of my PS3 hooked up to it"

Why would you have "3" (as in three) PS3s hooked up to one TV?

WitWolfy2110d ago

For CFW reasons of course!

GDDR6_20142110d ago

Somebody tell him the Xbox mini idea, not too late to go for real backward compatibility Sony

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Loki862110d ago

So I think this pretty much confirms you will need to rebuy all your PS3 games with a try/buy incentive. Oh well, was going to get a PS3 for Last of Us, Uncharted, and Two Souls, looks like I will hold off till next gen.

koehler832110d ago

Doesn't confirm anything. It's a safe assumption that it won't be free.

I've always assumed the Gaikai BC service would be a subscription based, all-you-can-eat streaming service like Netflix. (If it happens at all.) $5 or $10 a month for the entire PlayStation back catalog seems like a reasonable proposition to me. You would be paying for some stuff you've already got, but you're also paying for thousands of things you don't.

It's a better bet to just keep the stuff you already own.

colonel1792110d ago

That would be a really nice service. If it is done well, the infrastructure and design is there, then it will be very convenient. Paying monthly for every PS, PS2 and PS3 game sounds reasonable, since there are a lot of games that even at $10 each would cost more than the service for a year. Also, it is a great to play games otherwise wouldn't have played.

But then again, the service would have to work really good.

Th4Freak2110d ago

Actually no, read the article. Kieran Mackintosh: "it seems that PS3 gamers will not be able to play their PS3 games on the new machine via traditional means".

KwietStorm2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Doesn't confirm a thing. They could easily offer a Gaikai app at a subscription price to stream the whole catalog or break it up into sections. They could also offer a higher tier to PlayStation Plus with Gaikai bundled for cheaper than the standalone price of both individually. You could actually end up having access to more games that are currently in your library.

Lvl_up_gamer2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I have been saying this since the day Gaikai was bought by Sony.

Gaikai+PS+ = New online PSN.

It will be around $60 a year and you will have most if not all of Sony's 1st party titles/published by Sony and some 3rd party titles all from the PS1 to the PS3 (maybe even PS4) libraries.

I think this is a great idea for sony, however it does have it's issues.

1) Internet bandwidth caps. (not everyone has unlimited internet)

2) Internet speeds. What is the latency going to be like? Not everyone has high speed internet

3) Cost. I am assuming it will be $60 a year but it could be even more.

I would love to play some Jet Moto without having to plug in my PS1.

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InTheZoneAC2109d ago

you'll just hold off forever since you missed many more great games than just uncharted...

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RandomDude6552110d ago

For God loved the world, he gave his only Cerny

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