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Post Arcade: "Defiance the game is an interesting experiment in bringing games and television closer together. But it’s Defiance the TV show that will determine whether this frayed yet fascinating speculative universe eventually winds up among the pantheon of sci-fi pop culture."

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cleft52473d ago

I see so many low scores for Defiance, yet it is pure fun.

HebrewHammer2473d ago

I agree. It's especially not often we get something like this on consoles.

Captain Qwark 92473d ago

well it is a lot of fun but it also has many things that could be better. examples:

-mission structure, almost the same every time. go here, disable turrets, save people, return
-connection issues like crazy
-not enough to do, weapon modding is limited, no crafting
-outfits really should have been divided up to shoulder, chest legs, head and effected stats. most of the appeal to mmo's is character building and that would add to it
-enemy scaling is non existent in anything but the arc falls. im yet to encounter any tougher foes from ego 0 to ego 300 which is where i currently am
-no loot drops from the final bosses of the co-op maps
-only two deathmatch levels
-too much is offered in the store and not enough loot in the game. ( outfits mostly, plenty of guns )
-limited character customization
-only two playable races
-all of the zones look virtually the same which makes exploring not as fun
-no large towns/bases just a few tiny bases like iron demon ranch

all that said, its a 7/10 for me too. bright spots include the rampages, hot shot, time trials, etc., co-op maps despite the loot drops, deathmatch is fun but more maps please, story is good so far but too many filler missions

id still recommend the game to anyone and most if not all of my complaints can be fixed in future updates and expansions. the game is full of potential

MysticStrummer2473d ago

Keep going through the story. San Fran looks very different and has substantially tougher enemies. Connection issues depend on the platform. PS3 has so far been the most stable version of the game. 360 has been the worst. I disagree that there's not enough to do, though I will admit a lot of it is the same. Weapon modding gets better as you level up more, or at least easier. The higher level weapons have more mod slots without having to add any more.

Captain Qwark 92473d ago

thats good to hear, i heard its about 8hrs long and i have to be at least 4 in. either way im not going to stop, those were just my criticism's and why i think a score of 7 is good for it. too many issues at the moment to be a 9 but it could be in the future, in fact if what you say is true, could be an 8 already. i guess ill see in a bit.

Donnieboi2473d ago

It feels like we payed for a beta. Maybe after some more patches, and new missions are put it, then people will change their minds. MMO's tend to never finish being in development.

cleft52473d ago

I feel the same way in many regards. That's why I am holding off on the season pass. I give it a bit of a pass because it is a mmo and those always have issues right out of the gate. I honestly think these guys where surprised at how successful the game was.

I had to hunt down a 360 copy of the game and I haven't had to do that in a while for any game. I am sure that 1 month out the game is going to be much improved, but it is a shame that we get to be beta testers while later on people will get to play the game with very few issues. Still, I am enjoy my time with the game so I can't complain too much.

UnHoly_One2473d ago

Well technically the scores aren't really "low", just "average".

There are a lot of 6 and 7 games that are great fun. It's a damn shame that most people see a 6 and that's enough for them to just pass on a game.

I held off on Defiance until a couple days ago and decided to give it a shot on the advice of some buddies, and I'm loving it.

Is it perfect? Nope, not at all.

Does it deserve an 8 or a 9? Probably not.

Does any of that keep me from loving it and being totally addicted? Not on your life. lol

MysticStrummer2473d ago

When I play a game that has me loving it and being totally addicted like Defiance does, I bump up my personal score and ignore more problems than I normally would. I'd definitely give Defiance an 8 at the very least, though I'm playing on PS3 which has had the smoothest launch of the game. I wonder how many of these reviews scores are coming from playing it on 360, which has had the worst of the problems, or from PC reviewers who expected more MMO and less shooter, despite what Trion has always said about the game.