Everything You Want to Know About Dark Souls 2

IGN:All of our Dark Souls 2 questions answered by the game's director.

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Game4life2485d ago

Priase the dragons

SirBradders2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I cannot wait for this sounds and looks to be a truly immersive experience that you can get lost in literally for hours. Demons was great, Dark Soul was even greater and now this looks to expand upon the both.

zerocrossing2485d ago

Well Dark Souls 2 is looking good, maybe we were jumping the gun a bit with our initial concerns in regards to the aforementioned "accessibility".

Eazy-Eman2485d ago

The part with the bridge and the dragons flying in the goodness lol

Tony-Red-Grave2485d ago

i love the souls game. But i woul've liked a DeS prequel over a DaS sequel :/. i want to fight those damn giants in DeS

Swiggins2484d ago

There's a fan theory that Lordran from Dark Souls IS the land of the Giants from Demons...

Think about it, there are giants, and the "gods" are these immense figures.

I preferred Dark to Demons, but I hope that Demons Souls gets a sequel as well.

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