Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Reveal - 12 Minute Demo

The 12 minute gameplay debut of Dark Souls 2 has been released, courtesy of IGN.

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TopDudeMan2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

GOTY - everyone make sure you watch the Q+A

xHeavYx2473d ago

I can already picture myself throwing the controller against the wall

omi25p2473d ago

it looks exactly the same as the last one.

DragonKnight2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Where's the Q+A video?

My impressions of the game: Loving the visuals of it. Much better lighting overall and more detail put into it even at this stage.

Hopefully my reflexes are the reason I felt that the enemies seemed too easy, or it's just because of the demo, but that "surprise attack" event bothered me.

I'm loving the world, and the destructible environments.

Combat has changed. It seems more fluid in addition to maintaining the tight controls of the previous games. I'm loving the weapon swap upgrade though.

I hope they will allow parrying with the torch, but I can see them not.

All in all, it looks to be in-keeping with the Souls series and I'm hyped for it.

**EDIT** Found the other video. I watched the gameplay somewhere else. LOL.

Irishguy952473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Here's proof to all those moaners about 'accessibility'

I like that the game looks better. Don't really care much though, i'm glad to see Souls series return again.

And why do you say that @ Below? There is no reason to believe that especially judging from the vid, it looks like a new souls game with better graphics, it seems the new producer hasn't done anything bad and it was as originally intended/ Souls game with more accessibility.

ps3_pwns2473d ago

dont think this one is goty lol. demon souls and darksouls 1 are probably better.

SegataSanshiro2473d ago

Here's hoping for a Sega Saturn edition

Ser2473d ago

That's a good thing, omi25p. If it's anywhere near as good as the first two games, I'll be happy.

nix2473d ago

dang i was right... last time i had said they will be showing 9 mins of dying... and how i was right.

which game shows deaths on their first demo..

looks great though.

Blacktric2472d ago

"Here's proof to all those moaners about 'accessibility'"

Being able to carry three weapons EACH HAND sure means they didn't dumb the game down. And don't get me started on the extremely obvious item indication effects...

Subtlety in design's been thrown out of the window.

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Starbucks_Fan2473d ago

Sweet, this game will help me fill up the swear jar ten fold.

camel_toad2473d ago

Awesome indeed. I'm officially looking forward to this game more than anything else. Really surprised at the graphics too. Can't wait!

Nevers2473d ago

Day one for me... but I knew this before it was even going to be announced. Love the Souls games.

flyingmunky2473d ago

From Software keeps on putting out pure quality. I don't know who all keeps coming out with such crazy and unique enemy design, but I love it! This studio is really on a roll.

2472d ago
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Donnieboi2473d ago

Sweeet!! This game is gonna be amazing!

landog2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

graphically it looks about on par with the pc version of ds1.....cannot wait to see this thing maxed on my pc...will look 10x better i imagine

gameplay of course will be AMAZING on all platforms

fossilfern2473d ago

Some of the Animation, particle effects, lighting and cloth physics are alot better! But I agree this will look outstanding on PC!

Rockefellow2473d ago

Yep, because we all know how well DS1 was optimized for PC. Get your head out of your ass and stop posting these stupidly-veiled slanderous comments. Just because you threw a small comment about "all platforms" at the end doesn't make it any less backhanded (or dumb, for that matter).

AnteCash2473d ago

Yea its FLYING on my amd quad 3.2Ghz , 6770 , 4GB ram ...........NOT

PC and Optimization dont belong in the same sentence.

landog2473d ago

runs at 2560x1600 at locked 30 frames, never below, with massive, MASSIVEly better graphics than the ps3 version i played

and yes, it looks way better than that sub-hd, 720p video on ign.....that better have been last gen console gameplay.....becasue it looks worse than ds1 on my pc

just being honest...butthurt all you want

Reverent2473d ago

@landog, lol that is a load of crap. I've got the game on both my PC and my PS3 and there is virtually ZERO difference even when you have high resolution mods, etc.

Give it a rest, we know PC games usually look better; that doesn't mean sh*t in this game's case.

MysticStrummer2472d ago

@landdog - Who are you trying to convince, yourself or people that don't know better?

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Banok2472d ago

downvoted by ragin consolers. ironic because it probably looks WORSE than ds1 on pc.

apart from a few cool new wind effects, it looks same as ds1 but as a pc gamer I notice the horrible low resolution.

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hennessey862473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

are poor, hoping the PC version is better this time

@below- already have :)

MestreRothN4G2473d ago

You should try the Crysis series, specially Crysis 2.
You'll love it!

EdoubleD2473d ago

How is the graphics poor?

flyingmunky2473d ago

After all the complaints that PC gamers had against the first game's port I don't think they should make a PC version. It is pretty clear that PC gamers are more interested in graphics than anything else.

MuhammadJA2472d ago

Or if these guys don't know how to code for PC, then we don't want their games.

despair2472d ago

they said long before the PC version was released that it would be a direct port and they were not familiar with PC development on the whole. So they admitted, before release, that it was not going to be improved and for giving a straight answer I applaud them and will continue to support them (on consoles though).

Ser2473d ago

Do you enjoy video games only for the graphics? If so, that's pretty depressing.

despair2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

graphics might not be everything but it plays a big part of games, that said I thought the game looked good, not sure where the "poor graphics" comment came from, its not best of the best quality but it still has a nice ambiance to it and great designs(which are part of the term "graphics").

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