BioWare co-founder: “EA gives you enough rope to hang yourself”

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk spoke to Games Industry International regarding EA’s acquisition of the studio.
“The best analogy I use, in a positive way, is EA gives you enough rope to hang yourself,” he said.
“It was really interesting because we really made all the choices we wanted to make ourselves; these are all things we wanted to try. And that’s something to remember – while we were independent we didn’t have quite the resources we had as part of EA, and then we got to EA and it was like ‘wow we can do all this stuff.’ We had to be really thoughtful about what we wanted to focus on.”

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showtimefolks2475d ago

People just hate on EA. for all the bad EA also make some great games and take risks with a lot of new IP's

They partners program lets the developer keep the IP pole shadow of damned and incoming Fuse

So while yes they do make some crappy decisions along the way lets also give them credit for getting sme this right, they never forced anyone to buy anything n dead space 3, you could play the game like normal

Also the DRM with simcity has been done by other big publishes

Activision to me are bigger evil than EA

pompombrum2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

The problem is, EA's bad decisions far outweigh the positives. Also can you refresh my memory please, I really can't think of any recent risk taking new IPs have invested in.

Activision are in no way anywhere near EA in terms of being a bad company. Activision knows what it's fans want and gives it to them and have had a lot of success from that. EA on the other hand are more concerned about what the people who aren't buying their games want than they are about making great games for their current fanbase, not to mention their obsession with DLC and nickel and diming people to death is hardly subtle.

showtimefolks2475d ago


by that you mean over priced DLC?

mirror's edge
shadow of damned
kingdoms of amular
brutal legend
army of 2 new IP this gen
Dead Space new IP this gen
brought back SSX
took Fifa series and made it great
skate a new IP this gen

go ahead name me some quality games by Acitvision? they didn't even want to take the risk of a quality open world game like sleeping dogs

they have invested a lot of money into studios which haven't paid off like the Mercenary studios which they paid a lot for and that team didn't do shit

i hate EA as much as the next guy, but let's also give some credit where credit is due. THQ just went out of business do we want EA to go out of business too?

EA publishes quality games but yet people still hate on them

ALLWRONG2475d ago

I'm sorry but EA truly does deserve the "worst company in America" award. Activision may be a close 2nd and could have 1st. The past couple years have pushed EA over the top in terms of evil company.

Mithan2475d ago

The reason people dislike EA is because they have killed a lot of awesome franshises.

What happened to Ultima? Wing Commander? Magic Carpet? etc, etc, etc.

Dee_912475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I think EA is worse than Activision because of all of the games EA has.Activision dont have many games so they dont affect as many people as EA does nor do they have as much leverage.
EA are one of those " big evil companies" that holds that thing you want so bad up in the air with a contract in your face.
It doesnt matter how many great games they publish or develop its the fact that they are bringing all the bad money hungry ideology from other industries to the gaming industry.
And thinking like showtimefolks is the reason why these big corps have so much " power " over its consumers.Or atleast treat us this way.Like "eh walmart buy out all these small businesses and manufacture what ever in a sweatshop in china but atleast I get %10 off".

TheXonySbox2475d ago

BF3 bugs and lack of refunds, same with sim city.
Orgin is crap.

EA has TERRIBLE customer service, thats why they suck in my book.

Anon19742475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

This completely jives with what I've heard from the few I've talked to from Bioware. People always say "Oh! EA ruined Bioware" but when you talk to Bioware, it sounds like EA was very hands off when it came to development (don't know if this is still the case). I remember talking to one Bioware guy who said Bioware was pushing EA to adopt DLC back when EA was still convinced all expansion packs should be physical releases only.

As for EA being the worst company in America, it's so ridiculous it's insulting. There's American corporations that kill people, poison environments, exploit foreign labour, employ children in sweat shops, banks and investment firms that destabilize world markets and here we've got a bunch of nerds voting EA the worst company because they don't like day one DLC, micro-transactions or DRM.

Grow up.

showtimefolks2474d ago



My thing is did they're force anyone to buy anything in dead space 3? It was an option that every iPad or Facebook game has. Either grind or pay and don't have to grind

Always online is here to stay dead with it, seriously people just like y'all got use to online passes you will get use to always online. People are fine with piracy and co panties should provide servers till the last gamer is playing online.

It's a business and object is to make money.

Every studio EA owns or works with praises them and say they were very hands off when it's come to development.

Online passes
Soon everything digital so no more buying or selling used

3 things people better get use to within next 6-10 years. Buying a game used isn't giving money back to people who made it and no it's not the same as buying used car since you will be buying car parts so those companies make money even after you buy a used product

And I know I will be hated for writing what I just wrote.

We have companies killing people and poisoning environment but EA is worst because of DRM? Your favorite gabe newell even said get use to DRM

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2475d ago
Wingsfan242476d ago

Lol, just goes to show how much complaining goes on here that is completely uniformed. It's not EA that ruins the games according to Zeschuk, it's the developers who either try things the fans don't like or don't do enough to make their game better. Simple as that.

admiralvic2475d ago

I wouldn't go that far, since this is probably a case by case thing. Obviously some publishers will let some developers do whatever they want or practically anything, such as Kojima with Konami, but I doubt every developer is given the same consideration. I can get into an endless stream of "what ifs", but the simple fact is that this simply proves most / any blame falls on BioWare, since as I mentioned before, we only know this relates to BioWare and is not a universal policy.

ifritAlkhemyst2475d ago

Except Konami pretty much made Kojima their Metal Gear bitch. If he could do whatever he wanted I imagine that series would have died long ago.

Wingsfan242475d ago

Yea, obviously not every publisher is the same. But everyone goes attacking EA for "changing" their game, when they have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. Just this mob mentality that if somebody says something's true, people just follow along and start a hate train. I see it just about everyday here with people coming off with baseless claims that this publisher is doing this or that etc.

pompombrum2475d ago

Yeah I'm sure the Mass Effect 3 developers couldn't wait to get to work on a DLC inspired multiplayer /s

Wingsfan242475d ago

They wanted to have multiplayer in Mass Effect since the first game. Google it up, quotes directly from Bioware.

Rainstorm812475d ago

Not to mention majority if not all the multiplayer DLC is FREE

Root2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Yeah ok then. Yet they've said this about their new IP

I don't think so...


EA has secret cameras added in the studios...say one thing bad about EA and it turns into a semi automatic and guns you down

cleft52475d ago

Dude he is rich beyond our wildest dreams and he no longer works for EA. He doesn't have to lie about stuff like this at all. You don't believe him because you, like most gamers, probably hate EA and what Bioware became. I get that, but it doesn't make him a liar.

Also, it's no surprise that an Employer monitors there employees.

oof462475d ago

Secret cameras? I thought that was Activision's MO?

But he has no reason to lie. He's out of gaming development and he has no desire to get back into it.

admiralvic2475d ago

Both articles basically say the same thing. Heck the quote in the title is used in this article too...

palaeomerus2475d ago

"semi automatic "

As opposed to a pump action or bolt action? WTF?

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RememberThe3572475d ago

He says it's EAs fault because BioWare tried stupid things? He just explained why it's not EAs fault. WTF is this?

cleft52475d ago

No, he is saying that it isn't EA fault at all. The quote means that EA gives developers a bunch of room to go wild and try new things. Because they have a great deal more money and resources they can try new stuff. But that can backfire on them because people became fans of their products because they delivered a certain type of experience.

With the added money and resources the developers now can try more things. Some developers do this to an extreme and some are too afraid to progress forward at all. Those few try to play it safe and just end up getting left behind.

His point is that the added freedom comes with the increased pressure of having to be profitable. So they can try new stuff, but the new stuff they try needs to pay off to justify the gamble.

RememberThe3572475d ago

"He just explained why it's not EAs fault."

What you just said, explains what I just said. But saying that EA gives them a enough rope to hang themselves with seems to imply guilt on their part.

These guys f*cked up and EA gets blamed for it. I'm not EA's biggest fan but I'm no longer going to blame them for the fall of BioWare. Ambition is supposed to lead to innovation not retardation. Thanks BioWare for the missed opportunities and disappointment, here's to hoping Dragon Age 3 is not a complete disaster.

porkChop2475d ago

"saying that EA gives them a enough rope to hang themselves with seems to imply guilt on their part."

Are you blind? It says "enough rope to hang YOURSELF". Meaning that EA isn't doing the hanging, it's the developers hanging themselves with their own screw-ups. That doesn't imply any guilt on EA.

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