Let’s project PS4 sales

Let’s go down memory lane and project PS4 worldwide lifetime units and games sales based on historic numbers. Factors like strong 3rd party & indie support, common platform architecture, competitors waning popularity, focus on games and 4K media support might drive PS4 units and games sales to near PS2 heights.

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joeyisback2018d ago

PS4 is going to sale like crazy i know one PS4 price is 399.99 and the 2nd is 449.99 i know people at sony who gave me price point cant wait till it comes out

iGAM3R-VIII2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

"i know people at sony who gave me price point cant wait till it comes out"

yea....sure there sure you don't do weed....

Anyway, this does seem like a good projected sale, it does back up its reason and seems to be like a good contestant. I could probably see it selling that many units

T22018d ago

Although I am skeptical of your source these prices do make sense

Grap2018d ago

if they superpass ps3 sales i will call it major success. ps3 was a success despite it sold less than ps1 and 2.

Clarence2018d ago

The PS3 is still selling in 3yrs it will most likely hit a 100m

delboy2018d ago

I don't think ps4 or next box will sell even close to its predecessor.
Gaming is in a stagnation, every year we read about games selling lesser then year before that.
I know you think that the rest is sold through digital distribution, but it's not.
If that where the case, then we would not see so many companies and publishers closing.
And next generation will be even worse due the rise of production costs.

iansannes2018d ago

looks like they pretty much pulled that prediction out of their a$$.

THEDON82z12018d ago

Right @iansannes this is the dumbest comparison because the simple fact is ps3 is not finished selling and is clearly on its way to 100million sold .On top of that it still has ATLEAST 3 MORE YEARS OF SUPPORT WITH GAMES.THEY NEED TO SHOVE THIS CHART RIGHT BACK IN THERE A$$!!!!LLLOOOOlllll!!!!

Belking2018d ago

PS4 and next gen xbox will struggle at firt just like the wii-u did. People just don't have the disposable income to spend on these things anymore......Vita will continue to struggle too becasue the market has changed. Ipad and smart phones are killing off the vita.

Hicken2018d ago

Based on what? The PS4 and 720 aren't likely to have the same identity issues the Wii U has. They're also likely to have better game support- more spread out, and a larger amount of third party releases- than the Wii U.

You talk about people not having disposable income to spend on consoles, but the more expensive and annually outdated and replaced smartphones and tablets are selling like hotcakes. These same things are, supposedly, "killing off the Vita," yet its sales are currently improving, and stand to do even better in the future.

GenericNameHere2018d ago

You know why the Wii U did so poorly in the beginning (and still kinda is)? THEY CHANGED MARKETS!
NES-GC were all mainly all about games the typical male demographic would play. The Wii U then GREATLY departed from the norm, and was seen as the console for non-gamers. Even the controller play-style was completely different from past Nintendo controllers. Plus, it was the cheapest console at the time at $250, which was definitely a big factor in deciding which consoles to buy during the holidays. The Wii did have a LOT of excellent games (SSBB, Metroid Prime 3, LoZ:TP/SS, SMG1/2, DKCR, TvC, WiiWare games, the hundreds of Virtual Console games, etc), and even had a lot of JRPGs just last year, but it was a little too late. In fact, over 60% of Wii owners (statistics pulled out of my arse) have already abandoned their Wii shortly after Brawl, returned for a few days when SS released, and have never since touched it then.
Now lets look at the Wii U. Tablet controller, you can only use 1 controller (well, so far anyways), the other usable controllers are... the Wii U Gamepad (whatever it's called), which will not work for all games since there are games that need to use the bottom controller, and Wii controllers... which might have more advantage or disadvantages in fighting games or something. The cheapest model is $300, and the Deluxe model is $350 and only has a small amount of GBs (WAY LESS than the standard for Xbox 360 and PS3 standards nowadays). Plus, Nintendo suggests they're going back to the hardcore market, and somewhat lessening the amount of Wii-type games.

PS4 and Xbox 720 will definitely have troubles in the beginning like every console has, but at least they won't be changing their established markets.

Dan_scruggs2018d ago

Next year is the year of the PS3 and the PS4. Just like the last 5 years.

GreenRanger2018d ago

PS4, PS3, Xbox 720, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC will all be on the market at the same time.
I don't expect crazy sales of any of the next-gen consoles (including the Wii U) for at least a year after they launch.

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