Exclusive: Microsoft's next Xbox will take over your TV, interact with your cable box

Microsoft is investing in TV in a big way with its next Xbox console as part of a fight for the living room. Multiple sources familiar with the company's Xbox plans have revealed to The Verge that Microsoft will introduce a feature that lets its next-generation console take over a TV and set-top box in a similar way to Google TV.

We understand that the next Xbox will require an online connection to use the entertainment services, allowing them to be always-on for streaming and access to TV signals.

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MariaHelFutura2482d ago

This is all just weird. I want a gaming console, not a remote for my tv. Hopefully this is all the DRM is used for.

Skips2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

"Hopefully this is all the DRM is used for."

This is MICROSOFT bro. Same people who get away with charging for half of a game you've ALREADY payed for, and charging you to use services you're ALREADY paying for.

Same people who treat devs like crap when they don't get what they want. lol

So yea, doubt it.

Yi-Long2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

... but I just want a cool gaming console which main focus is GAMES, so it won't be MY TV you'll be taking over...

Campy da Camper2482d ago

It sucks being old. I could not care less about all this social interactive crap. I could not care less about motion controls. I don't want a camera on me. I just want to play MGS, Infamous, Fallout, etc in peace with high frame rate and in true 1080p.

Is that so much to ask? I will buy a good game new so DRM to an extent does not bother me. Psplus let's me try a game out so I'm good to go

So far ps4 is getting my money. With games like infamous and the last of us I am supporting Sony. Keep all face tracking, head counting, automatic pausing out of my life. Just give me quality games please!

fr0sty2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Seems like the "less focus on gaming, more focus on entertainment" and "always on" rumors are fitting right in with their actual roadmap more and more each time another one of these leaks happen. I could see a few of them being fakes, but they're all echoing each other from different sources each time.

Waller2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )


How does Microsoft charge you for half of a game you've already paid for? I think you're confusing Microsoft with Electronic Arts.

I'll admit that the Gold for Netflix and the like is a bit much, but don't bash them because you don't play Xbox.

dmeador2481d ago


What do you meaning by charging for half of a game you've already paid for?

SHORYUKEN2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Hah. Seems like they throw the white flag and want to change their console business plan.

Make the xbox a setup box entertainment system that could play Kinect games.

They giving up the hardcore gamers. Sony winning the hardcore audience.

sikbeta2481d ago

MS knows how to play the game, they're not aiming just to gamers, they want the living room all alone for themselves ;)

Why o why2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

What sonic means is you cannot play the multiplayer section/component of the game you've already paid for without paying for live even if you didn't use xgame chat or any of the bells and whistles its locked. You also cannot use netflix, a service you've already paid for without live. The reason bbc iplayer isnt allowed on xbox is because microsoft wont let silver members have it, only gold. Thats against bbc's policy as its paid for out of our tv licence so guess wont get it at all....a free service, just because ms want to charge for using a free service

Belking2481d ago

We'll see how how you all feel when you have to pay for Gaikai services. If you don't like xbox or where MS is going with it, then it's simple.....don't buy it.

Skips2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

@Waller and dmeador

What Why o Why said. Microsoft charges what PC, PS3, Wii U etc. all do for FREEEEEEEEE.........



Netflix, Hulu, etc. etc.

IF I BUY A NEW GAME FOR $60 bucks. I should be able to access ALL of the content, both SP and MP. I have to pay $60 a year ($40 if you know where to look), ON TOP OF THE $60 bucks I already spent.

Online passes ar already included in new purchases. So, in essence, they are MUCH worse than EA. lol


Gaikai isn't basic online. Just FYI. It's a CRAP LOAD TON more than that. lol

Something I DOUBT Sony will force their users to subscribe to, just simply play games online.

Doesn't PC do online MP for their games (Except MMO's of course) for free?..............

Yea, thought so.

Zhipp2481d ago

Funny that you should say that, because it's rumored that M$'s 99$ "Stingray" will be just that. It's supposedly launching alongside the more expensive Nextbox.

MysticStrummer2481d ago

@Waller and dmeador - It means you buy a game, and then rent the online part from Microsoft.

BattleAxe2481d ago

"MariaHelFutura + 9h ago
This is all just weird. I want a gaming console, not a remote for my tv. Hopefully this is all the DRM is used for.
#1Agree(88) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply"

Welp, looks like 24 Microsoft fanboys prefer to watch TV rather than play video games.

omi25p2481d ago

You mean like dropping developers because the publisher failed to advertise the game. I.E playstation All Star Battle Royal

bakasora2481d ago

Nope it doesn't. Because I didn't buy one.

Why o why2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

'You mean like dropping developers because the publisher failed to advertise the game. I.E playstation
All Star Battle Royal'

Is that all you've got compare what sony has done to developers versus microsoft. pull your head out lad. Sony are no angels but to highlight them whilst forgetting Microsoft is reaching especially since there have been articles on n4g regarding the same subject matter recently.

DanyBrown2481d ago

How is that going to work outside of the US were the standards for set top boxes are different and change from country to to country is this just another box designed for the American audience that will come to Europe without most of those media features just like the 360(no netflix no espn no etc)

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PeaSFor2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

i already have a pvr for my cable and i already have .torrents for my tv series, now if MS want to sell me a console, they better forget about all that tv/cable box silly aspect and SHOW ME GAMING RELATED MATERIAL!

Saigon2482d ago

i get it, but again, this shows a push towards the casual market. The casuals would love this feature. Gamers on the other had, look at it as a gimmick. the sad part is that I see the potential but there is a great risk involved.

What happens, if no one catches on to this concept? Seriously, and I will get disagrees with this comment, IMHO the Wii U is not selling well because most people do not know it is a new console, they think is something extra added to the already established Wii. Nintendo should have gave it a different name. Now MS is trying to invade the home as the central entertainment device, what if people are not interested with this concept?

Nodoze2482d ago Show
fr0sty2481d ago Show
rainslacker2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )


Currently there are so many different implementations of all these "extra" features, that it's hard for the consumer to really get on board. For the most part, I don't think most consumers are going out asking for these services, they are just there, either through their new TV, cable box, media devices, etc, and they are kind of handy for some, and an annoyance to others.

I don't see anything wrong with trying to get into this market while it's new. Honestly it's better than waiting until one gets a majority foothold of the market share, but for the time being the risk is really high. There is a lot of competition, and despite Xbox's success it still has a long way to go before people stop seeing it as a game machine.

This is one of those things where a unified platform is much better for the consumer. Having a baseline standard is much easier to develop this technology, and make it beneficial for the consumer. MS is well known for making many things the norm in this regard, so it does bode well for them that they could set a standard.

None of this really has anything to do with gaming though, and if this is all true then it's going to really be hard to define what exactly the Xbox is.

That being said, this move seems like it's definitely geared towards the US market. I'd imagine multiple territories would be a huge headache in terms of getting content, not to mention the many different standards that exist around the world when it comes to service. Some of the less profitable areas would be starved for content, and may just opt to stay with their normal cable service. If Xbox was on their radar, then it would come down to if it offered the game play that they wanted.

Edit: this also makes me wonder about the 3 minute rumor that your xbox becomes useless if disconnected from the internet. Seems a lot of people would be extremely annoyed over that since cable service is generally much more reliable than internet service.

nukeitall2481d ago

Yup, and you had PCs for online gaming, as well as PC for gaming prior to consoles popularity, but look how the market shifted towards consoles.

Point being, the world is bigger than just you. Deal with it!

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NewMonday2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

we all now how Google TV turned out.

Edit:"Kinect will detect multiple people simultaneously, including the ability to detect eye movement to pause content when a viewer turns their head away from a TV"

in soviet Russia, THE TV WATCHES YOU!

..stolen from Godmars290 ..

ichimaru2481d ago

....that feature actually sounds impressive lol

hesido2481d ago

So Kinect makes you watch a disgusting scene, you just can't turn your head away :)

I'm sure the feature is optional tho.

BullyMangler2482d ago

hua haa. Nintendo sure know how to inspire them.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

"interact with your cable box"


Gamers rejoice!!

They seem to be as serious as sony about core gaming!

In an alternate universe of course.

God I hope everything but xbox can get away from MS some day. Poor pc gamers need OpenGl standard now!.

But honesty I hope xbox has the same success as windows 8.

AngelicIceDiamond2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

@Shutup Sonic and Yi Long

Awww here we go the fanboys are going back to there original propaganda now that the whole DRM console rumor is pretty much outta the mix.

Now your excuse is "MS needs to focus on games blah, blah, yadda, yadda again. The last I check its not E3 season, WAIT till E3. "It'll be Kinect again." Sure, with unannounced hardcore games. Highly possible Games such as

Lions Heads new Ip or Fable MMO
Cryteks Ryse
Alan Wake 2
Rares New Ip
Black tusks new Ips
Epics new Ip

And those are highly likely's we know nothing about MS other new studios they opened up.

Let me add some devs that could be at MS E3

CD Projectz
Respawn Enteratinment

So you guys got nothin to counter.

Man you fankids will find any excuse and find any viable reason to complain. Y'all never give up do you?

rainslacker2481d ago

How is DRM console out of the mix? None of this means that it still couldn't do what everyone is complaining about. This move is just a reason to add another element into the mix in the guise of something else.

It's been a common theme for quite some time that MS needs to focus on games. It isn't a reversal and spin because one article discussing something unrelated to games shows what the always on could be used for.

Zhipp2481d ago

Honestly, I kind of expected Nintendo's TVii to be exactly this, and was kind of disappointed when it wasn't. I don't really see how this is a bad thing, anyway. So it can interact with your cable box. You don't have to use the feature if you don't want to.

waltercross2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I Don't see the new XBOX being able to Interact with every cable box out there, so some people will have to buy a new Cable box if they want that feature. I also Expect MS to make there own Cable Box Called Micro Box.....LOL...hadda throw that in. ;)

Ben Dover2481d ago


Everything you listed in your post is pure speculation and you act as if that's the truth. Pretty pathetic of you if you ask me..

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AngelicIceDiamond2482d ago


It pretty much answers the question about the "Always On console"

Put the pieces together. Always on connected console MS TV features.

MS has said nor leaked nothing regarding videos games, just wait till E3 season.

2482d ago
Darrius Cole2482d ago

Gotta go with Sonic on that one. Post 1.1

Don't expect Microsoft to change now. Expect them to do what they have always done, charge you for things you have already paid for.

thechosenone2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

"Kinect will detect multiple people simultaneously, including the ability to detect eye movement to pause content when a viewer turns their head away from a TV"

What came to mind when I read the above

and I'm sure this feature will work especially well while watching commercials. lol

ps3_pwns2481d ago Show
nosferatuzodd2480d ago

Samsung galaxy s4 is already doing this with the scroll with you're eyes and all that damn Microsoft is that desperate .

Next there going to charge you for Xbox live ,charge you to use there device to watch cable, charge for how many people using kinect they should named it
Cablebox 720

KiLLUMiNATi_892481d ago

But I think it's a smart idea tho... S4G will always disagree with anything Ms does... I really see no big issue with this at all... Lets just wait and see how it plays out....

iGamerZero242481d ago

There clearly going a different route than Sony , I wish them luck cause I'll be getting a PS4 day one and the next Xbox doesn't look good if these rumors come true

NateCole2481d ago

Again as i said before. MS is focusing on Google more so than Sony come next gen.

How this will impact the gaming aspect and how they fare against Sony is remained to be seen.

It's a very big gamble MS is taking here. A middle of the road approach is very dangerous because you might end up being a jack of all trade but a master of nothing.

There is no question that MS is not doing too well against Apple and Google. It is obvious that MS is now going to use the xbox in their fight against them.

All of these living room features i hear is what is already done easily on PC and mobile. I would even say the TV is becoming less and less important now with the prevelent of mobile devices that are essentially pocket PC that is always online.

The same thing happend to phone landlines when cellphone came along. People like convenience of having their own screen/device that is free from the confines of a living room. This is where technology is heading. Mobile and internet(cloud). Not the living room as MS seems to be betting on.

The exception is console gaming and i put the emphasis on gaming. Console gaming will always have to be in the house anything other than that will not be console gaming.

We shall see.

baodeus2481d ago


1. Can MS use the xbox as a central hub to provide cross functionality (smart glass) to everything (TV, mobile devices) allowing the consumer to access contents anywhere,anytime? Didn't MS already stated that they wanted to unified everything (xbox, tv,phone, mobile devices)? If they say they want to take over your living room, it means that you will be confined to your living room only? For some reason, you guys have a very limited view on anything. Like if they say they are doing this, that means they can't do anything else beside just what they told you (and in this case, they still haven't reveal/confirm anything). That is a very narrow minded view.

2. Does everyone actually prefer watching TV/movies on the go instead of on the big screen tv? What do people use mobile devices for mostly? (serf the web, check email, check facebook, play games, watch some youtube vid, read some news, stream some music, you know something quick. Do you think it is convenient to watch 2 hrs long movie on the go with battery inefficiency,limited data plans, and on a small viewing screen? Why do you think watching movie on the old psp on the go didn't take off back then?

3. Do you think that MS goal/motive is also the current goal/motive for every other businesses as well, including sony (gaikai implementation)?

4. Some key points for current economic trend:
- convenient (instant access to contents/information/etc... anywhere, anytime)
- Speed (how fast you can deliver content to consumer)
- Content, content, and contents
- Social/communication features

If you want to stay relevant, you have to expand because if you just focus on one thing, and your competitor also have what you have (even if it doesn't cater to a certain minority group), but they also provide something else on top, then what about you? That is the current economic situation, and for some reason, you guys don't understand that what everyone is doing (MS, Sony, Apple, Google, etc...) is mandatory. Business is hard and not as simple as just a gaming console.

TheXonySbox2481d ago

Are you serious? LMFAO

This has to be the most dense thing i've ever read on N4G. M$ biggest competitor is Sony in the console venu, that will NEVER change thus M$ focus will never change either.

Where do you learn your info from? Please stop using it.

chaos-lockheart2481d ago

it better not take over MYYY TV

delboy2481d ago

A box full with features, and with BC, somehow I lost my interest in ps4.

Ron_Danger2481d ago

To lose something, you must have it in the first place.

Eddie201012481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Tell the truth, were ever interested in PS4?

Sounds like a bad attempt at manipulation.

You @##$# need to grow up no matter your real age.

solidjun52481d ago

you never had it in the first place. Your fanboyism prevented from having said interest.

ALLWRONG2481d ago

"This is all just weird. I want a gaming console, not a remote for my tv"

Well, I guess you should skip the PS4 and throw away your PS3. Seeing how the entertainment features are pretty much identical to what all other consoles offer.

Do PS fanboys ever think before they comment?

kenshiro1002481d ago

What does the PS3/PS4 have to do with this? They're still gaming consoles. They still play games. We don't even know what's going on with Microsoft's new console right now. It just seems as if they're drifting further and further away from what made their console popular in the first place.

You can't use those two consoles as an example and say 'its the same thing'.


solidjun52481d ago

Do you read before you comment?

kenshiro1002481d ago

If this is true, then I am skipping the 720 (whatever its called) just like I skipped the 360 with its RROD.

3-4-52481d ago

This makes me want it less.

I want my tv/cable to be separate from my Gaming.

Psn8002481d ago

I Only Want A Gaming Console ?

2481d ago
TheXonySbox2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Obviously people want it for JUST gaming on a GAMING website. Reality is i see people using it for media, netflix even youtube ALL THE TIME.

Thus microsoft has market samples, they know its a proper direction and I agree. Consoles are basically low end PCs so they may as well make them advanced enough to do some great things. People use them for more then just games.

More is better. Less is worse.

UnwanteDreamz2481d ago

Yes and no. Is it better to get more features if you get less games? Not saying that will happen but it is posible

famoussasjohn2481d ago

Think of it as an additional option. Microsoft has been wanting the Xbox to be an entertainment system, as you can see with the latest additions to the current Xbox. This will just be one additional feature you can use on top of being a gaming console. Based on this rumor, it's not just going to be a gaming console, it will a lot more than just a gaming experience, and I'm completely fine with that.

Do you really think if they release a console that is half assed for gaming?

TAURUS-5552481d ago

lol MS has no idea what theyre doing. now they want ppl to interact with i thought the 720 was a gaming console...

stage882481d ago

It certainly WON'T be taking over mine.

nosferatuzodd2480d ago

Weird indeed and how much to use such a feature
With Microsoft money means everything like how they charge you to play with games u already purchased online with Internet you already paid for can you imagine.

You're going to of to pay for you're cable pay Microsoft to use you're cable through their
U I then pay for xboxlive pay for Netflix no thanks

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Qrphe2482d ago

Although this is what I was hoping TVii truly was, I'd take TVii any day over A Nightmare on DRM Street: The Console

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2482d ago

Why bother doing this over gaming features I mean ok some of the cable stuff can be cool but its never going to replace people using their proper cable when they wanna watch tv , I have to use my 360 just for the sky player so I can watch free sky sports but thats only because its small and easier to set up than my laptop in my living room, so im of course forced to pay for xbl to use the sky player and thats the problem I would have with any of their cable features your still paying xbl to use them over your cable sub.

Jek_Porkins2482d ago

It's options, and they will have the same gaming features Sony and Nintendo offer, and 90+% of the same exact games as the PS4, so why not go after a broader audience if you can?

I use my Xbox 360 for just about everything as it is, when they added ESPN on there I was in heaven, so many games, sports and other events to watch for free!

Microsoft has a ton of money, the most first party studios and they are aiming to take over people's living with it!

MariaHelFutura2482d ago

Paying for online does not equal the same gaming features as everyone else. PC, Nintendo, Sony or iOS.

MariaHelFutura2482d ago

343 Industries – Halo series
Connected Experiences – Untitled Project – Design Large scale multiplayer title and help other first party studios
Good Science Studio – Kinect Adventures, Kinect Fun Labs
Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment – Next generation fitness project
Microsoft Studios – Los Angeles – Next generation core cinematic title
Microsoft Studios – Mobile Gaming – i