Second Rayman Legends Wii U demo will include four levels

The promised second demo for Rayman Legends on Wii U, which hits later this month, gives players a chance to test the game's online mode, including an exclusive Wii U-only level, Nintendo announced today.

The demo includes a look at the game's online challenge mode, which is made up of four levels, including the Wii U-only level "Murfy's Dungeon." As previously reported, new challenges will be added on a daily and weekly basis, each one with its own set of leaderboards.

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PopRocks3592477d ago

Four levels? Dare I ask how many there are in the full game? Also what's the word on the Challenge Mode that Ansel and the developers got for the Wii U?

Venox20082476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

i dont know how many will be in full version, but if they managed to put 30 levels plus boss fights cuz of delay i just cant imagije, anyway the more, the better.. i ll get wii u version definatelly, i think there should be exclusive levels, at least in new demo there ll be one, so maybe in full there ll be even more, plus i want to support wii u

DA_SHREDDER2476d ago

Rayman Origins had way more than 4, more like 40

neogeo2476d ago

6 levels. Demo gets 4, but for $59.99 plus tax you can DLC the 2 extra levels to the demo to make the WiiU the definitive version. More DLC will also come to see the ending. UBISOFT CEO's all sitting in a dark room at a round table smiling and looking evil with devil horns on.


jcnba282476d ago

It will be interesting to see how the online plays.

Venox20082476d ago

i hope that those 4 levels will be different than those what were in other demo

LastXeno2476d ago

So 7 Levels already... Might as well release the full game at this point.

lilbroRx2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

How quickly people forget the crooked things done to them when offered a cheap stipend. To so much as download this demo would be to slap oneself in the face. It would be showing them that they can screw customers and we will still eat out of their hands at their beckoned call. It would tell them that doing us wrong doesn't matter, so they can do what they want when they want it with no repercussions.

Any Wii U owner who gets this game will be insulting gamers everywhere.

My stance on this game is the same as it was when they pointlessly announced its 7 month delay to sell out and lick Microsoft's rectum. I shall not touch it. I'm not desperate. There are better downloads to waste my bandwidth on and better games to spend my money on.

zeldafreak4042476d ago

But then again if we dont buyrayman legends people will bash us nintendo fans that we dont buy thirdparty games and plus ubisoft has reedemed themselves by giving the wiiu tons if support

Nevers0ft2476d ago

Buy third party games that haven't been dicked about by the publisher instead.

I'm with lilbroRx on this. Although I'm no longer pissed off at the delay (time heals old wounds ;)) but I still want to protest against it. For that reason I won't be downloading the demo and I wont be buying the game new.

I agree that Ubisoft is currently the biggest and best 3rd party supporter for the Wii U but that doesn't give them an automatic free pass on acting like douche-nozzles. If we ignore the crappy way they behaved, what's to discourage them from doing it again?

MasterCornholio2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Third party developers will abandon the Wii U if their games don't sell on it. If that happens then Nintendo fans have the right to get blamed for abysmal sales.

A good game always deserves good sales and it doesn't matter who makes it.

P.S This goes for any platform.

Deal with it.

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Minato-Namikaze2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

I mean the game is still coming, and it doesnt look like quality was sacrificed to bring the game to the other platforms, ala FF13, but yeah i know how you feel, MS's anti-competition policy is horrible.

1upgamer992476d ago

How can the quality not be sacrificed on a game that was built around Wii U, specifically the gamepad? I just did a Google search and have not seen any smartglass/PS3/ Vita support. That is the only way this game is going to play as well as on Wii U. I can not see using my pro-controller to play this game. I just would not be the same. If you played the demo, you will see what I mean.
Now if I did not have Wii U, I would pick it up for sure on PS3 because no matter what it will be fun.

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