OXCGN’s Company of Heroes 2 Preview


"Back in 2007, Relic under THQ released a World War Two RTS called Company of Heroes.

It took a very different approach to real-time strategy.

Instead of focusing on building as many units as quickly as possible and then rushing, Company of Heroes‘ approach incorporated RPG elements and placed emphasis on strategic placement of units.

Now under the banner of Sega, Company of Heroes 2 is nearly here, and we’ve had extensive hands-on time with the closed beta.

After experiencing nearly eight hours of gameplay, I have come to a single conclusion: it’s a damn cold strategy game."

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Proeliator2473d ago

This game looks INCREDIBLE!

DeusExer2473d ago

Nice to hear a richly created world is being created along with all the new gameplay innovations.

gaminoz2473d ago

RTS games aren't normally visually stunning, but this one looks like an exception.