Everything you need to know about Vita folders

From the article, "First, making Vita folders is exceptionally easy. You just hold your finger on one of the Vita’s home screens, not touching any game or app icon. After a few seconds, it will shift to the view where you can rearrange icons or change backgrounds. To create a folder, go to an icon you’d like to put in a folder. Let’s say it’s the useless Welcome Park. Tap the bubble with the ellipsis (…) to the right of the icon. The first option in the menu that appears is Create Folder. Tap that, and that icon will immediately be sent to a folder. You can then drag other icons onto the new folder icon to store them there."

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HarryMasonHerpderp2476d ago

So happy they included this.
Everything is a lot more tidy now and less scattered everywhere.

sitharrefus2476d ago

ya xD I Can hide all the AT&T Crap lol

R_aVe_N2476d ago

This didn't really require an article about it... I am pretty sure even a 5 year old could figure this out lol

knifefight2476d ago

Just because a five year old could figure it out doesn't mean the N4G community can figure it out.

GreenRanger2476d ago

How do you save your screen layout to the memory stick?
I saw no option for it.

coolasj2476d ago

You're stuck with the background you last have. I have a Black-Background Wallpaper with a Black wave background behind it.