Hints of a Next-Gen Xbox TV Strategy, A Multiplayer Quantic Dream, And More Gaming Secrets

On LinkedIn, a Microsoft engineer says that he is working as part of the Video Cognition team "on cool new features for the next Xbox" under NDA [non-disclosure agreement]—something that could be more revealing than it appears to be. (He also contributed to video processing efforts for video content with containing DRM, providing an information stream for SmartGlass content.)

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GalacticEmpire2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

If MS wants to compete with my cable provider they are going to have to offer me as many channels and services that they already offer me plus a built in DVR to record tv/movies etc. All this plus a game console near or on par with PS4 would be either VERY expensive or part of a heavily restricting subcription program designed to trap people in long-term contracts.

Roper3162018d ago

" designed to trap people in long-term contracts "

MS has been doing this for awhile now with the cheap 360 bundle. You have to sign up for live @ 14.99 per month which is almost 180.00 a year just for XBL but I am sure the good ole MS faithful would feel that the price is worth it.

Waller2018d ago


It's 99.99 for the console, and 14.99 a month for XBL for a two year contract (much the same as a cell phone).

That puts you at about $460. Yes, that's more expensive than getting the console brand new, but if you only have $100, then it's a very attractive model. You have to weigh the pros and the cons here, not dismiss it as "Oh, the M$ fanboys will buy it and not complain" or "This is how they'll do it from here on out.

sengoku2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

yeah and how about durability, if your console rrod's you cant even watch tv to pass time. sending a console back can take up to 20 days.
having separate device has it advantages.
and M$ track record on durability is less then seller. so nah think i'll pass without seeing what kins of subs and channels they are even planing.

my kinds could not survive a day without dora, lol

Waller2018d ago


It all depends on luck, I suppose. I've had the same 360 since 2010, I think, and I've never had a problem with anything aside from my power supply getting too hot. That just cost me about 30 minutes of Netflix while it cooled down.

I'm still going to wait until after E3 to make a decision. I was with the 360 this gen, but I was with the PlayStation 2 last gen. Time will tell what we go with. Plus, my wife really doesn't want to go with the PS4. The 360 was her first console in a long while.

bangshi2018d ago

DVR isn't too hard, I mean nearly all consoles have a hard drive so won't be too much of an additional cost in that regard.

The trouble would be getting channels or service providers on board.

Maybe it could be sold by TV providers as part of a 'quad play', one up from that 'triple play'.

So you get your TV, phone, internet and Xbox LIVE in one package for one price all served through one box.

I am unfamiliar with the US media providers, but it wouldn't work in the UK that's for sure.

RuleofOne343 2018d ago

All they would need to do to win me over is allow me a la carte channel selection & I would be signed up.

MrWonderful2018d ago

An A La Carte cable service and charter would be gone from my house that's for sure. Though it may not ever be used except for watching tv and the exclusives on it

Roper3162018d ago

I'm sorry but there is no justification for 180.00 a year for XBL when everyone else offers most of what live offers for free. The phone is not a good comparison because all cell providers have the basically the same priced plans for phones give or take a few dollars.

MS preys on dumb consumers who don't know any better and there motto should be a uneducated consumer is our best friend.

Jek_Porkins2018d ago

Where the heck did you pull $180.00 a year from? Typically it's $60 a year, but I've never paid more than $35 a year, you can always find a deal throughout the year.

Are you seriously trying to complain about less than $4 a month for a premium online service? If you don't like it, don't get it, but don't sit there and put down people who like the service. I'm well aware of other services and don't consider myself dumb for paying for Xbox Live, been doing that for over 8 years now and haven't regretted a penny.

When you take up gaming as a hobby, you understand right away that there will be costs, and that is one of them, people aren't forced to pay it, you can always go with competitors, so it doesn't do any good to whine and cry about it.

Waller2018d ago

I already gave you the justification for it.

"That puts you at about $460. Yes, that's more expensive than getting the console brand new, but if you only have $100, then it's a very attractive model. You have to weigh the pros and the cons here, not dismiss it as "Oh, the M$ fanboys will buy it and not complain" or "This is how they'll do it from here on out."

Cell phone planes range from the cheap ($15 a month) to the super expensive ($100+ a month). That's not a few dollars; that's a considerable amount.

JeffGUNZ2018d ago

PSN has always been playing catch up this generation to live. Wake up and smell the roses buddy, PSN+ was the testing ground to see how their usebase would adapt to a paid service. You think the PSN will be great with cloud storage, Gaiki, and all those great features we say in February? Get ready to pay for them.

Roper3162018d ago


MS sells a cheap bundle that has a mandatory 2 year subscription to XBL @ $14.99 per month. Now if you are able to add please figure out the total of 12 months @ 14.99 per month. It may be hard because you don't have enough fingers & toes to do it with.

We were not discussing normal live prices but the forced sub with the cheap bundle.

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JeffGUNZ2018d ago

How great would it be if you could get TV channels and instead of packages, you picked and paid for each individual channel you wanted. If they offered that and it would drastically drop the amount I pay DirecTV, then that would be great.

GalacticEmpire2018d ago

This x100

If Xbox 3 has this and can offer me all the channels I usually watch at a pay per channel sub that works out cheaper than my cable sub, then I'm buying an Xbox 3 day 1.

JeffGUNZ2018d ago

I still don't understand how, with the amount of people cutting cable/satellite, they have the nerve to continue increase their packages. I know with DirecTV, they find the most popular cable based channels and list one or two of them in the top tier packages so you have to pay for what you want. It's a joke. If the next xbox can do something like a pay by channel subscription, it would be the downfall to most providers and it would be amazing.

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CEOSteveBallmer2018d ago

It seems microsoft wants to compete and get a hold of all "Entertainment" Media. They started off with OS for computers, then Gaming consoles and now T.V. cable channels/movies/music. Whats next Books? Art? Sports? Cars?. In my opinion I think its really a good idea to control the living room entertainment since almost everyone with a home has T.V. and other entertainment stuff. They want it to be centralized in one device, Their Device which if you want to surf channels you can, Watch movies? you can. Listen to music? you can. Play a game? you can. Exercise? you can(Kinect). But they don't need other business opportunities. Even if they only have Windows they are still one of the richest company. But there is no wrong in trying to do other business types. But to me they are just being "Greedy". What can you expect microsoft has one of the largest Investors and stockholders. Well see how long their greediness will get them to.

Dlacy13g2018d ago

I think this has been part of MS's direction for a long time. They want to make a box that will actually take the place of two boxes in your living room... your DVR and your Game console. I think this is 100# where all the rumors of always connected are coming from also. It's the DVR functionality that would require always on...not the game functionality.

And this also could be why MS isn't worried about responding right now. They know when they announce they will put to rest all the fears around "gaming". Everyone will be able to exhale and then look at MS's box and offering in a totally different light.

stage882018d ago

I've been watching TV on my PS3 for 5 years now with its built in DVR feature.
I bet MS will come out saying its brand new but the reality is they're playing catch up once again....

hellvaguy2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

By tv you mean Netflix Im assuming. Ya that was out for the xbox a good year before psn had it.

Another reason why competition is good. Sometimes you innovate, other times you play catch up. Us consumers win in the end.

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