Thurrott: Inconceivable that next Xbox will require internet connection to game

XMNR: Technology and Windows blogger Paul Thurrott caused a stir over the past weekend with a series of comments on a What the Tech podcast about the next Xbox (code-named Durango aka Xbox 720). He responded to those comments in a follow-up podcast released Wednesday where he said that nobody knows what Microsoft is going to announce so why speculate.

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GalacticEmpire2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Why speculate?

It's fun to speculate, obviously it can go too far but discussing potential events in gaming is what we do as a community of gamers and gaming media. It's our hobby and our passion, we have every right to discuss it in full and make predictions based on evidence and rumor.

If MS don't want us to speculate then they should come out and dismiss some of the terrible rumors but they won't because, most likely, they're probably true and they haven't thought of a way to spin it yet.

nukeitall2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

... or a multibillion dollar company like MS doesn't announce things based on fanboy whims?

Point being, there is plenty of time to discuss this prior to system release. No reason to hasten it, especially to fanboys that isn't really interested in the console anyways.

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AngelicIceDiamond2476d ago

@Nukeitall Exactly

@Empire NOT Speculating: "Xbox is doomed" "Always online RIP for Xbox" "DRM console blocking used games." "I'm not buying the new Xbox because of rumors."

That's not speculating, that's all fanboy talk. The normal people like myself would say "lets just wait and see what MS says about all this instead of jumping to conclusion."

Now its human nature to jump the gun and spin things when your "in the moment" but the momentum of the same rumor keeps resurfacing you'd think people would calm down by now.

SPECULATING: Blocking used games rumor came from the community and people freakin out. That was never in the original rumors. The rest of the rumors are still floating about.

DRM content rumor does make sense you have to be connected to watch netflix, Hulu or play online games. Or use the cloud and other online functionality. Will it be used for video games is the question, my answer is simply no.

Now that's speculating.

rainslacker2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )


I'm a supporter of Sony, and I hope this ISN'T true. There are those of us who are concerned about what this could mean for gaming as a whole, and the potential it could have should it be successful. I still intend to wait and see what MS has to offer before making my decision to get one, but in the mean time I will voice my opinion on the topic at hand, and hopefully it will go heard if this is indeed MS plan, so at least my voice can be added to those who do not agree with it.

I do believe the rumor is hurting MS. If it wasn't they wouldn't have responded to it with a non-response. The actual response was much lengthier than the normal "we don't respond to rumors", and was qualified in such a way that made it seem like a PR spin to say that they had our interest in mind. I didn't take that as confirmation, but the actual response could be taken that way. They have no obligation to discredit right now though, and never implied they HAD to do it.

It would be nice, instead of everyone defending them, and just adding more speculation on top of more speculation, if people would just address the topic at hand. The topic is, is mandatory always online beneficial for us, the consumer.

JeffGUNZ2476d ago

Or they already have spent tons of money and have a date set where they will reveal and do it the way they want to. MS policies have always been they don't comment on rumor or speculation, it's not changing now because of a few rumors. Funny thing is, once MS reveals its system and all these rumors are false or misinterpreted, all this will be forgotten. MS launched a countdown to E3 website in January, why on earth would they do that if they didn't have something huge planned. You think they haven't spent all this money and time to make a big announcement then to ruin it by saying; "yeah the nextbox is real and no the rumors are wrong." That' surely the way they want to reveal their next gen. system.

raWfodog2476d ago

I'm gonna play Devils Advocate and call BS on all these 'rumors' that nextbox will require an internet connection just to play single-player games. That just seems like too much of a bad business move to be true.

omi25p2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

there is a big differents between speculation and Whining and this website and most other forums are very good at one of those things.

whoyouwit042476d ago

There's a difference between speculating, hating and hoping for shiot to be true, what did the man just say? no one knows what Microsoft is doing. I bet if any of these rumors where about Sony, you would be hollering the wait and see approach.

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profgerbik2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Mainly because it sounds exactly like something Microsoft would do. They never actually straight up denied it either did they?

That only leaves more people to speculate, I mean would it have killed them to have simply said no, it won't be?

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TheTwelve2476d ago

MSFT isn't that dumb but as a Sony supporter I sure love seeing them going through the media circus right now. =)

DigitalRaptor2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Microsoft isn't dumb, they're a smart business. What they've proven through their actions though, is that they don't give much of a damn about the consumer and certainly treat us all like fools, not just the casuals.

Mark this as trolling/fanboyim/whatever you want. In all honesty I'd love to invest in Xbox and own the games, but MS prevent it from happening with every bad decision made. How is it inconceivable that the next Xbox will require Internet to game, when MS already have charged their consumers for basic Peer 2 Peer connectivity for a decade and FREE apps over the past few years.

I want a response from the apologisers as to why MS doesn't get mainstream criticism for forcing you to pay to use your own pre-subscribed Internet bandwidth and free apps that every single other device/platform provides for free, even MS's own Windows Phone and their Windows 8 service. How are those inconsistencies not worth the ultimate in criticism?

Tell me how any self-respecting consumer can support a company who does that? And tell me why it's so unrealistic for a company known for anti-consumer decisions to do the same again?

Like others have said, speculation might be tedious but it's perfectly normal and if these rumours end up being untrue, then all I can say is "thank god", and concentrate on understanding the CURRENT aforementioned issues that have gone on for far too long. Still, it seems to me like some of you Xbox fans can give it, but just can't take it.

izumo_lee2476d ago

I have a theory about all this 'alway on' rumors & speculations.

If the new Xbox is rumored to have Windows 8 integrated into its OS & that Blu Ray may not be used but DVD still it could be that every game will be like those of PC. Having to be always online to register each game installed onto its hard drive. So this constant internet connection to be able to play games has been used on PC for years, this may be the road that the next Xbox may take. Who knows.

Why o why2476d ago

I remember having cd keys even if I had the original disks. Lazy you could say but its how it was.

rainslacker2476d ago

I've seen this brought up before. But seems like it could be achieve by simply inserting the disc from time to time, maybe after so much play time. Always on could mean that it would allow you to play your games from the menu, and not put a disc in the drive, allowing MS servers to verify that you are still a legitimate owner of the software, since it would be easy to just sell off your copy(if used isn't blocked). In as such, this whole thing can be used as a way of mitigating 2nd hand sales. Basically if someone installs it, then sells off the disc, then the original owner is no longer a legitimate license holder.

Having to register or verify the install on each system is not unlike they do with their windows authentication, although I believe you only have to do that once. This could allow people to borrow their friends copy, install it, then just purchase an activation code, without the need for downloading a huge game. That in itself is a positive side effect.

With games, you could easily have a similar authentication, install once, play at the touch of a button. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if there is a way to authenticate should your internet be down...again, by just inserting the original disc.

Again, it's all speculation, but I find this type of discussion more interesting than all the hate going around.

FGHFGHFGH2476d ago

Maybe it will be like GFWL where you need to be logged in to save your game.

sway_z2476d ago

It's a damn shame if even 70% of the current Next Xbox rumours become reality.

The other 30% (you may be wondering) is all positive in that Microsoft will build a capable machine with Blu Ray functionality. On which Halo 5 will look astonishing. I am still wowed by Halo 4.

At this point in time I'm pretty certain I'll be getting a PS4, but! ....E3 will make my decision final.

Next Box is still on my radar, even though I object to Xbox Live Gold subs, if they make a subscription on Next Box as value driven as PS+ I might just 'Jump In'.

Godmars2902476d ago

If the BR rumor is true, its only going to be used to install content, its pretty much pointless.

The only thing worse is if it either plays BR movies at a low quality.

_-EDMIX-_2476d ago

buddy...if the damn rumors are true, don't worry about what "Bluray's" wold look like. Nothing is worse then DRM, on top of that it will blocked used games.

Buddy...I'll take a "worse" looking Bluray video ANYDAY if it could play used games or not have DRM.

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