4/09/2013 Preemptive I Told You So: Wii U To Outsell PS4 And Xbox 720 This Holiday Season

GotGame: We’ve had a long line of doomed consoles from the DS (which was bound to be destroyed by Sony’s more powerful PSP), to the Wii (pre launch everyone had written it off), the PS3 (599 US Dollars), to the 3DS (my godz the iPhonez are going to keel it), the Vita, and now the Wii U. We even have the Xbox 720 getting its fair share of doom and gloom before the system has even been announced! We need something to bash for cheap hits, and our collective history of awful predictions hasn’t stopped us from hopping aboard the doom train.

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SlavisH22481d ago

lol only way this happens is if the ps4 and next xbox undership

Ramon3MR2481d ago

Or if there are any delays perhaps.

Boody-Bandit2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

The only way this happens is if MS and Sony can't meet the demand.

The demand for the next offerings from MS and Sony will be through the roof as opposed to the Wii U. I could walk into most stores in my area and pick up a Wii U the day it released. I doubt the same will ring true with the PS4 and Next Box but I already have my camping gear ready to go.

iGAM3R-VIII2481d ago

lol or the PS4/720 do not come out in 2013.

@article loooool *sigh*

jcnba282481d ago

Wii U all day every day.

wenaldy2481d ago

LOL no one agrees with you :D

Army_of_Darkness2481d ago

Wii u all day every day??
Damn bro, you must be bored as hell! LOL!

sfalexl212481d ago

What game do you even play? Any console that goes 3 months without a game is bound to collect dust.

Benjaminkno2481d ago

see how fearful you've made them?

Parapraxis2481d ago

I had to dust my WiiU the other day....seriously.

quantae062480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Let's you know how many haters are on this site. The Wii U is a good console, will be great when more big titles release. People following the haters, due to word of mouth instead of playing it, are the worse out of all of em.

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--Onilink--2481d ago

well that is pretty much guaranteed to happen. Its very hard for consoles to meet demand on the 1st month or so. By then the WiiU will be releasing Mario Kart, Mario 3D and WindWaker HD, the same combo of games that gave a huge boost to the 3DS sales. So yeah, i actually dont see anything weird with that statement, not that it would actually reflect anything about how the rest of the years will be

violents2481d ago

What Nintendo will shove more Mario games down the public's throat, no way!

--Onilink--2481d ago


Why should i care if the title has the word Mario on it if they are quality games and completely different genres?

Its not like Sony or MS dont do the same, Nintendo simply has done it for longer (because they have been around longer,shocker...) were you even aware that Killzone SF is the 5th Killzone game in 7 years? 6th if you count the HD remake.. God of War? same thing, 5 games in 7 years. Similar thing for Halo, Gears of War, etc, etc

And you know what, not only did I purchase all those mario games, I purchased all the Killzones, GoW, Halo's, Gears, Assasins Creed, etc. I also buy a lot of new IPs.

I dont judge games based on their name, i judge them based on their quality, and they are all quality titles

violents2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )


I haven't seen a Nintendo game in years that I thought was a "quality game"

you cant seriously sit here and say that Nintendo consoles aren't jam packed with shovelware including rehash after rehash of the same old crap, far worse than any other console maker.

Hopefully the WiiU doesn't follow down the same path but I'm not holding my breath hoping for it either.

Compare the number of Killzones or Gears of war or even Assassins creed with the number of Mario inspired games on a Nintendo. I guarantee there are more Mario games out there than any other, Some fresh new ideas is what Nintendo needs instead of trying to ride the wave of familiar franchises.

Two of the supposed 5 games your claiming have been in the killzone franchise haven't even released yet so that doesn't count, one of the killzones is a psp title and killzone one was a ps2 titles so realistically they only released 4 games so far in the franchise on 3 separate platforms.

since its too many to write ill post a link to the wiki for how many Mario games there have been, I counted at least 12 just for the wii.

--Onilink--2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I dont recall saying anything about the shovelware.. yes its there, I wont say to anyone you should buy it, but to go from that to say that the games Nintendo make are not of great quality is a totally different thing.

You say rehash after rehash of the same thing? Most Nintendo games have the same or even more changes between each iteration than some of the ones mentioned in my previous comment. Differences between Uncharted 1,2 and 3. Tighter combat and better graphics, and yet each of them are great. Killzone? Gears? Resistance?

All of those games are part of a franchise with established foundations, so its normal for them to be similar while improving certain aspects.

So just as some of those franchises might have very similar games, Nintendo has that too, 2D mario games are all very similar, Mario Kart? the same thing.. but they have many other games that constantly change with each games. The Mario RPG's? all so very different, StarFox, all very different(not necesarily for the better), even Zelda that keeps such a similar structure usually has very different mechanics and tone.

those 2 killzone games are coming out this year, so yeah, its still the same... and i wasnt even counting the PSOne game. Killzone 2, 3, Liberation, Mercenaries, HD Collection, Shadowfall. All of them are the same type of game, except perhaps liberation.

My point is, why even take all Mario games as a whole when you know they are completely different games? Or are you saying that if I bought Mario Kart Wii I shouldnt get Mario Part, Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, etc because they are all the same?
Thats just being closed minded... Nintendo actually rarely releases 2 games of the same franchise (or the same genre when it comes to Mario) in a single generation

Whymii2480d ago


Nintendo doesn't shove anything down gamer's throats because they have a choice whether to buy their games or not. Interestingly enough, it seems that millions of people choose to buy Nintendo games, most likely because they recognise the inherent quality of the products.

Nintendo have refined these games to the point that they are the benchmark against which all similar games are compared. Love or hate them, they are masters of platform, kart and action adventures genres. A fact recognised by many other developers of games you probably do enjoy.

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nthstew2481d ago

this is the greatest April fool joke of ages

fr0sty2481d ago

Or of monkeys fly out of my ass. Wii U can't even outsell Vita!

PopRocks3592481d ago

It was outselling the Vita prior to the Vita's price drop.

Amsterdamsters2480d ago

It outsold Vita every week prior to the Vita price drop (retailers in Japan dropped the vita price 1 week before the formal price drop
) and has out sold it for the past three weeks too. I believe that there were a total of three weeks were the Vita outsold the Wii U worldwide...out of the 20+ weeks the Wii U has been out.... Your point is null and void.

People really need to stop fulling "facts" out of their makes them look foolish.

fr0sty2480d ago

Yes, it has outsold vita before, and will likely do it again. That wasn't the point. Vita's sales suck... and for a console (which is the successor to the most popular home console of this generation) to have to struggle to top them... That says something.

Nevers0ft2481d ago

... Or overprice.

The world economy isn't what it was back in 2005/6.

iGAM3R-VIII2481d ago

lol or the PS4/720 do not come out in 2013.

@article loooool *sigh*

Zhipp2481d ago

It could happen if they're too expensive as well.

ijust2good2480d ago

But princess is still in another castle somewhere

2480d ago
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dedicatedtogamers2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Unlike the Wii when it launched, the WiiU has none of the "must have" appeal that allowed it to sell out everywhere. The WiiU - being a year old by the time this holiday hits - will also have lost its new-ness, while the PS4 and 720 (if the 720 launches) will both be the new, shiny thing for people to buy on impulse. You can bet that if both Sony's and Microsoft's console are on the market, both companies will be spending millions on advertising space to out-do one another. And Nintendo will get lost in the noise.

I'm sorry, but after the first year, it's an uphill battle. All of the easy, early adopters have already purchased the system.

jcnba282481d ago

Nintendo will win next gen again easily.

geassdanny2481d ago

Best joke I heard all day.......oh you're actually serious! That makes it even more funnier.

oldassgamer2481d ago

Are you calling the Wii U "next gen"?

kupomogli2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

But didn't Nintendo fanboys say Wii U is a next gen system? So we're already in the current next gen.

Ooooh. You mean the "NEXT(ninth") gen? Maybe Nintendo will win that gen, who knows.

Narutone662480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

What he meant is the next console after Wii U. At least that's what I thought.

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mcstorm2481d ago

So is this the same thing for the PSV then or the 3DS before it or even the PS3 before that?

Just because the WiiU sales have not been as big as the Wii dose not mean it can not keep up or even out sell the PS4.

No one knows the specs of the next xbox and we don't know the price of the Next Xbox or PS4. We don't even know that much about them.

All the people bashing xbox live price what happens if sony decide to charge £40 to play online and access the Share parts of PSN? What happens if the next Xbox and PS4 are over £400?
We don't even know what games will be released on the PS4 and next xbox.

Also what happens if the next xbox will not play 360 games and we know the PS4 is not BC and COD MW4 and BF4 are not on the next xbox and PS4?

No one knows what will happen when the next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft so you cant say that they will walk all over the WiiU.

If you look back to last year everyone on here was saying the PSV was going to walk all over the 3DS yet it is not. The same was said about the PS3 walking all over the 360 yet it did not.

The only thing we do know is that no one knows what will happen when the next xbox and PS4 are out and we don't know if the WiiU sales will go through the roof or tank in the next 12 months.

Sucitta2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

When was it confirmed that BF4 would not be on next gen systems?

They will announce next gen versions of all the big games once the consoles have launched. This should not interfere with sales for current gen versions if they keep a lid on it until after the next gen has launched.

From what Ive gathered, because of the size of the instal base for both 360/ps3, most AAA next gen games will receive a watered down last gen version.

mcstorm2481d ago

I never said they were not on the next gen console I said what if they are not on the next gen console.

And that is also my point if the PS4 and Next xbox get watered down versions then why would anyone go out and buy a new console that could cost £400 or more for the same game they can play on there current console.

Every one is expecting the PS4 and next xbox to walk all over the WiiU in there 1st 12 months but if they are getting watered down versions then why will people bother to buy a new console in its 1st 12 months on the market?

majiebeast2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Unless Nintendo can get out Smash and a new Mario kart they stand no chance.


3D mario games never sell that much just look at SMG1,2. A remake of an old Zelda game is great, but i wouldnt say its a huge system seller.

secretcode2481d ago

I agree, but there's other shit coming too. We've been promised a new Mario title, as well as the confirmed Wind Waker HD remake hitting this fall.

--Onilink--2481d ago

they did said that Mario 3D and Mario Kart would be out this year and shown playable at E3

deafdani2481d ago

No, they only said they would show them playable at E3, they never stated they would be out this year.

Still I hope at least one of them releases before this year's end. :3

grassyknoll2481d ago

Mario Galaxy sold over 11 million copies. That's a success if ever there was one.

--Onilink--2481d ago

well they dont sell that much compared to the monster sales of mario kart or 2D marios, but they usually sell a lot. Mario Galaxy has sold like 10mill and Galaxy 2 like 7mill

truechainz2481d ago

If nintendo cuts the price this fall, releases probably 2 first party titles (any two will do but most likely 3D mario and mario kart), gets that monolith soft title out, possible 3rd party suprises (Nintendo still hasn't done their 3rd party direct they promised) and on top of that Sony and Microsoft don't do a tremendously better job stocking their systems than last time, then the Wii U will outsell.

Shok2480d ago

"3D mario games never sell that much just look at SMG1,2"

Galaxy 1 almost sold 12 MILLION and Galaxy 2 sold 7 million

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strigoi8142481d ago

Funny article..i thought april fools is long done

Myst-Vearn2481d ago

It just not gonna happen.

Benjaminkno2481d ago

yeah, just like the 100 million selling Wii