The Secret HDMI Pact

TeamXbox approached a Microsoft representative to ask where the HDMI port was, or if they plan to release an HDMI Xbox 360 AV cable when the external HD-DVD drive launches. His response was:

"If Sony is not using HDMI to play Blu-ray Disc movies, neither are we."

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Marriot VP6587d ago

this means I won't have to buy a HDMI cable for HD movies. And even sony said the HDMI difference is negligible unless your on a 40+ size screen. Even then it's a miniscule difference.

So if HDCP is in 2010 we won't have to worry about being screwed by sony's 500$ sku with no HDMI. Also means xbox 360 owners don't have to buy a HDMI in a few years. Good news for everybody.

Bill Nye6587d ago

Oh, 360 doesn't have HDMI? Who would've thought...?

Marriot VP6587d ago

come on, what are you gonna pick apart the obvious in a desperate attempt to discredit me. You've followed my posts for the last few times and it's getting annoying. If you have something reputable to say, your more than welcome to.

Before this article we were told that HDCP was gonna be needed in 2-3 years and have to have HDMI. Which would create problems with the 360 and 500$ ps3. Now I guess hollywood postponed this and good thing too.

BLow6587d ago

And who is watching who. Maybe now people will stop complaining about Sony's base model. All the M$ fanboys will still have something to say of course but it is from teamxbox. If Sony doesn't have one......."classic".

zypher6587d ago

yeah. lately everyone and their mom likes to slam Sony for some of the stupid stuff they've said. lets see how many people have anything to say about this.

pRo loGic II6587d ago

That's good news, that will shut up the Sony fanboys.

BLow6587d ago

Um... i think it's the other way around

Bill Nye6587d ago

Perhaps he's referring to how people pointed out how 360 didn't have HDMI either.

zypher6587d ago (Edited 6587d ago )

not trying to imply that either of you are fanboys, but ALL fanboys need to shut up! this coming from a TRUE gamer, who just happens to PREFER Sony's systems.

pRo loGic II6587d ago

I have a 360 and like games, in the gaming industry that makes me a gamer plus thats the true meaning; "Gamer" (one who plays games), poker, Uno, Vids, ect. I don't know what a true gamer is or means, nor do i care.


You're getting getting jumped in here. #3.3 is is a hardcore gamer, that, eats, sleeps, and lives for games. "True Gamer" is Nerd-anese for Hardcore

ACE6585d ago

zypher i'm also a gamer and dont like the look of the sony bull $hit again so do what you want lol fool....

like i said sony fanboys are like gold fish they have a 6 second memmory so they keep forgetting how often they get fuked up the rear end by sony lol

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BLow6587d ago

And perhaps I'm referring to how people pointed out how the PS3 base model doesn't have one.

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