EA earned hatred with poor games, lack of vision, and contempt for the audience, not homophobia

PA writes: EA is close to once again “winning” Consumerist’s Worst Company in America poll, and this has again sparked debate over how silly it is that a video game company is even in the running. The decisions that insurance companies make on a daily basis lead to financial ruin, if not death, for many Americans. Many view our banking system as deeply corrupt. The oil companies have a terrible environmental track record.

We sort of expect that our insurance companies will be nightmares to deal with; they’re part of a faceless bureaucracy that decides the level of health care we’ll receive. There is no surprise in the fact that oil companies put profits over safety. These are unpleasant companies that are often in the news for unpleasant reasons, and we dislike them as a matter of course. We’re resigned to it.

A video game publisher, on the other hand, should at least pretend to care about what its customers think about its job, and this is where EA falls apart.

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