8 Ways Irrational Could Continue BioShock: Infinite's Story in DLC


Irrational Games plans to release three DLC packs, with new characters and new gameplay. What can we possibly expect, besides the unexpected?


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joab7772477d ago

Three things...story of sonbird and elizabeth. It doesn't even have to be in this reality. A rapture crossover (they can't not do it). It could be part of the songbird story. And a unique horde style op or not. Fully customizable so u can create different scenarios. Maybe there is a story. But like dishonored and bioshock before, u don't get enough combat. As soon as u begin to master it, its over. These will be perfect. Also, like mass effect, in a yr when they decide what they will be doing next, they can create another dlc that introduces us to the next city. I love the idea of the perfect city. This would be a killer trilogy. One more game to be the end all.

PS, I was hoping elizabeth would open a tear to my living room with the eye. Also, I love how there were 122 attempts and nothing could help him from twins, vigors or elizabeth. It wasn't until I, the gamer got involved that he was able to finish it. Maybe a story dlc exploring that idea. Though I think its best saved for the next bioshock.

sprinterboy2476d ago

"I was hoping elizabeth would open a tear to my living room with the eye" Was you referring to the playstation eye camera, if so that would have been a awesome feature especisally moving fwd with PS4 which all consoles will be bundled with. Can see alot of great features with the camera on PS4 using such immersion in games.

joab7772476d ago

Yeah. I was hoping that at some point in the end that they would realize that it was the gamers interaction that ultimately saved that reality. Open the tear to my living room and ask me to do something would have been awesome.

Kanzes2476d ago


My guess is there will be a Wounded Knee & Boxer Rebellion DLC, and the ending is the baptism scene, which how Booker become Comstock, where everything begins.