Bethesda: day-one DLC complaints stem from lack of knowledge about how games are made

But "the customers have the decision to buy or not to buy as they see fit" - [OXM UK]

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MariaHelFutura2112d ago

I love Bethesda, but this is a crock of sh!t. Day 1 DLC, is a greedy business practice. Period. If it happens in the way he says, it should be a free day 1 d/l because that would be the right thing to do, considering somebody just dropped $60 on your game. Thanking your fans is better in the long run than always trying to upsell them.

dirigiblebill2112d ago

Utterly disagree. If it's not advertised as part of the game you've preordered/bought, it's a separate product, and you have *absolutely* no right to protest about its "omission" from the main game.

If the game feels incomplete as a consequence of content being withheld for/development time being devoted to early DLC, fair enough - though I'd argue that what exactly counts as "incomplete" is subject to opinion. But the broad principle of selling add-ons alongside the main game at launch is watertight. Again, you don't get what you didn't pay for.

DragonKnight2112d ago

That's a B.S. argument. Day 1 DLC is pure money grubbing greed. There is literally no reason to not include that DLC, which usually amounts to nothing more that costumes or pathetic weapons but in some cases is much much more (Mass Effect 3 anyone), in the game.

dirigiblebill2112d ago


So it's your contention that developers should give you things you haven't paid for?

violents2112d ago

Regardless of how games are made, meaning I understand the game was finished a while before release and they may have had extra time to work on the dlc before release so it can be available on day one for people, the fact remains that when you have day one dlc people feel like your just planning on milking their wallets.

Easy solution, just wait a couple weeks or a month after release then bring out the dlc.

Brucis2112d ago

>So it's your contention that developers should give you things you haven't paid for?

Wow, I'm surprised you didn't say entitled with the way that was going. If something is ready and able to be released on launch day, not to mention important, but will cost the consumer extra then that's bullshit.

dirigiblebill2112d ago

"Wow, I'm surprised you didn't say entitled with the way that was going. If something is ready and able to be released on launch day, not to mention important, but will cost the consumer extra then that's bullshit."

So if something is ready and able to be released at the same time as something else, that you're buying separately, you should get the first thing for free? By all means explain your logic.

Again, there are dodgy examples of day-one DLC, but there's nothing wrong with the idea on paper.

DragonKnight2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

@dirigiblebill: It's my contention that I paid $60 for a complete game. Day 1 DLC is developed in tandem with the game and its exclusion is unnecessary and insulting. Day 1 DLC always, ALWAYS, creates the question that the game is incomplete. The solution is to either include it in the game, which it should be since it's purposefully withheld in the interest of greed, or release it at a later date to spark new interest in an old game.

Is it your contention that cut content should be rewarded?

"So if something is ready and able to be released at the same time as something else, that you're buying separately, you should get the first thing for free? By all means explain your logic."

You're trapped in the idea that everything is separate and should be paid for separately. Day 1 DLC is cut content. It was content that could have been included in the game (read: meaning the $60 paid for that content) but instead a management decision decided that that content could be separately monetized and that's wrong. It isn't about getting "free" content it's about getting all the content that should have been included in the game.

**EDIT** I also find this ridiculous idea of creative designers having nothing but time between when the game is finished to when the game is released to be fishy. When a game is finished, does it not move into the production phase where discs are printed and placed into cases? You're trying to say that the game is left to float giving these people enough time to create DLC for a finished game which, in many cases, is placed on the disc just before shipment to be unlocked by a key? This is greed. It's pure greed. It has nothing to do with employees having dead time. Move them to other projects, and if you don't have a project then come up with one, give them assignments to mull over. Don't try and feed us this B.S. of "well we have to give them something to do, it's not about greed it's about time management."

InTheLab2112d ago

Once upon a time, you simply unlocked new characters and skins. Now you pay for them day one.

Once upon a time, developers valued their customers enough to understand that $60 IS a lot of money.

Once upon a time, games where shipped complete and if not, FULL expansions were sold at fair prices.

dirigiblebill2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

"You're trapped in the idea that everything is separate and should be paid for separately."

Because that's the way it is. If you're not told to expect it, don't ask for it - content that's neither designed to be part of nor promoted as part of the game it's associated with cannot, by any reasonable and proportional measure, be considered "cut content".

Why is that so hard to grasp? I can understand you finding fault with particular examples of the practice, but why dismiss the whole concept out of hand? You can't see the wood for the trees, it seems.

KrisButtar2112d ago

FF13-2 was in incomplete game, when you made it to the cansio and tried poker, it says you have to have the DLC.

I also think day 1 DLC is bullshit because the more it happenes the more they will try to pull what happened in FF13-2

geassdanny2112d ago

If a game is being developed, and the devs decided to release "extra content" along side the game release, then that is content cut out of the game. Why not make it part of the initial game if was developed in tandem. There is no logical reasoning, beside pure greed.

Defend this practice all you want but it's wrong and setting up a bad precedence. One of the best examples is when Mass Effect 3 released their from the ashes day one dlc. That content was ripped out the main story. Basically finding a living Prothean, probably the most important discovery to the trilogy and something crucial to the story. But they messed it up, by cutting that content out and releasing it as day one dlc, knowing very well how important it would be to the fans.

Pathetic practice and any developer who stands by this practice should be ashamed.

1nsaint2112d ago

I don't understand why you are defending this..

I think it's already lame when dlc comes out a month after the game launches.

But day one dlc is much worse, it's content that is being developed at the same time as the game, which they then hold back so people have to pay additional money.

Sometimes the content is already on the disc, but isn't unlocked untill you buy a licence.

A good example is bioshock 2, the day-one DLC let you raise the multiplayer level cap from 40 to 50 and unlocking some skins, weapons and perks.
The content is unlocked by downloading a licence for 400 msp..

It's even so that people that don't have the dlc could play with the ones that had without needing a patch, since all the stuff was already on the disc.

I love bioshock, but that's just low.

also i don't understand why bethesda is defending this, i can't recal they ever released day-one dlc

T3MPL3TON 2112d ago

You must work for a game company, dirigiblebill.

Day one DLC shows nothing but disrespect for the customer. When I purchase any other product in the word. I'm not asked to pay extra for anything. (minus warranties)

If I buy a hat for my favorite sports team I'm not asked to buy the logo because the hat was made separate.

If I buy a game day one. I should get all day 1 content. Period.

dirigiblebill2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Sigh. So much noise and recrimination and bluster and not one real, rational answer to the question: why should anybody give you something they haven't promised you? What difference does release timing make to the bare, obvious truth that you're not entitled to everything?

I don't work for a games company, no - and frankly, if this is the sort of mind-boggling horsesh*t developers have to put up with, I very much doubt I ever will.

DragonKnight2112d ago

@dirigiblebill: Music is announced with the game, yet each game has a musical score. Side-quests aren't typically announced with games, yet most have them. I can cite many examples of content not announced with games, yet they are a part of the total game. This is no different. If a developer is capable of putting the DLC on the finished product before the game is released, then not doing so is clearly an example of greed and not a logistical issue. That's why it's wrong. It's content that could easily be part of the $60 game but they don't want to give everyone the complete experience, instead they want to milk everyone.

As someone has previously stated, time was we had unlockables. Unlockables were "day one DLC" that was put on the disc at no charge. What's the difference between then and now?

Xyle2112d ago

I think you're missing the point @dirigilebill
It's true it isn't advertised, however it is a show of appreciation to the consumer. It's a good business plan for customer relations with the developer. This will galvanize loyalty (sometimes) with the developer.

BrianC62342112d ago

Most gamers disagree with you. Look at all those disagrees. Why have DLC on the first day? That is greedy if it isn't free.

Hicken2112d ago

Your ignorance in this is staggering.

First off, you're siding with a corporation. That's almost NEVER a good idea, as a consumer. MOST of their practices are geared more toward making money off of you than keeping you satisfied.

Second, while the existence of Day 1 DLC is fine, CHARGING for it just is not. I cannot fathom how you can be okay with extra content being released alongside the game you just purchased for additional money. As others have noted, just last generation, all these extra costumes and missions and such would have been unlockable in-game without the need for paying more money. But now it's after-release stuff, right along with bug and glitch fixes.

Third, there's a difference between just DLC released after the game comes out, and DLC available the SAME DAY the game is available. As has been said to you by plenty of others already, it just FEELS like a ripoff to consumers when they don't even get the illusion of leaving the store with the whole game the very day it comes out. Even IF it's ready Day 1, it would appear much better to the consumer if it wasn't immediately available.

Fourth, Bethesda's history of less-than-solid releases- across all platforms- makes them not the most reliable to hear this sort of thing from. If they hadn't had so many issues with their releases, their message might be better received, but when even the PC version of your games need extensive work by the mod community to be at its best, you just come off as self-serving.

I seriously can't believe you're supporting them on this. I can't believe ANY GAMER would want to do that. Company bottom line be damned; I'll ALWAYS side with the consumer, and Day 1 DLC is definitely NOT on our side.

solidjun52112d ago

I think dirigiblebill is a Bethesda employee.

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kreate2112d ago

how about offering day 1 dlc free for the first 30 days so the gamers who dropped 60 bucks can get it for free?

after 30 days put a price tag on it for gamers who buy it later or the ones who bought it used.

FunAndGun2112d ago

That would be great!

They probably don't do that because they know the people who purchased the game on day 1 are fans and are the ones who will end up purchasing all the DLC anyway.... Might as well charge for it and double dip on your most loyal customers. GREED

bluetoto2112d ago

Excellent idea! I stopped buying games at $60 a year ago when I finally realized I was spending like $90 with all the dlc to get a complete game.

Their greedy ass tactics now have me waiting until a nice price drop and sometimes even just passing over the game completely.

Their greed might have been good for their short term gain, but they're going to feel it in this next gen if more gamers are now aware of how they like to milk us.

And they have the nerve to wonder why sales are flat.

CalvinKlein2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

well bethesda is wrong sorry. Im sure all that crap they are trying to sell like skins, horse armor and extra weapons could be on the disk. I understand some things wont make it and could still not be ready by release day, but not as many as these developers want us to beleive.

You mean to tell me that bioware didnt just take out the prothian so they could sell him for 10$ mroe? They really needed that extra time to finish that DLC? I really doubt that.

Clearly developers think they can educate us on why fleecing is acceptable. Im srue the situation isnt the same for each developer, but with all the little pieces of content that are available for purchase every time a new game launches Id have to think bethesda is FULL OF SHIT and almost all of that content could have been included in the final game. Not to mention how many of them are just kbs of data that unlock something that is already on the disk.

koehler832112d ago

It's true. We're all ignorant boobs over here. No clue what's going on.

This is further evidenced by Bethesda's on-going success in the face of their continued belittling directly to their customers' faces.

Can I have Fallout 4 now, please?

TemplarDante2112d ago

@Koehler83, how dare you ask for Fallout4??!?
You need to first find out if the brave, smart kind talented men and women of the community (forums, guys that mod) are prepared to fix the broken mess its bound to be when it hits retail.

koehler832112d ago

The Mod Squad are always ready.

LAWSON722112d ago

Bethesda i am a huge fan but if you have preorder exclusive dlc i will not buy your game.

OpieWinston2111d ago

Lets look at that statement...
So if they had a GENERAL pre order bonus that was given to all the major retailers and steam. Say it was something simple like an extra perk in Fallout 4, and then they let people who DIDN'T pre-order pay for the DLC.

That gives incentive for people to pay for it on day 1. Also if you weren't going to buy a game because of pre order bonus which means you had no intention of paying for it day 1.

Ergo no a "huge fan", Bethesda spends a lot of time on their games and delivers a top quality product to it's fanbase (Nothings perfect so glitches are expected).

Sorry it's like when I see people hating on Steams new "Pre-Order Bonus System" which is bitchin!

dmcwilliams2112d ago

If people still buy the DLC, they will keep doing it.

I don't really have a problem with it though, unless it was already on the disc (like ME3).

cleft52112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

How do you know what is on the disc dlc and what isn't? It's not hard for a company simply to leave content out and then start working on it later. The more blatant and honest developer just release it day 1, everyone else just wait a bit and claim it isn't on the disc dlc. Yet they are releasing new content like 2 weeks after the game is out.

Polished content takes a great deal longer than 2 weeks or 1 month to make for these bigger titles. This content was being made before the game ever released and it should be free as an incentive to those who brought the game. Instead they charge you 5 to 10 dollars more.

DragonKnight2112d ago

Normally what's on-disc is unlocked with a 100KB key.

OpieWinston2111d ago

Bethesda isn't Bioware...THANK GOD!

TemplarDante2112d ago

I will take Bethesda seriously when...
- they ship a complete game.
-make an effort to not release it bug laden.
-and stop lying. (hard to code for OR timed exclusive?)

Its funny how hard it was to sort the PS3 DLCs out, yet when it hit 2013, they all flew unto PS Store in quick succession...

Captain Qwark 92112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

you kind of stole what i was going to say lol

"stem from lack of knowledge about how games are made"

-judging from the fact that none of their games in recent years have shipped free of game crashing bugs, i think its a safe bet to say the lack that same knowledge lol

all jokes aside, i love their games mostly but day 1 dlc is trash.