Should EA Restore the Tainted Medal of Honor Name? - Ordinary Gamer

EA has both MOH and Battlefield, making two similar games release next to each other concurrently and trying to squeeze in the already crowded market. As of now, Medal of Honor is on a hiatus following the poor performance of both reboot games. Only the Battlefield games offer the serious alternative to Call of Duty.

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csreynolds2018d ago

I think EA's done enough to Medal of Honor, don't you?

Linsolv2018d ago

"Should EA stop sucking the life out of every IP they own?"

I dunno, you tell me, article. You tell me.

Leviathan2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

That's how I feel about xbox exclusives. All three of them. GEARS>HALO>FORZA.

Captain Qwark 92018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


there's 4, you forgot fable

Leviathan2018d ago

UM...fable is playable on pc.

TedCruzsTaint2018d ago

Firstly, the original game sold over five million copies. Far from a "poor performance", I would say.
Secondly, and this is entirely personal opinion, I thought they did a rather good job with Warfighter. I still play Warfighter's multiplayer to this day.

That's just me though. I thought they did a good job rebooting the series and am sad that people didn't really take to it.

dan9582018d ago

I think it's just because it wasn't really a 'Medal of honour' game. It had no similarities to the originals. They probably just took up the name hoping it was sell more under it, it could have been a brand new IP - how that would have effected sales, we will never know.

TedCruzsTaint2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

While I agree, that can be said about Modern Warfare. People consider that a triumph, despite going against almost everything done with the original CoD releases.
Most series go through changes. Big ones, even.

I've played every Medal of Honor release and every release in almost ten years feels largely different than the original games.
I don't feel that is a proper issue raised against the last two games, really.

That said, sure. They were definitely selling the reboot on name, while it could have easily been its own series. Again though, nothing that hasn't been done dozens of times over.

InTheLab2018d ago

I disagree. Airborne craps all over both MoH reboots.

Weapon leveling
Open ended gameplay
A meaningful war against a tangible threat

Even Bad Company did a better job of being the "off year" shooter for EA as it had great characters, and interesting story, and open ended gameplay + vehicles.

TedCruzsTaint2018d ago

Point being, did it feel like the old games?
I say not really.

InTheLab2018d ago

It doesn't feel exactly like the old games, but more like an evolution of the originals.

The reboots felt like an entirely different franchise with the MoH name attached. They are nothing more than me too clones of a used up franchise.

sdozzo2018d ago

Why. It Won't Make Enough Money.

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