Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – Full Review [Plus XP]

Andy from Plus XP writes "Super-duper thieving Cooper is back after an exile of nearly 8 years and long-time fans have been craving a new installment of ingenious thievery, explorative adventuring and of course taking the reins of the mighty Murrrrray!

We kick things off by getting a juicy look into the current on goings in the life of famed thief; Sly Cooper. He’s finally entered a peaceful relationship with his long-time law-enforcing pursuer, Carmelita Fox, and they seem quite content with their life. But Sly’s old ways are digging away at him like a bout of pin and needles. To cure his lust for notoriety he swiftly assembles his news team…or his gang I should say and start devising plans for their next heist. But during it, pages from the Thievius Raccoonus (a book comprised of all Cooper ancestors talents) start disappearing and it’s up to the gang to figure out why; subsequently reuniting them all. With an angry Carmelita back on the hunt to lock up Cooper for lying to her and the evil megalomaniac that is Le Paradox is trying to alter the past to make his present more pleasant and rich. As the gang van explodes straight back in time leaving behind 2 trails of fire and a fallen license plate, that are quite clearly reminiscent of Back to the Future, its clear the gang once again have a job to do!"

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