Lack of Xbox 720 updates is Sony’s advantage

It’s fair to say that Sony’s PS4 is receiving plenty of attention while many gamers are still unsure about the upcoming Xbox 720. Some suggest both systems will share similarities, but the always-online rumours revolving around Microsoft’s new console have had a negative reaction and the lack of any further news means many gamers are being turned off by the lack of positives in relation to 720 details.

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whoyouwit042479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Seriously, whats the deal that everyone keep putting out all these anti 720 articles, It's like they think if they release enough of them it will force Microsoft to talk, however, Microsoft isn't going to talk until they're good and ready #DEAL WITH IT.

Its funny, the first sentence in this article is: "It’s fair to say that Sony’s PS4 is receiving plenty of attention while many gamers are still unsure about the upcoming Xbox 720", but lately all the attention as been on 720.

Godmars2902479d ago

And at the same time if anyone expects them to pull off some major coop when they do finally say something, their past two E3s which were largely Kinect events would suggest problems in satisfying game related concerns.

To repeat: they're likely going to focus on selling the new system to the general market.

whoyouwit042479d ago

Are you really comparing a launch event of a brand new console... to a E3 event that is for showing new features and games of a existing console? What the hell.

we already know they are bringing core titles to the table. Hell Black Tusk is making four core titles alone, and they're all brand new ips. They also just renewed the Killer Instinct trade mark. So what makes you think they wont focus on games?


2479d ago
Skips2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


Well, considering even Microsoft said THEMSELVES, "Xbox is NOT A GAMES CONSOLE, Xbox is a family entertainment center." etc. etc.

What Godmars290 is saying isn't so far fetched. Expect them to focus on what THEY'VE BEEN FOCUSING ON for the past E3's. Why in the world would they change their strategy now when they've found something they do better at? Casual games, Kinect, Apps and whatnot.

When you even have devs saying Microsoft isn't going to be heading in the same direction as Sony in terms of strategy next gen...

Blacklight Dev: "I think Sony is really in to win this one," "I'm good friends with a lot of guys at Microsoft, I'm under their NDA flag, and Microsoft definitely has a different outlook than Sony does." etc. etc.

And Sony's outlook being: "PS4 is a gaming console at heart" "We're all about the gamers" etc. etc.

It's just some serious in denial at this point. lol

Godmars2902479d ago

They treated - everyone including them said so anyway - Kinect as a launch or a relaunch of the console. So yes, its fair to assume that XBox3 will receive treatment which addresses the general consumer more than gamers.

NukaCola2479d ago

At the end of the day who cares how many negative Xbox articles there are. N4G is a place for us core nerd s to cone together and joke, discuss, troll, bitch and argue about games because we are the core gamers. MS gives a rat's ass about this site and our opinions. Some fat 56yo marketing executive surveyed 2000 moms a year ago and upon their opinions did MS base the future if their company on. MS only cares about numbers not gamers.

MaxXAttaxX2479d ago

It's getting a little annoying.

ichimaru2478d ago

Glad you can see they future!'re not god. huh, I'll take that bubble off your hands

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TAURUS-5552479d ago

MS isnt ready cuz they know PS4 is too powerful so they wait and wait and wait...

xPhearR3dx2479d ago

Actually it's not. The 720 is generator a lot of attention. While 99% of it is bad for consumers, it could be exactly what MS needs. If they come out and disprove all of these rumors, they're going to be a HUGE hit and Sony will need to step their game up to go beyond what MS shows off. However, this is their only chance. It's a hit or miss. If they confirm all these rumors are true, the 720 is going to crumble and they'll get what the deserve. Which is not my money.

They've proven everyone right the past two E3's by focusing on Kinect. Third time is a charm so to say. They need to go strong and go hard, or go home.

Jaqen_Hghar2479d ago

A man doesn't believe denying rumors will create hype. They need to put themselves above PS4 since it revealed first. Sony already said they won't do these things. MS can't just come out and say "We're not blocking used games and you can play offline!" and expect some sort of applause. Mention these throughout the conference, but don't expect some great lovefest if you say the rumors aren't true. Big games and unique features (don't show too much Kinect please and don't try to act like Skype will be a big thing because I can do that on every other device already). It'll be difficult to not look like a "me too" kind of event if they don't do those things though. Tough spot.

Cocozero2479d ago

More fear based articles from the Sony camp, The same thing happend to the Wii and we all know what happened there...

StrongMan2479d ago ShowReplies(1)
Intentions2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Sigh, the gaming media never ceases to amazes me.

Software_Lover2479d ago

OH look!!!! A blog/article about something that hasn't been opinionated/blogged about the past two months.


strotee2479d ago

Now you can appreciate how Sony fans felt with PS3 getting negative article after negative article after.... sucks doesn't it?

Software_Lover2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

................ Why do you guys keep saying that? I'm a PS fan, I have every playstation, but being childish is being childish.

By that logic, Blacks should enslave white Americans because, you know, they did it to them. Am I right? Or they could just take the moral high ground and live their lives.

And these articles do not bother me emotionally, like most of you, they bother me mentally, because everytime I see one, I start to think and wonder................ are humans really this stupid and naive? Then I start to think again about the National Enquirer and I get depressed. I get depressed because yes, yes we are stupid.

strotee2479d ago

I love your slave comparison, classy. No, I was just alluding to the fact that the media loves to have one or two topics and keep beating it like a dead horse.

In their defense, there's not much to talk about regarding the next gen MS console since MS is as quiet as a mouse in church. Do you think the media will just stay quiet and not say anything? Come on, you know better. Just don't come off as surprised when they have a 'negative' article about MS.

ichimaru2478d ago

" sucks doesn't it?"

lol what are you 12. You celebrate a deteriorating Gaming site, because its "payback" for hurt feelings when sony got trolled. That's serisously concernin. It doesn't matter what gaming camp is taking heat MS, Sony or Nintendo recycling the same trash and belittling other's for their console of choice is beyond retarded.
N4g needs to get back on track

StrongMan2479d ago

The /s tag use to be cool, but now it's just lame and shows how butthurt you are.

Software_Lover2479d ago

That is the best you have? I expected more. But you can use your alt to come back better next time.

Sarobi2479d ago

If you think things are bad now, just wait until the systems are out.

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