How Australia's internet affects rural gamers

Greg Newbegin writes, "Remember that (apparently) huge day-one download that frustrated so many people on the launch of Wii U? It was a huge torment for many, and was said to have been around 1GB in size. After all the pain and heartache, though, it was all worth it because your shiny new Wii U now had the capabilities that it was supposed to have straight out of the box.

"Now, what if you weren’t able to download that update? Not through any fault of your own, or because Nintendo’s new console (still) has issues communicating with certain routers, but simply because you lived somewhere that just didn’t have a great Internet connection? Suddenly that $450 that you spent on that new machine just doesn’t add up anymore. No Internet connection, no eShop. No Miiverse."

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Jamiex662476d ago

I live in the Australian city of Adelaide and my suburb is horrid for internet, so I don't think the actual topic should be segregated to rural Aus. Adelaide, even more of SA is definitely up there with their terrible connection. Uploading a 90 second video to YouTube takes me 90 minutes...

GamerToons2476d ago

Either way it is a buncha crap. Game companies need to understand that not everyone in their sales region have access to reliable internet.

Why screw over people that are already screwed?

ShaunCameron2476d ago

Unfortunately, that's not their problem. Reliable internet connection? That's on the ISP's and the government.

urwifeminder2476d ago

Lol vote labor for the nbn for 1gbs speed vs libs 25mbs speed.