5 Characters Myvideogamenews Want in Smash Bros Wii U

MVGN writes: "One of the most important titles in development for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS is Super Smash Bros. The Super Smash Bros. series is undeniably entertaining and has provided some of the best gaming memories of my life. E3 2013 will make the official unveiling of Smash Bros. U and it should be phenomenal. We here at myvideogamenews had got to thinkin’ what new characters we would want in Smash Bros Wii U and narrowed it down to the top 5"

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kirbyu2020d ago

Ralph: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's bad enough he's in Sonic Racing Transformed, don't put this hideous Donkey Kong wannabe in a game where I'd have to play as him at some point, let alone a game where I'd have to look at him for more than half a second.

Bowser Jr.: He would be a clone of Bowser. Seriously, what original moves could he possibly have?

Yarn Kirby: Now this guy is someone who wouldn't be a clone! One time I was reading an article that sarcastically said "Yarn Kirby should be in SSB4 because YARN" LIES!!!!!! If you play his game you'll see he has enough moves to make a SSB move set, including a Final Smash. Many Final Smashes actually.