Finally, you can bring a DualShock 3 with you to play mobile phone games

On Sony's upcoming Xperia SP mobile handset, you'll be able to control various PlayStation Mobile titles using the PlayStation 3's ubiquitous DualShock 3 controller. Sure, it seems a bit strange to us that you'd want to carry a full game console controller with you, but then it's also a much better option for games with virtual buttons. And hey, Sony's not the only one employing such strange logic, so who are we to judge?

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Timmey3643d ago

ok do i need a sony phone or does it work with my galaxy note?

HK5A3643d ago

I think it's just for Sony devices.

joeorc3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

well that is a very good question, and one of which i think i can answer. You can indeed Hook up a Game Pad to your Note but there is a few thing's you need to know.

you would need to root your device, with Sony's option its native support with a DS3 if you want it to operate wirelessly

you will need this app from google play store:

see this quick instructable on how to do it

there is another option which is quick and fast but requires a OTG USB cable for your Phone, and your control pad would be needed to remain directed connected to the mini USB port. but its the simple and quick and immediately you would be able to scroll through the menu GUI but, as for button control layout unless there is extensive button customization you are stuck with default control pad option.

example of an OTG cable:

Have fun. ps:

As long as your Android Device has Android OS vr 3.0 or Higher and your device's USB supports USB Host Mode ie: can hook up external Keyboards, Mice, USB thumb drive's which i think your Galaxy Note Has than you should be all ready good to go.

example on how to do it.


Cryptcuzz3642d ago

Thanks for your post. I knew this was possible already but to others it would be extremely helpful considering your easy to follow instructions.

Whoever disagreed with you must be haters.

Timmey3642d ago

Thank you joeorc, very helpful. i think i will get that cable and try that method.

Zhipp3643d ago

Someone already did this over a year ago. It's unofficial, but it'll work on any phone, AFAIK. Here's a link.

DasTier3643d ago


... said no-one ever.

adorie3643d ago

Perhaps he's also referencing himself? 7_7

freezola753642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )


But on topic. This looks pretty cool.. I can see myself taking my DS3 with me.. oh wait, I've gotta Vita to play all of those haven't I?

But nonetheless it's still a very cool feature. Peace

Double_O_Revan3643d ago

I've been using a dual shock on my phone for games for over a year.

CommonSenseGamer3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Agreed. Nexus 7 also supports them without needing to root the device. Sony is playing catchup in this regard.

cee7733642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Nexus 7 and all android tab's and phones only support ds3 only with an otg cable. If you want wireless you still have to root your device. Only Sony products support ds3 via Bluetooth without having to root at the moment

joeorc3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

"Agreed. Nexus 7 also supports them without needing to root the device. Sony is playing catchup in this regard. "

No they are not, 1st of All why do you think there is Native support in Android 3.0 for Game pad support? You do know that Sony is one of the founder's of the Open Handset alliance!


You do not think Sony would be pushing for Game pad support?

the key is All Android OS powered devices from OS ver 3.0 or higher all support Direct wired connection via USB host. But not outright Bluetooth Game Pad support without Driver's being made to the Stack.

its not playing catchup when you are one of the main founder's in Android development!


Oh... Seriously? Why does it say, "Perfect for use with mobile devices."? on the Amazon description? I don't understand that. :/ My phone certainly doesn't have a USB input.

because your phone does not have a full size native USB port but most likely has a micro USB.

look at the picture, an OTG cable or on the go cable connects into a Micro USB port that most smartphones are using, pretty much 90% of them use this very same port. aside from but anyway look at your charger you use for your smartphone if you do indeed have one. if it matches that in the picture than good chance you could use such a cable, but make sure your ver' of Android OS is 3.0 or Higher, if not you have to go with the MOGA which is a pretty good controller also but it also requires Gingerbread

Th3 Chr0nic3643d ago

doesnt this counteract the whole moobile thing?

Skips3642d ago

I'm not gonna be walking around town with a Dualshock 3 in my pocket. lol

kneon3642d ago

Not necessarily. I travel quite a bit and if I didn't already have a Vita and PSP GO then I could see this being useful. I could just pack a DS3 and use my phone to play games in the hotel room. Hook up an HDMI cable to the TV and off you go.

Sure right now most of the games aren't that great but things will improve.

Th3 Chr0nic3642d ago

honestly id rather spend all that money that would go towards all those devices on a proper gaming laptop or at least one that can play most games at medium spec

kneon3642d ago

Well I usually do have a laptop as well, though lately when I'm only going to meetings and not doing any "real" work I've left it behind and just brought a tablet for checking email and surfing.

But the Vita or psp are much more convenient than a laptop when you're sitting there waiting for your flight to board.

freezola753642d ago

@Th3 Chr0nic

Be my friend LOLOLOL

I love your Avi!


KwietStorm_BLM3643d ago

I'm gonna be more than annoyed if the Pulse Elite headphones don't work with PS4.

WeAreLegion3642d ago

I'll be the same way with my Wireless Headset. It's the Pulse without bluetooth support. Both have SUCH good sound quality!

I imagine they will work, however. Mine work on anything with a USB output, except the Wii U. Not sure why that is.

KwietStorm_BLM3642d ago

Actually neither of them have Bluetooth.

WeAreLegion3642d ago

Oh... Seriously? Why does it say, "Perfect for use with mobile devices."? on the Amazon description? I don't understand that. :/ My phone certainly doesn't have a USB input.

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