Nintendo lands 'remotely controlled mobile device control' patent

You know those goofy tennis racket peripherals that allow for Wiimote insertion? Or, perhaps more sensibly, those Guitar Hero axes that wouldn't function without a Wiimote planted at the heart? Looks as if Nintendo's going to do us all one better. Based on a rambling new patent granted to the Big N this week, the company now holds the power to concoct a "remotely controlled mobile device control system." Distilled down, the verbiage describes a Wiimote-type controller being embedded within a "remote controlled toy," which would then be (unsurprisingly) used in conjunction with a game console. Essentially, this opens the door for Honda to develop a new variant of ASIMO that takes commands via an embedded Wii controller... or, for a Wii-infused robot to turn on its owner and commit unspeakable crimes against humanity. But hey, it'll probably be pretty cute.

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fr0sty3639d ago

Some people never learn...

LightningMokey3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Will Smith in WiiRobot! (Sequel to IRobot)

contradictory3639d ago

ahhh i see... Nintendo is infact La Li Lu Le Lo?

N4g_null3639d ago

Sweet just like the iPad stuff. It looks like nintendo is getting ready for the next crash.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3639d ago

Wow, who knew that the Autobot's Matrix is actually a Wii-Mote.