Microsoft Should Quit The Gaming Biz

Eskimo Press: The PlayStation 3 has an impressive roster of exclusive games for 2013. We've already seen a brand spanking new God of War game, and Naughty Dog's The Last of Us and Quantic Dream's Two Souls: Beyond. Not only are these AAA titles, they are also very innovative and fresh games. Let's not us forget that Sony have recently announced the PlayStation 4, and along with that comes a handful of killer looking launch titles, Killzone Shadow Fall, inFamous: Second Son, and Knack. Microsoft, on the other hand, don't seem at all concerned with their lack of in-house, first party, studios or exclusives, and innovative, games. So why does Microsoft even bother sticking around?

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Majin-vegeta2018d ago

5....4...3...2...*Flame on*

Snookies122018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Lol, this article is definitely firewood. ;]

Seriously, true gamers wouldn't want any console to fail, drop out, or "quit".

2018d ago
pr0t0typeknuckles2018d ago

true,but when i look at microsoft i dont really see anything special besides multiplayer and trying to be a cablebox,i mean they dont really have any games that are relevant besides halo,gears,and forza,and when you look a sony,nintendo,sega,even atari from when they first entered the gaming biz to now you clearly see that they all had something relevantt to bring,besides if valves steambox actually succeds,then microsoft is more likely to go,because as history has proven 3 is the minimum for consoles in one generation.

dedicatedtogamers2018d ago

You know that the general opinion is shifting against Microsoft when these sorts of articles come rolling in.

Granted, this is flamebait and nothing more. HOWEVER, it's the sort of flamebait that Microsoft didn't have to deal with last gen (it was targeted at Nintendo and Sony).

blackbeld2018d ago

Seriously YES.

It's about time. M$ is in this business only to make gamers Pay more for something that can be done for free.

Pay for online shit. No BC, and pioneer in RROD. Also
Kinekt shit.

We gamers are better of with them in this console business.

Rush2018d ago

Maybe Sony should quit the tech business since they haven't turned a profit in years.

Microsoft on the other hand is a hugely profitable organisation.

See I can be a ass hat fanboy too!

thechosenone2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Dude every time I see a MS suit they're saying the same things, MS didn't intend to get into hardcore gaming, it actually wanted to do the entertainment thing at first but got sidetracked; just take a listen to Pachter and Thurrott who both have very close ties with MS both are repeating the same things lately....MS is focusing on entertainment leaving behind the hardcore audience, more money in casual gaming....hit the link below. It's too expensive for

Welshy2018d ago

@Snookies12 "Seriously, true gamers wouldn't want any console to fail, drop out, or "quit"."

I can see where you're coming from and i agree to an extent, for an example, the Wii U does nothing for me personally, but i wouldn't want the console to "fail" if other enjoy it just because i'm not a fan.

What i WOULD be concerned about though, is if the rumours that are going around about Microsoft are true (online activation to boot up games, always online DRM, no used games etc), then i'd be seriously worried about bad habits rubbing off and effecting other platforms and titles too.

For example, Sony have told us they they won't be blocking used games and have no "always on" DRM, but if the NextBox goes down that road and they sell neck and neck at 70+ million each again, what's to stop the likes of EA, Activision, Ubisoft or whoever else from thinking "Hey, we have the system in place that could block these games, and by Sony/Nintendo not having these measure we lose out a little to used games, why don't we just carry over the DRM via softare?".

That's MY biggest concern at least, and if Microsoft bring that kind of business practice about on the mass scale and pass it off as acceptable to it's consumers then hell yes i'd rather they dropped out and just left Sony and Nintendo to do their thing a hold off this kind of DRM till at the very least everyones internet is capable of handling it on a global scale.

My internet is prone to practically slowing to a stop late at night, connection can often drop and my speeds aren't great in the first place.

If MS follow Sony's road of being developer and consumer friendly? fine. If they want to go draconian on us, i'd happily see them the f*ck out the door and i'm a "real gamer".

Axe992018d ago

Well said Snookies - 'tis deffo a crazy article (well designed hardware at launch - haha!) Microsoft has numerous enthusiastic gaming fans for a good reason. They're not my cup of tea personally (I don't mind Halo, but I can get most of the rest of the 360 'exclusives' I want to play on Steam ;)), but suggesting Microsoft should back away and leave its fans is a bit silly.

guitarded772018d ago

One thing MS does very well is co-op in their exclusive titles. Gears, Halo, Fable... all have easy to use, fun co-op. Sure they piss me off with some things, but all platforms do. I like the 4 platform model (PC, PS3, WiiU and XBOX). I don't know if more consoles/platforms would be beneficial for first party exclusives since each would have less money to play with. But I like the balance we have now.

Donnieboi2018d ago

@Snookies: Let M$ quit, Valve will replace them.

JokesOnYou2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

lol, This is just plain BS but not unexpected n4g=sonyland. Only here is this even taken seriously if it was sony in the headline all the comments would be screaming flamebait. I mean some even actually pretend that its been all roses for Microsoft/360 this gen vs doom n gloom for ps3 and people believe it. mostly sonyfanboys in outrage, xbox owners on forums but by and large its the ones who hate Microsoft that care the most about their next console will offer, yes of course there is legit concern by many gamers but the actual gamers who intend on buying the next xbox will wait and see before grabbing there pitch forks and shovels btw. lol, most of you have no balance and your statements generaly are slanted to favor your brand of preference, its transparent, to all but the un-educated gamers, much like our politicians do. I mean think about it tens of millions enjoy what 360 offers vs ps3/wii, I own a ps3 but game 95% of my time on my 360 due to online gaming habits I share with friends+my favorite games tend to be shooters, I could give a sh** about games like LBP, Heavy Rain or jrpg's but in no way do I want ps3 or wii to fail or die, at the same time I pray Microsoft with the exception of their Kinect stuff continue to go their own path, I simply don't want them to follow in sonys footsteps, if so then I wouldn't need a xbox, I like the brand and what it does, if you don't like Microsofts lineup or gaming strategy this gen don't buy the next xbox but please stop all the excuses and blaming Microsoft for everything bad that happens to gaming, sony surely is not perfect.

nix2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

dammit... i left my flamesuit at home.

@jokesonyou: you say n4g is sony land???? were you even here when PS3 launched.. we had like thousands of "PS3 is doomed" articles. "n4g=sonyland" HAH!

Ritsujun2018d ago Show
nukeitall2018d ago


"I've never seen so much hate for a console that doesn't exist :|"

On top of that, this article is very much mis-informed. It's as if they took a bunch of Playstation fanboys and just re-wrote it as an opinion piece.

Let's face it, MS supported indies by *still* being the only one after many years of having the platform to sell indie games for less than $100 a year!

Does Sony charge you thousands of dollars for a dev kit to even develop on their platform? YES!

Does Nintendo? Yes!

Has Sony or Nintendo made PC tools to create games for free? No, but MS has!

So how is that supporting indie gamers?

Fact is, MS supported indies, but instead all they got was a bad reputation while the competition did nothing and they are talked about as supporting indies.

If I was MS, I would ditch that whiney indie crowd too.

Zeusprototype2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@NUKETAIL wellsaid. iv often wondered why people are jumping all over the indie feature on the ps4 when its been all other microsoft for a while now. I beleive its known as selective amnesia

Aceman182018d ago

i don't know why some people are taking this seriously i think its only fair we are seeing articles like this about M$, since we've seen these everyday since the PS3 launched and are now seeing it for the Wii U.

turn about is fair play in my book i wanna see more articles like this about M$ it would make for most interesting read comments wise on here lol.

Saigon2018d ago

I actually feel bad for Gamer Girl because she actually wrote a pretty good article that pointed out true facts. i feel bad because just going over and reading a few of the comments already posted on the article shows a one-sided argument. The fact is these people seem to not know anything but they are in full defense. One person said that Sony has great contracts with third party studios, and to me, from the way it was written,it seem to say Sony does not have any studios just great contracts with third party developers and Nintendo has all the first party studios.

IMHO, i think what worries me more about MS not have more studios is that in the future when a genre dies down, who is going to produce the next great hit. I can't use Nintendo as an example because their first party studios make almost the same games all the time; now if you look at Sony's first party studios you will see that Sony developers progress to different games each console generation. One Example is Naughty Dog. First Game, Crash Bandicot, then Jak and Dexter, now Uncharted, future ???. The point is that they progress. Each of those games were different style of games that innovated the industry.

MS does not have developers like that and in my opinion need to start going after more Inde developers and not already established developers. 'Bring something different' to the game.

jut4202018d ago

that's weird, I only really ever hear complaints from indie devs about MS and their policies. You also forgot to mention that Sony allows these devs to self-publish and control the rights to the IP they created, while MS makes them go through a 3rd-party.

Boody-Bandit2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

As long as MS gives me Forza I'm good to go.
It's my overall favorite "racing" title. Note the quotes around racing. All I hope is my current racing equipment will work with the "Next Box". If not, oh well. I will just have to upgrade, again. I'm crazy that way.

I want the gaming industry to keep going until the day I shuffle this mortal coil so I don't wish any company out of this industry (Manufacturers, developers and publishers included).

BLow2017d ago

Yeah, it makes no sense whatsoever. Everybody needs competition because it will, at least, attempt to keep you honest and pushing for a better product. That, in turn, is better for the consumer and we win at the end.

If MS does something to piss off its base then their costumers will go elsewhere (and the same goes for Sony or Nintendo). They don't have a monopoly in the video game industry and consumers have other choices. So if the do something wrong then they are going to have to step their game up and fix it.

People hate to admit it but both MS and Sony(even Nintendo) have pushed each other to give us(gamers) a better product. But the thing is if one company is going to do something way out of the left field and WE don't like it then WE as consumers have other choices. That is the beauty of COMPETITION!!! Come on people this is just common sense.

loulou2017d ago

Q, how do you get hits for your pathetic blog-site?

A, just write some rubbish that you know will go down well on blogs4fanboys, and watch the hit counter rise..

DigitalRaptor2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

@ nukeitall

Whether or not you think the criticism is only coming from PS3 fans, there are concerns coming from all sides about realistic issues - from biased gamers and also none biased sources. The notion that it's only Sony fans criticising is as ridiculous as the ones that think no MS hate or Sony fanboyism exists largely outside of N4G.

"Does Sony charge you thousands of dollars for a dev kit to even develop on their platform?"

As of PS Vita and PS4, not so much. They're even loaning out PS4 dev kits.

"So how is that supporting indie gamers?"

Being open and interested in ideas and concepts and willing to contribute to the budget. Fostering indie developers. I haven't heard much about that with MS, but ever heard of Sony's pub fund? Sony actually reach out to indies and support them in ways that isn't just letting you make games for free.

Sony's attitude that has permeated this gen going into next absolutely has indies in mind. And you'd have to be in bed with MS not to notice. Sony has removed levels of concept approval for devs even those who want to make more ambitious content.

"Fact is, MS supported indies, but instead all they got was a bad reputation while the competition did nothing and they are talked about as supporting indies."

They are talked about in this way, because developers have been expressing themselves about MS's policies for years.

The competition does things differently than MS. Once your game is out the gate, MS has been criticized for doing nothing further, and that these games are considered failures because MS make no effort to promote them on the marketplace. This problem doesn't exist so much on PSN and across the web, and it certainly doesn't happen on Steam.

"If I was MS, I would ditch that whiney indie crowd too."

Because Sony is receiving praise from them for doing a better job than MS? It's easy to see how you work.

NewZealander2017d ago

its not just firewood its pure rubbish, seriously microsoft have created something amazing, considering how it only started what ten and a bit years ago with the original xbox, just look where they are now.

who in there right mind ever thought they could take on an established brand like playstation and succeed the way they have, and you think MS would quit now? i don't think so buddy!

1upgamer992017d ago

I don't know about that. It seems like Wii U has gotten more hate than most others.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2017d ago

well as a true gamer i honestly believe in this case it wouldnt be such a bad idea.Last gen 3 third party devs had to settle for less due to the the bluray-less xbox 360 which made them result to porting over games to the ps3 and we all know that lead to the games to be more of a lack luster experience.

So with sony being the only console out devs can take advantage of all of its power so 3rd and 1st party games will all be equally powerful.

adorie2017d ago


I don't want Microsoft to quit, but I want their financial clout to be worth less this next gen. Battle it out with content, mainly speaking; GAMES and let the first party studios prove who's game looks and plays the best.

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oof462018d ago

Wish I could insert a gif right here...

kingfetish172017d ago

Microsoft shouldn't quit.


Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2018d ago

Poor ms praying to me is always a good idea I can bring joy and happiness if they bow before me and I will wash away their sins.

dcbronco2018d ago

Good thing Microsoft isn't a company.

CEOSteveBallmer2018d ago

Please replace Microsoft with Sega!! Please??

pixelsword2017d ago

*Escorts young boys into a school buss and orders the driver to get as far away as he can*

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Blaze9292018d ago

Eskimo Press should quit the journalism biz

imsocool12342018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Majin-vegeta: Johnny?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

bottom line is if sony owned rare we would have gotten Killer Instinct a long time ago. U know it's true. Die MS!

Ihope 720 has the same success as windows 8 and valve takes their place. Free multiplAYER FOR EVERYONE! This is a con to xbox gamers but a pro to me.

xbox gamers a f$$king weird people.

vega2752018d ago

If sony owned rare. They would have closed them down long ago. In fact I believe they would have been one of the first to be restructured or shut down. If Sony was so great in keeping studios open I'm sure zipper would still be making games as well as other they have closed resently

Gimmemorebubblez2018d ago

Zipper last few games were mediocre. Gone were their Glory Days in the Ps2 era and besides most of the staff joined Guerilla Game's UK branch. As for Rare I don't know if they would have been shut down first, it depended on how well there games would've have done on a Playstation platform. But I personally think Rare would've been the Naughty Dog equivalent in Europe.

Gimmemorebubblez2018d ago

Zipper last few games were mediocre. Gone were their Glory Days in the Ps2 era and besides most of the staff joined Guerilla Game's UK branch. As for Rare I don't know if they would have been shut down first, it depended on how well there games would've have done on a Playstation platform. But I personally think Rare could've been the Naughty Dog equivalent in Europe.

vega2752018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

you say zippers last few games was mediocre which was a reason sony closed them down. yet you think rare would have been the Naughty Dog equivalent in Europe. are you serious have you seen the last few games rare released before they started making kinect games? i loved banjo and perfect dark. but lets be honest here. they could have done way better than they did and didn't. but instead of MS closing them down. they kept them alive by doing kinect games rather than firing them as sony have with many studios. and in know way is rare on the lvl of Naughty Dog, nor have they ever been since before microsoft bought them.

was you here when the 360 launched. did you not see the hate that microsoft and nintendo got from the xbox and gamecube days. did you not see the sonyfanboys claiming microsoft will abandon them in 4 years as they have with the xbox or that microsoft killed B/C with the 360. something that you guys now are praising sony for doing with the ps4. hell even if you wasn't here around the launch of the 360 I'm sure you would have saw the same hate at sites like gamepro,gamespot,1up,ect. now you guys want to cry foul because sony got what nintendo and microsoft have been for years.

i was here when the ps3 launched and the sonyfanbase was just as vocal then as they are now. or have you forgotten people like nassim, shame kim, jukkin, and so many others. this fanboy war has started back in the ps2 days. when nintendo and microsoft didn't have close to the fanbase as sony did put together.

so plz stop this BS that sony got haft as much hate as microsoft or nintendo. hell nintendo is still catching the most hate now. i don't see people running to their aid. yet i see people bash them, yet say gaming would be doomed if sony or nintendo left,but MS should leave.

I've seen companies come and go in the gaming business and if sony or microsoft left. it wouldn't hurt the industry as much as if nintendo did. they aren't afraid to take chances and many copy them on their ideas.

pixelsword2017d ago

@ vega275:

Zipper's staff was absorbed into God knows what and I think they are now helping to make the game Dust 514.

The proof is in the upgrades for suits and a weapon.

"Sever" Artificer suit
"Valor" and "Raven" suits are also available.

There's also a "socom" weapon.

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JokesOnYou2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Yes I've been around this site for a long time, just not so much lately. I also have had this conversation before about the "doom n gloom" articles toward sony/ps3, actually posted before sort of a challenge that for every negative ps3 type news there was also similar xbox negativity, its just perception, those who overly favor/emotionaly loyal to one brand always notice the negativity directed toward that particular brand but generally speaking since they tend to agree that brand A is great while brand B is not so great then they don't either notice or don't perceive the negative news for brand B as much....and yes this site although great for the overwhelming amount of gaming news in one place is indeed sonyland because you would have to be blind not to notice the heavy biased for sony and against Microsoft here both in the postings and definitely in the comments=unbalanced to say the least, but that's fine every thing has its pro's and con's, honestly I find it a comedic break from the norm, keep it coming!

monkey nuts2018d ago

Lol you going on about perceptions is a joke. I've been round here along time too, and as a gamer I know a troll when I see one. More to the point I can remember them too. :

Fact: HD DVD players are outselling standalone Blu-Ray Players.

So why are standalone HD DVD players outselling standalone Blu-ray players if everyone beside PS3 fanatics wanted poo-ray movies? ANSWER THAT SONY KIDS?

Why because nobody cares or wants poo-ray movies besides sony kids who don't have no games to play.

sony kids are plastering this site with the same old... #21
2118d ago by JokesOnYou | View comment

JamieL2018d ago

You are 100% right on Jokes, and I think it's so funny anyone could possibly claim this isn't Sony land. I also am dumbfounded how prevalent that excuse is, "but, but, but, you weren't here when the Xbox guys were so mean, they did it first", AAAAHHHHH that’s a fu#$ing 3-year-old’s mentality. I would assume most people on this site are older than 3, but not from their arguments. I would be ashamed to think that mentality would ride at this age. "they started it" wasn't an acceptable excuse when we were 3, and it's 10 times more pathetic now. Stop using it, for yourself please.

JokesOnYou2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

lol, monkey nuts, going back 2118 days ago, Ive said worst but the point is in those days I was a regular and received just as much fire as I dished out, no excuses I probably should have took the high road but I didnt, lol I was of a different mind, love to fight, still do but it just takes alot more to bother me these days, actually the past only strengthens my position, and what I believe today, again fact is there has always been plenty of hate for microsoft this gen or do you dispute that? btw whats your old account...I will forever keep this ONE. No regrets.

monkey nuts2018d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I'm not on either side of the fangirl handbag swinging contest mate, I've owned every console since the Atari 2600 and have no loyalties to any brand.
I just thought it was a little rich the way JOY was describing the early days of the 360 and ps3 e peen contest that practically swallowed this site for 2 years and mistakingly thought he may be up to his old tricks, I apologise for that err on my part as he looks to have grown out of it which in itself shows that there is hope for fanboys/ trolls after all.
Joy you could use your journey to help others rid themselves of this terrible affliction, for you are proof sir that if you accept your past misgivings then your future can be a brighter one. Filled with the greatness that multiple platform ownership can bring to a man, or a woman. . . . . . . .

And Jamie, mate, I never said who started it blah blah blah, and I couldn't give a flying monkey to be honest mate. Where did I say that? Yep, nope I didn't. My 5 year old wouldn't have started that anywho, she's never of her i pad long enough to be starting flame bait threads. I was just pointing out for ppl to take what joy was saying with a pinch of salt given his history and I've admitted I was wrong to make an assumption like that. The Sony fanboys and 360 fanboys are all the same one mentality idiots that have cursed this generation like none before it. I can remember times when I'd lend my snes(ps1 etc) to a mate and he'd lend me his mega drive(n64etc)and all we enjoyed were the games regardless of the console they were played on. I maybe a fool, but I would see them days relived, when gamer recognised gamer, when differences in console preference didn't make you enemies but when the games you played united us. We are stronger as one, one mind, one heart one love. XD

joy this has always been my account. Peace out brother
(your trolling skills of old are lol funny though, reading through a few had a chuckle. Can imagine some of the wrath that the Sony trolls would have tried to dispatch to counter your arguments. )

majiebeast2017d ago

How did a troll like you get so many bubbles its disgusting.

UnwanteDreamz2017d ago

" its just perception, those who overly favor/emotionaly loyal to one brand always notice the negativity directed toward that particular brand but generally speaking since they tend to agree that brand A is great while brand B is not so great then they don't either notice or don't perceive the negative news for brand B as much...."

Your words, then you go on to say MS gets more hate. Do you see the irony? You'd have to be blind not to.

JokesOnYou2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

No, I was talking about the gaming media, then further on in my post I'm referring to the membership of n4g, so yes there are false perceptions but if you take the time to actually examine things then you can verify the validity of any perception.

Therefore, I'm not saying Microsoft receives more hate from media outlets and the general public, actually what I said is that they both have had their fare share of negative news press, contrary to what I've frequently seen stated here on n4g, I elaborated by saying in prior posts that I've actually had many prior conversations where I could point out just as much negative press posted here on n4g related to 360/microsoft as anyone could post for ps3/sony. That's a lot different from saying that on a site that is basicly ran by members that the membership or at least the most active members are overwhelmingly biased in favor of to prove my point, much like in the past where I've shown the actual news press was generally negative for both about equal time, that's not the case in almost any of the comments section of n4g for quite awhile actually, in fact many xbox specific related news, those who clearly are very negative towards Microsoft who you'd think should be the least concerned given their obvious bitternes, are however the first to post followed by basicly much of the same, I mean seriously yes perception matters and I could assume wrongly from time to time but perception can be ruled out once you start counting for confirmation, or are you telling me the vast majority of these comments sound like people excited about microsofts next console, now go look at the last lets just say 10 next xbox related news, lol NO, yet they will surely make much of the same comments on the next xbox console rumor, that's not perception of a trend that nobody can quite figure out, that's evidence right here and now before you.

UnwanteDreamz2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I see evidence of bias on your part as well. Why pretend that MSFT gets it worse? Remember when Sony got "hacked'? N4G had a field day with all the negativity directed at Sony. Preceptions can be subjective. You have already given examples with your comments.

My point still stands. Where you claim facts I see opinions with obvious bias. That you can't see the argument can be made both ways depending on where you stand is telling.

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fermcr2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Oh boy... another "opinion" piece by a moron.

So much hate for a console that hasn't been presented yet. If you don't like the Xbox or Microsoft, don't buy their products... you'll probably be much happier.
Sony defense force has been quite busy lately, LOL.

As for me, I'll see what Microsoft has to offer next gen, if i don't like it, i simply won't buy it.

T22017d ago

Wow that was way to rational for this place

ps3_pwns2018d ago

@light_bar if it doesnt exist then you already know which next gen console to get and thats the ps4.

as for the article they do need to quit gaming and those would want the x720 if the rumors and leaks are true should pack there bags and quit gaming to because we dont want that drm slave type control MS is is rumored to have.

go back to your iphone games or something

ThatCanadianGuy5142018d ago

They really should quit at this point.How they nickel and dime consumers at every chance is just so tiring in this day and age.

And it's not like anyone would really lose out on anything.They killed Rare, Closed Ensemble studios, Bungie bailed and even Lionhead is diminished.

They actually haven't created anything worthwhile this entire gen when you think about it.kinect, i guess.But they didn't create it like Sony created Move.They simply bought the company that was working on it lol.

If MS did go, i would like to see Valve replace them.Valve, Sony and Ninty would just be amazing on so many levels.Microsoft doesn't really fit it anymore, if you take the shades off and look at them objectively, and where their current goals are aimed at..

Maddens Raiders2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Disagree all you want, but I've been saying this, pre-RROD. MSFT has dumbed down and retarded the growth of the lot of multiplat games this gen. What incentive was there to work harder as a dev when the bar was as low as possible and baseline rewards were so plentiful? Whether they stay or not really doesn't matter a/w as SNE's first party lineup is perrenially cream of the crop and the only way to fly on consoles imho.

otherZinc2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

So SONY is for the gamer?

PS3 is 100% backwards compatible...No, Not now.
SONY sold everyone a bill of goods & took it away.

Red Light of Death: M$ came back with a better machine with wi-fi & more bells & whistles.
AND, M$ gave compensation to those with RLOD!

Yellow Light of Death: SONY came back with ZERO BACKWARDS COMPATABILITY and reduced features in the PS3 SLIM. Now SONY charges you for "classic games", that you've already purchased, but is no longer playable on your NEW PS3 SLIM.
AND, you cant even get your PS3FAT FIXED! And gave no compensation for Yellow Light of Death, OR they gave you a bill of $159 to fix that sh** before they created the PS3 Slim...yeah they're for the gamer???!

XBOX Live works day 1 with games!
PSN doesnt, need the patch!

Achievements came into play!
SONY & fans said its stupid, now they have Trophies?

SONY: Rumble was stupid, now they made all early buyers pay $60 for a controller with rumble.

M$ has great "Campaign" co-op 1st Party games.
SONY doesnt!

Your PSN games wont transfer?
Now they admit The Cell was a mistake, whatever.

I can go on all damn day at how stupid that article is. However, theres SONY for its "gamer friendly" console.

Now, can we wait for M$ to comment on their new console if they have one?

Rivitur2017d ago

Microsoft doesn't care about gamers they just want you're cash need I say more?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2018d ago

This is what happens when fangirls write articles.

CalvinKlein2018d ago

hahaha sony fanboys, forever butthurt. IF ms was to drop out of the business then the sony fanboys would just switch over to crying about Nintendo and PC. They have been doing that recently already because they are busy hating on the wiiu and cant stand the truth that the PS4 wont be able to run multiplats as well as a good PC, even on the day it comes out.

avengers19782018d ago

Maybe just rethink there direction

starchild2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Stupid article. I mostly game on the PC, but I wouldn't want to see any game company leave gaming. Microsoft brought some good stuff this generation and it pushed Sony to do better, and vice versa. Like others have said, competition is good.

Oh and the 360 got plenty of hate on n4g even when it first came out. It wasn't the way some Sony fans try to paint it. There were lots of Playstion fanboys attacking the 360. N4G was just more balanced back then. Now it's just overrun with Sony fanboys.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232017d ago

No Xbox no competition for Sony, Sony will sell the console at double price and same with the games cos there is no other real HD competitor.

Yeh smart move.

pixelsword2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I don't think the writer of this article is considering how bad this sounds to both Sony and Microsoft fans.

- Without Xbox, the PSN would probably be a whole gen behind, if not totally missing.

- Epic, along with the 360, put graphics on the map with Gears of War, upping the ante for not only every console now and to come, but that's also the point when the PC games stepped-up their game, because no game was quite like Gears.

- Halo was not only a trend setter, but a first-person paragon. Just about every FPS game after Halo stole a few core mechanics from that game.

- Microsoft ripped previously exclusive games from the PS2, and a whole lot more from the PS3, which forces Sony to develop deals and in-house exclusive games for the PS3 and PS4 that cover games that were previously exclusive to the PS3 (Eight Days for GTA, for example)

Microsoft and Sony compliment each other, and such rivalries are necessary for the cultivation of consoles, games, and technologies, and it's always been that way.


Remove competition will bring back the horrible NES-restrictions in one form or another; currently, you get it in the form of paying for DLC, charging to play online, and things of that nature.

TAURUS-5552017d ago

this article is spot on.

MS should reconsider its ways.

bigfish2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

The biggest travesty to ever hit the gaming industry was MS entering the industry in the first place,, RROD, lack of exclusives, paid membership, no blu ray etc the list is endless,

malokevi2017d ago

Lol. Article is the same BS we have been hearing from knee-jerk morons for the past month.


All you have is an absence of evidence. Any moron can jump on the first bandwagon that comes along.

Real, intelligent, adult gamers will be waiting to see how both systems stack up.