Call of Duty vs. Battlefield: How Gamers Ruin Both… and Gaming


"As gamers, we often come to establish what we think of a game based on our previous experiences.

Halo is better than Quake because the graphics are better, or, for a more ignorant comparison, World of Warcraft is the worst game ever “’cuz only nerds play that game. YOLO. Swagg.”

But what we fail to do is recognize the smaller accomplishments that actually construct a game’s ‘personality’, as I like to call it.

Something that comparing a game to another simply just can’t do."

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Proeliator2021d ago

A very interesting framing of how gamers generalize things. Well done.

UnwanteDreamz2021d ago

How? The article is full of the authors own generalisations about gamers. I found it ironic.

BadCircuit2021d ago

There is a lot of "this game" vs. "this game" going on, when why not enjoy both?

gaminoz2021d ago

We do often ruin things because devs are terrified of not meeting our expectations. So they tend to take few risks and then we complain about that too.

UnwanteDreamz2021d ago

I wont take responsibility for the vocal minority. I dont start petitions because a games ending isn't to my liking. I don't cry over killstreaks or upgrades.

BadCircuit2021d ago

I like devs to take risks, but they know that backlashes can be really big and damaging.

I guess it depends if they are doing the risk for creative reasons, or profit ones.

DeusExer2021d ago

I still much prefer my single player experiences over multiplayer games/modes.

imXify2021d ago

That's why I always play single player and complete it before touching multi.

UnwanteDreamz2021d ago

Well add me to that. there's at least 3 gamers who don't fit into the authors little box.

Majin-vegeta2021d ago

Both need to die.Simple as that.

CynicalKelly2021d ago

What a silly and childish thing to say. I assume it has flawed logic behind it.

BadCircuit2021d ago

They won't stop making them as long as they make money. And they are usually pretty good overall...just very derivative.

People still buy bland foods like Mcdonald's in droves because they know what to expect and like it.


I stopped reading at YOLO. SWAAAAG

KwietStorm2021d ago

So you didn't understand why it was said, in context?


Even out of context reading it made me lose interest instantly.

BadCircuit2021d ago

I think he was making fun of people who say that kind of rubbish...

xabmol2021d ago

Irony's a slippery slope.

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