Hating On BioShock Infinite

Game Informer - Having played through Irrational's latest politically charged adventure, I have some problems. Spoilers ahead, so beware.

Let's get one thing out of the way here: BioShock Infinite is awesome. I plowed through it in a weekend and enjoyed the hell out of the experience. The torrent of superlatives being thrown its way are getting out of control, though, and I suspect that Irrational can survive a little reality check after being blasted by a firehose of Internet love for a solid week.

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joab7772018d ago

My only problem is this...what the hell do I play when I am done with this?

ThichQuangDuck2018d ago

That is true I immediately missed the world after I finished

dedicatedtogamers2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I played the game and I simply didn't understand the overflowing love for Infinite. It was inferior to Bioshock in terms of story and atmosphere, and the gameplay was trimmed down compared to Bioshock (or more recent games like Dishonored).

The story didn't do it for me, either. Nothing about the story was mindblowing or all that well put together. Maybe that's because I read a great deal of books and watch movies in my spare time, so the whole...well..."twist&quo t; of the game wasn't a twist at all.

I'm glad plenty of people liked this game, but it wasn't for me.

ThichQuangDuck2018d ago

Agree with most of that. 1999 mode on first playthrough the final few parts were some of the most frustrating moments this generation which made the end that much more rewarding. Lady Comstock I completed on first try with many lives used. I wish tears were used in a more interesting way as well. I feel with anything it is good to discuss the negative as well as the positive. Bioshock Infinite is not perfect,but is probably my favorite gaming experience of all time for me. I played it for like 20-25 hours just exploring and taking in everything in the world. Will be taking a vacation to the land of Ni No Kuni and Heavy rain then playthrough 2 and DLC

joab7772016d ago

I am just guessing but from everything that I have read I believe that the final product was much less ambitious than what it set out to be. Not story wise...its one of the best ever...but in terms of elizabeth and her interaction with combat. It wasn't too long ago that they wanted to scrap he altogether because it was so hard to get right. I am thinking that tears were used differently (or wanted to) and that combat was going to center around her. I believe that it got so late in development that they settled by refining what they had. It doesn't matter to me because they were willing to push the envelope far and couldn't quite do it. But they won't stop and will soon be getting better tech. Still one of my fav games this gen. The sky is the limit for Irrational.

ThichQuangDuck2016d ago

This is my favorite game experience all time personally. I will let it settle some then replay it again after I replay Bioshock,but right now this is untouchable. Yes the ambition of using Elizabeth in combat the way in the first videos was slightly too ambitious, to be honest I am glad they toned it down and switched her focus to AI. Elizabeth's AI was really good and enjoyable. I found myself actually thanking her aloud and becoming attached to the character. Some of the best characters in gaming in one game and the gameplay was great. I had not seen the original videos in a while so I didn't care much. DLC is coming and so is the next gen. I intend to play it on 3D my second playthrough if I can find a display to borrow. Main gripes were some of the bosses feeling more unfair or bullet spongy than evolving experiences. I still loved the boss fights though and was screaming in terror throughout. Something I will cherish forever

JoSneak2018d ago

One word OVERATED; there i said it, go ahoed and dislike ALL YOU WANT!

2018d ago
DRM-Killz2018d ago

Hey look everyone, it's "That guy" you know the one who talks all kinds of shit about the current cool thing just to get attention and hits.

Conzul2018d ago

I've played it and it was so moving...even if it is getting overpraised...I don't think any ill will come of it.

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