Game Informer - Injustice: Gods Among Us iOS Impressions

Game Informer - I’m not enjoying the iOS version of Injustice: Gods Among Us, yet I can’t stop playing it. The reason I’m draining my iPhone’s battery by rapidly tapping its screen? Some of the content unlocked in the iOS game transfers over to the console and PC versions, which release on April 16.

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mydyingparadiselost2476d ago

Wow I didn't realize tapping away repeatedly on a phone screen is now required to unlock additional DLC. Lame.

admiralvic2476d ago

Still better than paying for it.

mydyingparadiselost2476d ago

The way the article's written it sounds as if the game makes trying to aquire the amount of gold necessary to unlock said dlc tedious enough to make someone just want to pay out of pocket for it, which seems to be an option.

admiralvic2476d ago

Well, yes and no. On one hand the game is gives you a finite number of plays per period of time (every character has their own counter, so you can endlessly play with enough cards), which can make unlocking anything tedious. However, the console version also unlocks things for the iOS version of the game, so that helps things get less tedious.

Assuming you want every costume and don't care about the rest (ignoring the "hidden reward", since I don't think anyone knows what it is), you can do it pretty quickly if you're good at the console version.

The requirements are just get a batman card, win a bonus battle, rate it, and get a joker card. Getting a Batman card is probably the hardest, but you can unlock 1 gold booster pack (which has a chance of containing a Batman card) and you can get 75,000 power credits from various tasks in the console version. Bonus battles appear as you play through the game and get easier once you level your characters a little. Finally getting a Joker card is just a silver reward, which can be obtained from any of the three silver packs you can unlock. If you're not lucky / want it done fast, you can also simply buy his card with some of the 75,000 cash you can unlock. Sure it's still not very fast, but you do have other options.