Do Backwards-Compatible Consoles Matter Anymore?

FleshEatingZipper writes: Obviously, many more people bought Xboxes this generation than PlayStations (well, when you exclude their handhelds, and legacy hardware, and worldwide sales..) so it would make more sense for Microsoft come up with a solution than Sony. The question remains, though: will anyone care?

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dungeonboss2478d ago

Depends. To some it does, to others it doesn't. The Wii U has BC due to a 'Wii inside a Wii U', and the internet went crazy and said the 'Wii U sucks because you can't play Wii games directly from the Wii U menu'. Then Sony announced that PS4 would not have BC at all and rumor is that neither will next Xbox, and the internet went: 'oh well, we don't need BC anyways'. I guess it all just depends on personal preference. I tend to keep all of my old consoles, so I couldn't care less about BC.

Sam Fisher2478d ago

Yes it does, now my sneaky a$$ has to have a ps3 and maybe a ps4 (still thinking about going pc this gen, both consoles are kinda f-ing this next gen to me). Instead of having 1 expensive hardware, where it has everything in one box/cube/ball (whatever the hell its going to look like this gen)

iGAM3R-VIII2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Well if you actually liked the PS3 you would keep it like me, I still have my old PS2 and my 2005 xbox but because I barely play games on it, I sold the games but not the consoles.

Anyway, tbh I don't really think it is a big deal, I usually keep my old consoles anyway and when I buy a new console I barely play on my old console anymore

UnwanteDreamz2478d ago

BC matters but if it is missing I wont cry.

I still own a PS3.

Dj7FairyTail2478d ago

Good I am not needed here.

Seraphim2478d ago

Do we need it? absolutely not. However it is nice when they're able to provide that feature.

years from now when my PS finally takes a shit what do I do? I can pull out my PS2 and start using that for PS/PS2 games. PS2 craps out eventually. Break the PS3 back out and play PS/PS2/PS3 games. Lol....

On the other hand if I were say, able to buy a Classic on PSN and that game carries over to any and every future platform. Big bonus. Instead of being hesitant to buy said games I'd be all over every single one of them. Often just wasting money knowing dam well I'll likely never get around to playing them.

Seriously though. Having the feature is always a nice addition to a new console. But at the same time I think it's only truly beneficial to those who trade their old units in for the latest. Personally I've always kept my consoles (cept Sega) & it's quite rare I actually use BC with any new console. PS3, maybe once, PS2, maybe a few times.

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NYC_Gamer2478d ago

I'm not worried about the feature since keeping my old consoles

jcnba282478d ago

Yes it does because I don't want 5 consoles sitting under my tv. The ps3 alone is huge, I don't want to have that sitting in my living room for another 8 years.

MysticStrummer2478d ago

Not to me. I never used my PS2's BC. Ditto for PS3's BC.

MysticStrummer2478d ago

"Obviously, many more people bought Xboxes this generation than PlayStations"

lol Didn't even notice this BS. Article fails in the first sentence.

UnwanteDreamz2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

If you keep reading the rest of the sentence the second part negates the first. You missed the joke.

LastXeno2478d ago

Apparently not, says the Playstation fan-base.

MysticStrummer2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

BC consoles started with Playstation 2, a huge seller, so why wouldn't PS fans have an opinion about BC?

Edit - My mistake. BC did not in fact originate on PS.

Dj7FairyTail2478d ago

Because they are brainwashed by PS3.

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