Xbox 720: Always Online Fiasco Might Not Be What It Seems

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft and its Xbox 720 next-generation console are taking a lot of heat from journalists and gamers alike, due to the "always online" rumors. The question is, are these rumors correct, or could there be something else to do with this "always online" fiasco?"

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iGAM3R-VIII2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

always online ception

On-Topic: This article has some key points though, good read.

AngelicIceDiamond2484d ago

"Xbox 720: Always Online Fiasco Might Not Be What It Seems."

That's what I've been stating for month now. It more than likely won't be mandatory, realistically.

iGAM3R-VIII2484d ago

Yea agreed, it could be like a console that is required online for certain things but I highly doubt it would be for the entire console

blackbeld2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

"Xbox 720: Always Online Fiasco Might Not Be What It Seems."

Maybe not but they still got a lot Fiasco's

Pay to play online Fiasco

Kinekt Fiasco

NO BC Fiasco

No Exclusive games Fiasco


BitbyDeath2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Maybe MS are just mixing things up and will make online free but then charge you for offline instead?

Dee_Cazo2484d ago

Can't wait to see the rage when the fanboys biggest selling point on not buying an Xbox is that.

When you are down 17 million sales in North America and people have had an Xbox between 1-8 years, something tells me no one is going to "change sides".

Also please realize I am referring to the average consumer, not you "hyper intelligent experts" on gaming.

baodeus2484d ago


there is also the don't know shitzzz fiasco rampaging on n4g as well (especially with you)

Saigon2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I don't know. Ever since I seen the articles about Subscriptions to own the console, that says to me that there is some type of always online implementation, Since the system is going to supposedly cost 500$, 300$ for subscription. But also looking at that, the 500$ price tag, may mean it is similar to the iPad, meaning you can buy a version with always online capabilities or just standard connection. I have so many other thoughts on this that i rather not go into because as my previous thoughts within this comment its speculation. The best bet is to wait for the MS event in may, if they are having it, or E3.

Waller2484d ago


Pay-to-play online fiasco? You mean like they've been doing for over 10 years?

Kinect fiasco? How is it a fiasco? It's successful and, thus far, not mandated.

No backwards compatibility fiasco? Nobody knows if that's true, and if it is, then it'd be the same as the PS3's BC model.

No exclusive games? I...what?

I know I'll get disagreed with to no end, and I don't care, but the hatred for Microsoft on this site is astounding. Makes me wonder if it would be reversed if Sony did all of this, too.

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Ilovetheps52484d ago

I really hope that these rumors aren't true. I don't want these kinds of restrictions in gaming. If they turn out to be true and the "720" sells real well, Sony will probably start looking at the option real closely. But, I just hope that no one goes this route.

maniacmayhem2484d ago

It could be always online for automatic updates, patches and firmware upgrades and not necessarily to block used games. I think MS will take the Sony route and leave it up to the developer themselves. Let them take the heat.

JeffGUNZ2484d ago

That's exactly what I have been saying the entire time. I feel like the system, when "powered down" by the user will go in a low power mode where it's technically "on" (Always on) therefore allowing the console to update the system, update games on HD, etc while the user is away from their console. (Always connected). Thus, when the user is ready to play again, it turns on instantaneously and is always updated. To me, that makes so much more sense then the rumors that have been flying around here.

sfalexl212484d ago

The PS3 already does this with a subscription to plus. All system updates and game patches are downloaded and installed at whichever hour of the day that you designate. Mine turns itself on at 1:00 in the morning to take care. An "always on" internet connection isn't needed for this feature.

JeffGUNZ2484d ago

So, you don't need an internet connection to download updates to games or the system? What are you talking about? Just because the PS3 is off, it's still internet ready, yeah? Ms might just have it on a low power mode so when a user wants to play it starts instantaneously. From what I gathered from the PS4 reveal, their system is having a similar function.

LOGICWINS2484d ago

I think it'll be optional, but you'll lose certain features if your console isn't online. Like in Infamous 2, where you can only play UGC if your consoles online.

TheKayle12484d ago

this is what it will be

Typical-Guy2484d ago

Yeah it also might be up to developers, for some reason I'm thinking of EA!

We'll wait and see....

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