PlayStation Store Update 9/4/13

PS US Blog - This week's PSN update is live! Guacamelee! (buy it once, get it on PS3 and PS Vita), Fatal Frame PS2 Classic, Borderlands Bundle, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, new PSone Imports, and more.

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Gorilla_Killa_X2728d ago

Anyone know if labyrinth legends is any good?

-Mezzo-2728d ago

Nope, i haven't looked much into it before it went Free with PS+.

But it wouldn't hurt downloading it for free, would it. =]

guitarded772728d ago

It's like an original Zelda dungeon crawler. It's fun, but nothing amazing.

Soldierone2728d ago

Other countries write the day before the month.

KwietStorm2728d ago

Yes I know that. This is the US store update.

Spenok2728d ago

True that it's the US store update, but some people/places use this format as well.

Such as the military. I use it every day in the Air Force.

Though you are right, most places in the US do not use this format.

Campy da Camper2728d ago

At first I thought there was a ps4 release day leak. Damn you other date formats!!!