AMD’s chief graphics architect stays silent about next-generation Xbox

At GDC, AMD’s Chief Graphics Product Architect, John Gustafson, wouldn't speak about the Xbox 720.

He did have a lot to say about the PS4 though.

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pat_11_52476d ago

Gustafson was a surprisingly cool guy. I knew he wouldn't say anything about it,but I had to ask.

Godmars2902476d ago

What could he have said that would be of any actually relevance?

By that I mean while he may know the specs, neither he nor anyone from AMD would know about MS policy. And its that policy - always on, used games - that people want to know.

iGAM3R-VIII2476d ago

Agreed, he could of said those things and he could of said what AMDchip AMD is using or some specs

violents2475d ago


He's prob under a NDA with MS about anything involving then nextbox. Im sure with as quiet as MS has been about their next cosole that anyone to do with anything about it had to sign Non disclosure agreements or risk MS owning their soul for a leak.

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OC_MurphysLaw2476d ago

Anyone thinking this guy could have said anything more beyond what he did say about the next xbox is very much mistaken. You thought the heat was on before from MS to keep quiet... after Adam Orth that heat probably tripled!

Jek_Porkins2476d ago

Agreed, do people not realize there are gag orders and agreements not to talk about the next Xbox? That is the whole reason the controllers for the dev kits are identity marked, if your controller is one that gets leaked, you face legal action.

RememberThe3572476d ago

Of course he is, they haven't announced it yet. I can't wait to see more from both of these consoles at E3 though. Gaming, though slightly annoying at times, is pretty good right now. And more more indies we get trying new things and the better these big budget games get, it's only gonna get better.

jaixvx2476d ago

Cool story, bro! another great article stating nothing new. haha.

2475d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.