GamerTell Review: BioShock Infinite

From the review, "BioShock Infinite is not a typical game. It accomplishes so much from a narrative and atmospheric perspective. This is one of the only first-person shooters I’ve ever played where combat was a means to an end. BioShock Infinite could have been a point-and-click adventure and I would have loved it all the same. That’s something I want to get across in this review. Don’t let the game’s box art throw you. This isn’t Battlefield. This isn’t just a shoot-em-up with gnarly powers and things that blow up. BioShock Infinite is driven by its story. Combat plays second fiddle.If you don’t want to hear a lot of talking or do a lot of critical thinking about what’s going on, then skip this game. But if you’re looking for something highly original, extremely compelling and something to have an intelligent conversation about, this is your game."

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adorie2476d ago

Gosh. I know I said I was going to retire this game (50/50 achievements) but I think tomorrow night I'm going to run through it, getting only all the infusions and upgrades for Charge and Shock. One last run before making room on my HD for another fresh game.