Dark Souls II - World Gameplay Premiere on IGN tomorrow

Excited for DarkSouls2? Tune into IGN tomorrow 4/10 12PM PT for our world premiere 12 minute gameplay reveal.

NYC_Gamer4113d ago

12 mins of DS2 gameplay?i'm super hyped and can't wait

Cirran4112d ago


Blacktric4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )



"Fixed glitch where Wheel Skeletons couldn't equip their Ring Of Fog and use Tranquil Walk Of Peace."

Just imagine... Jesus christ.

You heard it here first. /s

DragonKnight4112d ago

@BiggCMan: Someone should make a mod for the PC version that replaces most of the enemies with wheel skeletons. That would be awesome and infuriating at the same time.

nix4112d ago


make that 9 mins of dying... again and again. q:

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Insomnia_844112d ago

I'm playing Demon's Souls thanks to PS+ and this game is f@<#ing awesome!! I'll play Dark Souls right after I finish it. I'm buying these games on release from now on.

HarryMasonHerpderp4112d ago

Welcome to the Souls club my friend!
Praise the sun for sticky white stuff.

JoySticksFTW4112d ago

Oh shoot. Demon's Souls hooks another one.

The games are crack addictive.

skyrim4113d ago

Holy poop im excited hopefully its still has everything we love about the souls series.

danieldeath4112d ago

Do you even praise the sun ...

skyrim4111d ago

Sometimes..............only sometimes

MattyG4112d ago

I still have to finish the first. It's daunting, but I'll take it on at some point.

BoNeSaW234112d ago

Stockpile Thomas can help you out with that ;)

SegataSanshiro4112d ago

Hoping for a Sega Saturn port.....people must not forget what happens to them when they're not playing their Saturn......

jon12344112d ago

lets just hope they dont f--- up the gameplay up and make it more accessible for people...

_QQ_4112d ago

The originals aren't that hard as it is so i don't think that would happen.

darkziosj4112d ago

watchout we have a dark souls expert here.

xabmol4112d ago

I beat the entire game as a soul lvl 1.

True story,
The End.

bluetoto4112d ago

I know right? Heaven help us if they want to continue to grow their fanbase.

jon12344112d ago

haha, its all fun and games until the game starts going down the dead space and sim city route, then we'll be sorry :(

but seriously they already have a fan base, they kind of dissapointed me with dark souls, i hope they can redeem them selves with part 2 and return to their demon souls glory days

JP13694112d ago

Good to know I'm not the only one that preferred Demon's Souls.

bluetoto4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

jon that fanbase is smaller than you think bud. If a company isn't growing it is dying, plain and simple. They are not interested in just copying and pasting with a new coat of paint and no gamer should want their fav series to become stagnate and stale like cod. Deadspace3 was the brainchild of a greedy exec looking for ways to tie in an online pass, not the devs trying to improve the gameplay.

Check the numbers of sales for demons souls and dark souls and you'll see they are losing fans, not gaining. Why in the world do you think they changed directors? Because the series is doing so well?

It sure isn't because the series was growing the way they think it should and this great series should be available to more than a few who are blinded by their own reasons. my opinion of course, except for the sales, those are facts, look em up.

and to me demon's souls was a hell of a lot easier than dark souls with how you could manipulate the world tendencies and banish unwanted black phantoms from your game. love em both though.

jon12344112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

makes sense, i really wish they didnt have to change so much though...

DragonKnight4112d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. Seriously just stop. If the Souls series fanbase were as small as you're attempting to claim, the following wouldn't be possible.

A)Demon's Souls wouldn't even exist outside of Japan. Sony were always very cautious about Demon's Souls because they thought there was no chance in hell it would sell well, but thankfully Atlus took the chance that it would. Thanks to fans of Demon's Souls, that game became Atlus' most successful endeavour in N.A. and they decided to leave its servers online until demand waned, which it hasn't even in spite of Dark Souls' presence.

B)Demon's Souls success is why Dark Souls exists at all.

C)The incredible demand for Dark Souls on PC lead to FromSoftware developing a PC port of the game. Yeah, such a small fanbase it has.

D)More demand for more Dark Souls content lead to the Knight Artorias DLC.

And finally, Dark Souls 2 exists because of how beloved the Souls series is and will be releasing on all platforms (except maybe Wii U I think). So to say that the fanbase is smaller than anyone thinks isn't backed up by those facts.

JP13694112d ago

How are they losing fans? In March of last year, it was revealed that Dark Souls had sold 1.6 million worldwide, while Demon's Souls had managed just over a million. That's a significant increase when you consider that Dark Souls released just 6 months prior in Japan and 5 months in the rest of the world. Contrast that with Demon's Souls, which was release in February 2009 in Japan and October of the same year in North America.
I guess the point I'm trying to make, is that you don't know what the hell you're talking about.