PS Vita Update 2.10 Coming This Evening

Don Mesa // Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA -
Coming later this evening is the next system software update for PS Vita. We’ve listened to your feedback and have included many improvements to make your PS Vita experience much more enjoyable, such as adding a new folder system that allows you to organize your games and apps.

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Snookies122482d ago

YES! Folders and saving layouts for memory cards!

Vitalogy2482d ago

The only "negative point" is the 10 bubbles limit per folder, still its awesome I can now reduce "home screens" and organize it better.

Apollosupreme2481d ago

Oh come on, that's fine. The only disappointment is the still 100 bubble limit.

FriedGoat2481d ago

just make sure to wash your hands after touching DarkHeroZX's Vita.

Donnieboi2481d ago

I don't see anything disappointing about a 10 bubble limit per folder. There are 100 spaces available for folders. So 100 x 10 = 1000 games. NOBODY can fit more than 1000 games on a 32 GB memory card even if they were nothing but small sized Mini's and PS mobile games.

himdeel2482d ago

Yep layout saves for cards is awesome. Now I can switch between accounts with a little less hassle. But I still need a 63 GB memory card to drop :)

Knushwood Butt2481d ago

Yeah, my 16GB card is full but I'm holding out for a 64GB.

64GB would hold all my music, all the games I need, and some space left over for video.

DarkHeroZX2482d ago

Now I can watch porn in the vita browser!!!

Keep the features coming Sony!

Snookies122482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Hahaha, that's what you're most excited about out of this?? XD

dafegamer2482d ago

should've been the first post

DarkHeroZX2482d ago


yes! being able to fap during my 3 hour Sports management class will finally happen! I wifi, wireless headsets, and I sit in the back corner where no one can see me. It's great!

MorfiTM2482d ago

seen a few h-doujins with vita so the vita was in we will have it the other way around :D

LackTrue4K2482d ago

ima gana bubble this up as "well said"

(take that good grammar)

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Sephiroushin2482d ago

Yeah finally!
There's a video showcase from sony, wonder why they didn't post it on the blog !

Knushwood Butt2481d ago

Thanks! Bubs up for Helpful.

Anyone know what the Sound - Auto Mute feature is?

MastaMold2482d ago

Very nice update with the folders and being able to watch most videos on the web browser Sony seems to be listening to are feedback :)

Sent from my PS Vita

Dj7FairyTail2482d ago

Took it long enough.
3DS been had em.

Snookies122482d ago

Not talking about the 3DS here, this has nothing to do with the 3DS. I have one as well, but there's really no point in bringing it up. Yes the Vita should have had this a long time ago, but at least it's getting it now.

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HyperBear2482d ago

That's a pretty significant update. Good goin' Sony!

Love the fact you can save your home-screen layout on each different memory card, also helps identify which memory card you have in your Vita (granted you own more than 1 memory card). Also the new email enhancements and added video support :D

timzone2482d ago

These are the type of updates that I like. Well done Sony.

despair2482d ago

good stuff, looking forward to it.

GreenRanger2482d ago

Still no copy/paste function for the browser?!

supremacy2482d ago

That and they should add the ability for ps3 users to see vita players online.

another thing they need to start doing is adding trophy support for ps mobile games.

Bring hulu+ and Crackle as well as Crunchyroll.

Other than these things, bigger memory cards needs to happen.

Vitalogy2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

"they should add the ability for ps3 users to see vita players online."

I think they're not doing it because the Vita isn't like the PS3, I mean when you think you're always connected, you're not.

Every time you launch an app it will connect to psn, for example you're on your ps3 and a friend of yours turns his Vita on and you get the "online popup", then the Vita goes stand by or whatever and your frind wakes it up and go check the messages (another login) and the popup goes up again. Imagine that with lots of friends all the time, a popup notification fest :\

The PS Vita should be exactly like the ps3, always connected period, because at this point isn't like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.