Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show gig could be good for video gaming

How can Jimmy Fallon's upcoming Tonight Show gig benefit video games? I touch on the topic and open the floor up to YOU at this link thingie here. - http://patrickscottpatterso...

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HyperBear2482d ago

He is the only late night talk-show host to have actual developers come on stage and showcase their new games for everyone to watch. Conan does his satirical game reviews every week, but that's not really showcasing a game, more or less, showing how bad he is at video games and making fun of himself.

I loved that night after the PS4 Reveal, Jimmy Fallon had Guerrilla Games on showcasing KZ:SF and when Anthony Anderson started playing, that was hilarious. Also, Jimmy Fallon is pretty up-to-date in gaming related news, so I can see this as a good thing.

guitarded772482d ago

As long as the format doesn't change. Whenever a host goes from late night to that time slot, they usually make them change some format. Happened when Conan briefly took the show, and even when Kimmel moved his show up 30 minutes.

Snookies122482d ago

Yeah, I enjoy Jimmy Fallon, he has some really funny bits at times. Keep thinking of the wine glasses with fake arms... Though he does indeed take the gaming aspect to a level above Conan (despite Conan's being hilarious with most of his game reviews.)

KwietStorm2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

"Conan does his satirical game reviews every week, but that's not really showcasing a game, more or less, showing how bad he is at video games and making fun of himself."

It's funny you say that, because that's the exact feeling I get when watching Fallon with his game segments. They're painful, and he's so bad that I can't tell if he's putting on a show or not, because he claims to be such a big gamer. Though he does make it look fun to "that" crowd, so maybe that's his angle? A marketing move?


Cool. But I didn't say anything about any of that. My point, and what I said, was that he's so BAD that I can't tell if he's just putting on a show. He doesn't even know how to press buttons, aim, etc.

OriginalPSP2482d ago

"Gamers" are not defined only by folks who have the time to play 30 hours a week, watch TwitchTV all the time and own a fancy headset. The vast majority of gamers are part of a far larger audience... and yes, as a talk show host on a major network he's going to have to appeal more to the average joe gamer than the "hey look at my new Turtle Beach headset, noob!" gamers.

I'm certain Fallon's time is pretty thin given his job as well... but his lack of time to play League of Legends for 8 hours a day doesn't mean he's not in tune with 'gamers' IMO

Transporter472482d ago

He has been doing this for a while now... not sure how this is news..

OriginalPSP2482d ago

Not actually reporting that he's doing this... I'm pointing out how him moving to the Tonight Show slot could benefit video gaming even more.

Return and re-read... or read for the first time... whichever applies.

SpiralTear2482d ago

It's news because Jimmy Fallon will be in an earlier and more accessible time slot. The audience won't have to stay up extra late to see what he has to show on his program. The more exposure to an audience, the better the potential for people to take notice.

Besides, I'd much rather see some game developer show off their newest title than listen to Leno spout a dozen unfunny jokes about some sports team or whatever.

Root2482d ago

I don't see why they don't do a video game talk show, make it low budget and advertise it abit and it would be a great thing for the gaming community.

Guests could be developers from different studios and unlike celebrities they wouldn't be paid that much, hell most of them would go on for free since it would be free publicity for their new game

SpiralTear2481d ago

See, that happened before. The problem lies in commercials and ad revenue. While getting some new and fresh indie devs as guests wouldn't be necessarily costly, getting the devs behind major AAA titles that the audience especially care about IS like getting celebrities. They (or their bosses) WILL demand a fat paycheck and the way to give them that is through advertising and commercials.

As a result, video game television cannot compete with online game coverage. It simply can't and Adam Sessler's story proves it. He detailed in past interviews that the accessibility and speed of online coverage makes video game TV downright obsolete.

A game talk show would make for good TV, but lacks practicality.

InTheLab2482d ago

I'd rather see Conan, but I still support Fallon because of his love for gaming.....but...

Part of me feels like his show will morph into the garbage that is the Tonight Show with Leno once he takes over.

dcbronco2481d ago

I'm not sure Fallon will work out at that time slot on NBC. Carson set a certain tone and Leno kinda fit it. Conan didn't and that is why his rating were so bad. The viewers of that slot might be almost as loyal as some gamers to a company. Craig Ferguson might be a better fit for NBC in that slot. I like Fallon, but the people watching NBC then might not.