Poor Wii U Sales Serve as an Ominous Omen for Sony and Microsoft

"Nintendo has done a lot to help support the Wii U, from having a solid lineup at launch, keeping the cost of the games and console down and promising a lot more in the future. " |

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MaxXAttaxX2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Some of it has to do with the lack of compelling software and some of it has to do with the name. They just added a "U" in front of "Wii" and people don't know what the difference is other than the touchscreen. People aren't aware if it's even worth a purchase. And that is not very convincing.

If Sony were to release the "PS3 U" instead of the PS4, then they'd be in trouble. Same with MS.
But the thing is, the PlayStation fanbase for home consoles is a lot bigger than Nintendo's. Look at NES, SNES, N64 and GC sales. They're all a lot lower than PS1, PS2 and PS3.

The Wii came at the right time with the right gimmick and people ate it up. Motion controls and casual marketing are what put the Wii above all previous Nintendo systems. But that appeal has worn off.
And that is part of what's happening.

born2live2989d ago

you forget the lack of a decent marketing campaign...

Elem1872989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

@NathanExplosion, Nintendo is a smaller company than Sony though. They sell their systems at or near cost, while Sony and Microsoft take a loss leader approach.

Nintendo selling 20 million consoles is far more successful then Sony selling 75 million consoles.... The only thing that matters is profit, and Nintendo gets that from no matter the number of systems they sell at, while Sony will never see a profit unless they sell over 80 million systems in 4 years.... I'd bet money on Nintendo's strategy working for them in the long run, while the loss leader approach is way too risky and if there is a crash in the video game industry, its those loss leader approaches that will prove to not be a viable strategy.

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Erimgard2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Sony and Nintendo are actually worth about the same amount, depending on the day. They are both sitting at a market cap of about 16 billion. Microsoft is obviously much higher.

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dedicatedtogamers2990d ago

Nintendo has been misleading, apologetic, and downright confusing about the direction of the WiiU. From the start, people weren't even sure if it was a brand-new console or if it was an add-on (seeing how Iwata later had to tweet an image of him showing off the console itself while explaining "it's a new console)". The name confused people. The change in focus confused people (going from a simply Wiimote to an uber-complex tablet/controller/Wiimote hybrid).

An ominous omen for Sony and Microsoft? Yeah. The omen is "don't blow a 1-year headstart by mucking around, losing 3rd-party exclusives, and botching the launch of exclusive titles like Monster Hunter and Lego City by not having any advertising or supply".

RonRico2990d ago

Exactly, the casuals don't really know what the WiiU is and most hardcore gamers are definitely waiting for the PS4/720.

stage882989d ago


Nail on the head.
+ bubble

Munnkyman2989d ago

The monster hunter thing really annoyed me. I went to 2 targets before i was able to get copies for the 3ds and wii u version. The guy there said they only got 3 copies of each. He said that target feels they are try to push people to download the titles through thier eshop.

raWfodog2989d ago

I agree with that assessment. While its true that the Wii enjoyed enormous sales over the 360 and PS3, the enthusiasm waned greatly as time went on and people weren't seeing good games coming out. That lack of enthusiasm seemed to carry over to the Wii U as many of the games that debuted on the system were already available and played on the 360 and PS3.

Not knocking the Wii U as I have bought one primarily for my kids and I am also enjoying MH3U as well. But people are hyped at what the PS4 and Next Box will have to offer and will buy accordingly. As long as the good games are there, gamers will buy.

Larry L2989d ago

The problem with WiiU/Nintendo is 2 fold. It's horrid sales are directly caused by these 2 things as far as I'm concerned.

1) Nintendo COMPLETELY blew it when it comes to not only the hardware they came with, but also the timing. They clearly thought that since Wii's sales have been low for the last many months, that it was time for new hardware.....and then they come to the table with fairly weak hardware that while I understand is sort of kinda more powerfull than's not enough better.....not when hardware is coming from their competitors within a year that is comparitively even more powerfull over WiiU than PS3 and 360 were over Wii.

And that is all compounded by 2) Which is they mis-read Wii's low sales as it being time for Wii2.....WRONG. Wii's sales dropped to nothing because people were sick of that crap. And WiiU is just more of the same crap. Wii imo was just an EPIC money making fad. People grew out of it like POGS and Pokemon and Nintendo needed to come out with more of a "core" style console instead of another "gimmick" console. WiiU has absolutely no advantage over PS4, so what is there to draw in the gamers for WiiU?

The ONLY thing selling WiiUs is brand loyalty, which is less of a help when people are can't pay for video games with Obama-Bucks, you know.. It was completely wasted development money, and Nintendo is either going to have to suck up the cost and quickly put out some proper hardware that's going to compete with PS4 and just kinda abandon WiiU al la Virtual Boy. Otherwise I see WiiU hurting Nintendo's market share so badly that they're gonna have to bow out of the hardware race and go 3rd party like Sega did.

I personally think Nintendo would do better making just games instead of hardware and games anyway. The same number of gamers would buy their games (and probably more), yet they wouldn't have the overhead of the hardware.

SkyGamer2989d ago

I think that there is some truth in that. Nintendo didn't differentiate the Wii from WiiU that much! Even has a similar name! Problem with that is that most are fine with the Wii. The big challenge for MS and sony is that they need to differentiate from their current consoles. Would you buy a system that was only a fraction better even though it may have the newer games on it? Most people will be content with their current consoles. Considering that nexgen games are only capped at 720p doesn't offer a lot of difference! I think EA, albeit a company that needs a whole lot of work, did get one assessment correct. They are going to have to change the WAY you play a game. You can't expect to keep relevant with the SAME OLD formula in an ever growing tech world. You can blame apple for two things. Killing off sony and console gaming. In the near future, portables will become so powerful and with wireless video transmission, can put it on a bigger screen. Apple's ipod killed off sony's walkman and the ipad is effectively killing off consoles. Although the latter transition will be slower but essentially the ipad will reign supreme, other than PC's. So many people are beginning to find out that you still need a PC as a "partial OS" can't do everything! Now with Windows 8, that may be changing too.

dcbronco2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Larry L I was with you up until the economy part. The economy hasn't hurt a lot of more expensive products. Nintendo's problems was the other reasons. The gimmicky part has worn off for the none gamer. And the hardware is too weak. They could have gotten away with it if they had released it in 2010 and had three years to be slightly better and different. But a year(maybe less) before far more powerful machines that have everything special you have except exclusive software.

Not sure what Reggie was thinking. If Nintendo hadn't done so well last generation he would probably been on his way out. It seems gaming companies aren't accepting as many failures as they used to. Too much competition.

But the Wii U has nothing to do with the PS4 and 720. They will be fine.

Old McGroin2989d ago

@ dcbronco

"Larry L I was with you up until the economy part. The economy hasn't hurt a lot of more expensive products."

Actually the economy part is valid, physical video game sales were down 22% at the end of 2012 in the US and hardware sales were down 27%. It's all here:

Can't argue with facts.

hollabox2989d ago

@ dcbronco

I don't think it's Reggie calling the shots. Reggie is only playing the cards Satoru Iwata dealt. Reggie A. should leave Nintendo before his reputation is dragged through the dirt. NOJ provided him with outdated hardware and a low marketing budget making his job twice as hard to appeal to third party developers and consumers.

Interviewers always ask Reggie the tough questions while Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata sneak out the back door. Iwata treats Reggie like the body guard that leans into punches while he is rushed into his limo.

dcbronco2989d ago

@Old McGroin

Apple was predicted to sell more than 45 million iPads last year. Far more than any console sells in a year and there are still a lot of other tablets that sold. Add smartphones that cost hundreds. The tablets cost more than consoles, even new ones.

Sales were down just because people are waiting for next generation. People haven't slowed down there spending on tech, just games and consoles. It's not about money, people will spend on what they want. And those tablets aren't for business most of the time.


You're probably right. But given that they use him as the face of the company, they might use him as the scapegoat too.

hollabox2989d ago

@ dcbronco

"You're probably right. But given that they use him as the face of the company, they might use him as the scapegoat too."

Totally agree with the scapegoat, I have said this in a couple of other post of course filled with disagrees. He always get hit with the hardware questions, if Mr. Iwata or Miyamoto get hit with an hard question their interpreters immediately escort them off stage or Reggie steps in to answer. I know they don't speak good English but its blatant they leave all the hard questions to Reggie. I guess that's what their paying him for, to be face, stool, and tool of the franchise in the west.

Phil322989d ago

Seriously. The marketing team needs to be fired. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the whole company needs a shake up.

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Nevers0ft2990d ago

That's the WORST kind of omen!

GribbleGrunger2989d ago

It's an inauspicious, portent of an ominous omen!

deafdani2989d ago

Fantastically fantastic eloquence, amirite?

cyclindk2989d ago

Yes I do believe that "omens" are by their very nature... "ominous."

Oleopneumatic Self Leveling Suspension... learn these terms everyone!

TheSaint2989d ago

Why not? Omens can be good or bad.

pandaboy2989d ago

exactly but n4g is full of morons so don't worry about it.

cyclindk2989d ago

Yes, but even good omens... can be ominous ones...

Mr_cheese2989d ago

you forgot that fact that the majority of people who brought the wii realised that it was a novelty buy...

KentBlake2989d ago

Wow! That's even worse than a regular omen!

chukamachine2989d ago

I know,lol.

People do know the difference between the WII and the WII U.

People just don't want it.

Those 70million casuals don't care for the touch screen, all those mums, dads, grandparents.

PS4 will have no such problems.

720 though, can suck it.

g2gshow2989d ago

its simple i can get more bang for my buck on xbox360 & ps3 why should pay top dallor for a wiiu . i'm not in the leas bit impressed by anything nintendo as of late in fact after n64 severs them right go big or go home

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PopRocks3592990d ago

Redundant headlines aside, I don't see how the competition doing worse in sales could necessarily spell out something bad for Sony or Microsoft. If anything doesn't that give them more market share?

Erimgard2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Well, the idea is that the public in general isn't really all that ready or willing to shell out for new consoles.

I don't necessarily think the Wii U is a perfect indication of that though, because Nintendo has cultivated a different type of crowd in recent years, and that crowd is used to being able to get their games and consoles on the cheap. It'll take them a while to come around to the more expensive Wii U experience. Xbox/PS gamers are used to spending big bucks for powerful hardware. Nintendo gamers are not.

MariaHelFutura2990d ago

No, people aren't jumping on buy a 7 year old system that just came out that has a very limited ammount of software they have already played. I'll buy a Wii U eventually, but I'm in NO rush to buy one at this point. I imagine alot of people feel the same. Show me something special, it could change my mind. But to be honest, the second the PS4 is in my living room, my interest to own one for myself (not my kids) will probably decrease even more.

bicfitness2990d ago

Let me correct that for you. The general public are not willing to shell out for current gen tech that lacks any of the compelling 3rd party software available on cheaper, more infrastructure rich consoles.

Not to mention that the casual crowd who will buy anything that tickles the right itch of advertising, must-haveness and lemming behaviour sees nothing compelling about Nintendo's tablet. Its a console version of a DS. Except the two screens are out of synch with a natural field of vision unless you hold your arms out the whole time. That very gimmick also drove the price of their dinosaur tech box up.

The Wii U is a failure on many levels and in many ways that the next-gen boxes simply won't be.

mcstorm2989d ago

@bicfitness how has it failed? It sold more in its first 3 months of being in sale than the ps3 and 360 did in there 1st 3 months.

Also there has so far only been 3 exclusive games for it in Lego city, zombie and mariou the rest of the 3rd party games could be bought on the ps3 and 360. Why would people buy a new consoles to buy games that are already on the console they own.

Come the latter half of this year sales of the Wiiu will pickup because it will have some of the big name games.

I don't see the next Xbox or ps4 selling more than the Wiiu in its 1st 3 months and we all know that when a new console comes out it takes time for it to build up a descent library of games. If games like bf4 or cod come out for both the ps4 and 3 as well as the next Xbox do you think people will go out and spend £400 on a new console to play the same game they can get on there current console?

Sales of the Wiiu ps4 and next Xbox will not start to be high until 12 to 18 months after being on the market because this is when support for the current gen consoles will start to stop and this will give reason for people go out and buy a new console.

I don't think we will see any console flop this gen but I also don't think we will have one console way out in front like the last 3 gens I think there will only be a few million between the best selling and lest selling console.

bicfitness2989d ago

@mcstorm. If you were actually following metrics you would see that its TRACKING under Gamecube sales. Sales dropped off a cliff after the Nintendo diehards bought the system, period, and they've hardly moved since. Neither the PS3 nor the 360 sold so poorly after release, so stop touting that "SOLD MOARZ IN 3 MONTHS!!!", cause it's barely sold anything SINCE the launch rush, and I guarantee that Nintendo will miss its REVISED forecast.

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miyamoto2990d ago

PS4 ain't created for kids,bub.

RankFTW2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It's created for gamers, be they 5 or 95. Same with any console including the WiiU. Personally I don't care that the WiiU has limited 3rd party support as I bought the console for first party games. PS4 will also be for 1st party games and 3rd party will always be PC for me.

Elem1872989d ago

Uhm the PS4 will have more kids than adults playing their games.... Every dudebro game on the PS3/360, which is 95% of their libraries have 12 years screaming obscenities... Yeah, no thanks, I'll stick to PC/Wii U.

KwietStorm_BLM2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Please spare me these misery loves company articles. Nintendo made their bed. Sony and Microsoft aren't part of the slumber party. Any one of them can succeed, any can fail. But there is no correlation with the Wii U.

sourav932989d ago

Only reason the Wii U hasn't picked up, other than not bringing in anything revolutionary, is that most of the general public out there don't even know that's an actual console. I live in the UK, so you know that it's a country big on games. Anyways, a couple of days ago I was having a convo with my dad about the PS4 and when it's coming out and all, and then he mentioned that why Nintendo isn't launching a Wii 2 or something. I was like "huh?". I told him that they already have and it's called the Wii U; telling him that it's got a tablet controller. His words, after hearing that was "Oh...I thought that was just one of those Wii accessories. Didn't know that is was a different console". THIS is what majority of the casual gaming market thinks as well. But with the PS4 and the Next Xbox, everyone's gonna know what they are and they WILL be flying off the shelves.

Jek_Porkins2990d ago

If people think the next Xbox and PlayStation are going to break sales records they'll probably be in for quite a shock. Sales will probably look like they do now, especially in North America.

I'd bet my car that the current 360 and PS3 will outsell the 720 and PS4 for at least a year with the new consoles on the market. If we see prices drop on the 360, PS3 and even Wii, that will create a ton of competition and cheap consoles with huge back catalogs.

MariaHelFutura2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Stop, you sound ridiculous. Once people play next COD at their friends house, boom goes the dynamite!! Next gen is the thing, like this gen and every one before it. Breaking sales records, who knows?

Jek_Porkins2990d ago

I'll be sure to save your name my friend. You honestly think new consoles will take off just like that? That hasn't happened since the Wii, which had a $249 price tag. The new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are going to be anywhere from $400-$500 and a lot of people aren't going to pay that much right away.

Parents, casuals and families will all stick with lower priced consoles, just look at this past generation, how long did the PS2 outsell the PS3?

This will be fun to revisit come November and December, I'd expect decent numbers to start, but they wont even match the 360/PS3 launch.

MariaHelFutura2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Whoa....I didn't say that. I'm saying people aren't gonna be worrying about back catalogs when their friends are playing next gen games, they'll want one themselves. Plus, I fully expect these system to launch cheaper this time, which will do nothing but speed up next gen console adoption.