I Lost My Mass Effect Save, So I Gave Up On Finishing The Series

Kotaku - I used to feel like a Mass Effect fan. Like part of that community that gushed about their crush on Garrus, or commiserated over those lengthy elevator rides. I used to talk strategies and relationships and dialogue tree options with fellow fans, scrutinizing decisions with one another and theorizing about what would happen next. Even just comparing Shepards. Are you Paragon or are you Renegade?

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xHeavYx2071d ago

How did I guess that this was a Kotaku article before opening it? Luckily for me, I get my saved games stored online with PS+

crxss2071d ago

mass effect save has an impact on the ending of 3? This is news to me

Morgue2071d ago


" I failed PE class "

Blacktric2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

I lost my 100%'d saves for both ME 1 and ME 2 that I've crafted over the course of a week in one day thanks to some retarded problem with Xbox Live. Then I crafted another perfect save for each game while Mass Effect 3 box sitted in front of me for the course of 3-4 days as I played...

The funny thing is; I ended up hating ME 3 anyway so all of that effort was for nothing.

tl;dr Kotaku writers are acting like crybabies again. Move on people.

jeeves862071d ago

You 100%'d two games which take approximately 30-40 hours each to play? Or is that a typo? Or do you just not do anything else?

Blacktric2071d ago

Had a lot of free time around ME 3's release week.

p-please don't make fun of me...

Donnieboi2071d ago

I took a dump yesterday, and plan on doing it again. Maybe I should write an article for Kotaku about it too.

vudu2071d ago

Make sure you note what type it is. Details are critical.

Y_51502071d ago

@vudu that was funny!!! LOL

showtimefolks2071d ago

with ME series its more about the journey than the destination

i know it didn't end right but its still one of the better trilogies in gaming, and a series which ends after 3rd instead of having useless prequels

chrish19902071d ago

Oh no. I just dropped my toast and it landed butterside down. Guess I'm done with toast for a while...

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admiralvic2071d ago

And the world is still turning? Wow, I'm shocked!

Myst-Vearn2071d ago

ME is one of the most replay-able series I have ever played. I have completed 4 different playthroughs

RememberThe3572071d ago

Thats what I was just thinking. I've gone through the series 3 times. But I guess not everyone feels that way. Sucks for them.

Y_51502071d ago

I do the same with Pokemon. If my data gets deleted, I will be sad. But I will still start from the beginning again eventually.

Intentions2071d ago

Just restart the game then?

ColdAssassin2071d ago

Idiot dosent even know that the choices that you make dont matter at all in the 3rd game.

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