Battlefield 4 multiplayer: seven ways DICE should raise its game

OXM - It's nice that DICE understands where it went wrong with Battlefield 3's campaign, and it's nice that the developer intends to deliver something a tad more flexible and sympathetic with Battlefield 4. But let's face it, Battlefield single player has always been the somewhat sour and unloved cherry on a cake comprised of spongy, sugary multiplayer goodness - and with the greatest respect to the labours of game director Stefan Strandberg and his team, that'll probably continue to be the case once the developer's latest hits shelves this autumn.

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dirigiblebill2022d ago

8. Entirely ocean-based maps - carrier vs carrier, basically.

iRocket2022d ago

This would be totally awesome! 2142 Titan mode with aircraft carriers. You would have to fight your way through the enemy carrier to reach the core, plant explosives, and get out/defend the explosives so the enemy team couldn't defuse them, meanwhile defending your own carrier!

-Mezzo-2022d ago

Just make sure that the console Version of MP isn't as broken as the last 1.

Tru_Blu2021d ago

If you get it on ps3/360 you'll be disappointed. I Just hope the ps4 version isn't as laggy as the ps3 bf3 was.

Dark5tar12022d ago

I absolutely agree with more destruction. Battlefield 3's "Destruction 3.0" was lackluster and wasn't really too much fun. I'd also love to see more Air Superiority maps, and even the joke Dinosaur mode.

Tru_Blu2021d ago

Air superiority was a heatseeker fest. Take lock on bs out and it might be cool.

HarryB2022d ago

They should a game mode similar to the nintendo game elevator action.

d0nT wOrrY2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I will be missing the Co op mode :( had a lot of fun playin bf3 coop with my buddy..

OT: They should add more modes and make the objective locations dynamic somehow for sake of variety.

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The story is too old to be commented.