Radical Fish Games: It would be awesome to bring Cross-Code to Wii U

Nintendo Enthusiast:

Cross-Code is a plot-driven action-RPG with 2D retro-style graphics. Having played the tech-demo it feels like a mix between 2D Metroid and 2D Zelda games. While the setting is sci-fi themed and you’ll be throwing energy balls at waves of enemies and everything in your environment, there is a heavy emphasis on solving puzzles and adventuring.

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Dark5tar12115d ago

This would be cool to play on the Wii U. Nintendo Web Framework would easily bring it to the system.

BlackWolf2115d ago

It would be nice to see this game on Wii U. Just played the tech demo, and it's simple, yet entertaining. It was a fresh experience for me, it's really worth checking.

lilbroRx2115d ago

Another day, another Indie game comes to the Wii U. The Wii is because the best place for new developers.

LastXeno2115d ago

And so the Wii U indy developer initiative has begun.