PS4 isn’t just a high-end PC, says Guerrilla Games

EDGE: "Guerrilla Games’ technical director Michiel Van Der Leeuw has dismissed the notion that PS4 is little more than a high-end PC, suggesting that those describing the console that way are ‘trolls’ and ‘fanboys’."

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papashango2475d ago ShowReplies(22)
lovegames7182475d ago

Ps4 is a beast and haters going to hate!!!

Conzul2475d ago

Yes, but I wonder why?
Do they really expect people to adulate them over their multi-K gaming rigs? So weird.

Natso2475d ago

Not adulate......Copulate.

Mariusmssj2474d ago

I really agree with the article, Consoles are finely tuned machines they can achieve great things with lower spec hardware as their tuned to work in harmony.

So you can have tuned system or raw power system, somewhat like intel vs amd. Intel has the tuned tech while amd has the raw power in the PC world. I am yet to see how the PS4 will turn out to be.
Hoping for great things :)

Ragthorn2474d ago

I'm a PC gamer, but I also love my PS3, but what I have seen from my fellow PC Gamers is saddening. PS4 I believe can be compared to a mid-high range PC from the specs I've seen. No matter what though, I will always love my Playstation for those great exclusives it always gets!

Computersaysno2474d ago

PS4 is a midrange gaming PC at best. It's a fact. While benefitting from some fixed platform advantages it will still never be as fast as a good PC.

PC gamers are just disappointed about people falling for the hype that is so blatantly obvious.... That the machine is high end. When it isn't. And never will be. Hype hype hype.

See through the hype.

Get excited about PS4 exclusives and dismiss the idea that PS4 is somehow gonna kill PC and murder it graphically cos it just won't.

Talk about PS4 games without delusional hyping and PC gamers will happily go away and play their games instead of having to be realists and point out why a lot of people don't seem to know anything about the hardware and just get sucked into the engineered hype.

TheXonySbox2474d ago

Its a mobile level GPU, not high end. LMAO HYPE marketing or what?

Look @ the numbers, mid range-low end hardware.

Number never lie, low end is low end; good luck getting 1080p @ 60fps.

PC masterace.

kikizoo2474d ago

Good luck for you getting better games, and don't forget too look @ ubisoft game demo, and try to get that kind of graphism with a "mid/low end pc"..

extermin8or2474d ago

hmmmm I think we all know what happened last time anyone tried to claim there was a master race don't we?...

stragomccloud2474d ago

People aren't hating, they just think it's funny that people believe it's a high end PC. It's a mid range PC at best.

There's a difference between hate and trying to inform people of their disillusion. The problem is that any time Sony fanboys hear anything besides "SONY IS TEH MOST POWERFUL EVER!!!!" they get offended and think they are being hated on.

extermin8or2474d ago

This is the issue it's specs if it were a pc, would be mid-high at best. BUT IT ISN'T A FUCKING PC. So therefore it IS achieving similar graphics to a high end PC (note GPU's like titan im not counting as high end but as 'elite' a class above the rest-put you pay the premium for that. And they aren't referring to the people that say it's not hat powerful- there are plenty of Pc gamers coming on articles and unprovoked being all "oh ha well I have my rediculously overpriced "blah bla blah" and it can run that game with barely noticeably better graphics, and I can see every follocule on my characters arse, and it all runs at a frame rate so much higher than any eye can possily notice without being told" - thats what pisses people off also there's a way to say stuff and there's a way not to say it- often people do the latter of those and are just rude. Fact is most people are comparing it to te current gen and it is a fair bit better than that-so people are happy don't try and persuade people who want a console that pc gaming is better because it's probably not for them; generally to get the best PC fir gaming you have to be quite technically savvy, and often build the rig yourself, plus pay alot more than you do for a console....

stragomccloud2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Thank you "extermin8or" for proving a point I have often made regarding the "passion" of console gamers.

I'm not arguing anything of the likes. I just think fanboys need to take a deep breath and stop talking specs like they are the end all. When Sony fanboys stop calling the PS4 more powerful than a PC then PC gamers will stop trying to bring people back to reality.

By the way, Sony fanboys are total hypocrites. You guys totally bash Nintendo and its' systems for being underpowered, but then you play the "it's all about the games" or the "consoles are a lot more optimised than PCs" card whenever PC comes up. And you're right about those two points, which is why it's so ironic how much you guys bash Wii Us hardware.

Stop talking specs.

Game on.

maliciousNPC2470d ago

My PC is Godzilla and haters going to hate!!!

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chukamachine2475d ago

The point is the bridges that cause problems with pc gaming and slowdowns on pc rigs do not exist on PS4.

On a pc you need more powerful hardware to get the same result.

Should be a good system.

Murad2474d ago

Ok so I'm not going to say anything against any of the consoles at all, however, I will speak up for my PC. The reason why some games run slower is because developers intentionally optimize a title for the console based on the programming language they utilize. Meaning that if game developers focused on programming titles on Linux like they are supposed to, rather than trying to program on Windows, the games on PC would far surpass the games on console. However, that's the biggest difference. The thing you have to notice is how well the data is handled on the PC and the Ps3. The PC ported titles are far worse than the Ps3 is because of how badly each code is refined. It has nothing to do with the hardware, because in the end, people yet realize that hardware work with a software in order to make it as optimum as possible, rather than cheap façade.

Muerte24942474d ago

Battlfield 3 ran better on ps3 over xbox360, who a pc like architecture.

Murad2474d ago

What are you talking about? Battlefield 3 was customized for all three consoles very well, one because it's a huge multiplayer franchise, and two, because Dice has a reputation to uphold in PC gaming.

Also, if you are making the argument that Xbox 360 architecture is similar to the PC's architecture, you are clearly mistaken. Battlefield 3 for the PC runs better than the Xbox 360 version is because of the hardware that's inside the Xbox 360. The Ps3 is able to tolerate this because of it's overall better hardware. The PC is able to bring better graphics, gameplay and overall networking because, one it's a PC, and two, Dice definitely worked hard on the PC version as compared to the other two.

ijust2good2475d ago

The PC extremist are coming...the PC Nazis are here to hate.

stragomccloud2474d ago

Pointing out that the PS4 isn't a high end PC isn't the same as hating. PC gamers are not hating on the PS4. Why does it even matter whether or not PS4 is high end or not? The original PS and the PS2 were both the weakest of their respective generations, but they also had some of the best games of all time.

Sony fanboys, stop getting offended. PC gamers are not hating on you guys or the console. We just think you guys are severely disillusioned about how powerful the PS4 is.

MrDead2475d ago

I wish Sony had consulted N4G users on this system as it seems (according to the comments section) that every developer was wrong with their advice and input on the PS4.

MasterCornholio2475d ago

They should have asked the PC elitists that way we would have a 2000$ console.


Motorola RAZR i

stragomccloud2474d ago

For the record you can build a really great PC gaming rig for between 600 and 800. And the thing about a PC is you can use it for things besides gaming like... using N4G........ or doing work/schoolwork.