Ni no Kuni studio has a PS4 title in development, announcement could happen soon

El33tonline writes:

"Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch studio Level-5 was one of the companies featured on Sony’s impressive list of third-party developers signed up to work on PS4 projects as of February 20th."

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Crystallis2113d ago

Oh man so excited. They loved how ni no kuni was received in the west.

PeaSFor2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

hopefully its not an MMO(im not into that kind of game)

a new rpg would be GREAT!

Namikaze_Minato2113d ago

Yeah, I hope it's not an MMO.

However it will have some online features, considering previous comments.

Minato-Namikaze2113d ago

^^ did you steal my Persona? or are you my Hollow side? lol

Saigon2113d ago

Hands down, I can't wait. They are one of the greatest RPG developers out there and still thriving with innovation.

Why o why2113d ago


NNK wasn't perfect but boy did I get sucked into their world. So glad it done well. It'll probably be ages before we see their next title as their dev cycle seems quite lengthy

Root2113d ago

Wonder if it's a Ni No Kuni sequel or a totally new game

Minato-Namikaze2113d ago

Probably new. level 5 usually announces a new game for sony after they reveal their console.

fsfsxii2113d ago

I'm guessing E3, tons of games should be announced there hopefully

koehler832113d ago

Don't announce a game because you're working on one.

Announce a game because you're preparing to release one.

Let's please not start this stupid merry-go-round again.

krontaar2113d ago

Normally I would agree, but since this a new console they're more than likely doing this for marketing purposes.

koehler832113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Just like they did with White Knight Chronicles.

Just like SE did with FFXIII, Versus XIII and Agito XIII.

Just like Rockstar did with Agent.

The list goes on and on... And it never ends well. They're doing themselves a disservice more than me. I'm trying to help.

Why o why2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Lol at the cynical one but he has a point even though not every title that has pre pre hype ends up being a no show or crap.... NNK is testament to that. Devs have to build hype and sites and mags need things to write about so I guess it'll never end

BitbyDeath2113d ago

Hopefully we won't be seeing problems like that again since Sony have finally made the Playstation easier to code for.

Riderz13372113d ago

Well it's a good thing that it's just your opinion (and a stupid one at that). I personally am happy to hear that they are moving to a next gen console and am excited to see what their next project is. Do you see the word I used there? "excited". I think that's what the developer wants people to feel when they announce that they are moving to a brand new platform and developing a game, "excitement".

Don't be such a hater.

koehler832113d ago

Whoa whoa whoa.

Whatever Level 5 is working on.. I want it. I am a big fan.

Let me make that utterly clear.

I just... kinda don't want to by hyped about it for 2..3..4+ years. White Knight Chronicles took 5.

More than that.. I don't wanna see those guys kill themselves to deliver on a promise made prematurely.

I'm thrilled they're working on a PS4 game. Fingers crossed it's another Studio Ghibli collaboration or something like Dark Cloud. I hope that's all we hear about it until it's a game.. not a prerendered cutscene depicting their 'vision'.

lovegames7182113d ago

omfg!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! This is awesome news!!!!!!! This seriously ade my day. Now all i need is a direct sequel to Demon souls as a ps4 exclusive utilizing all of the ps4 power!

Genuine-User2113d ago

Good to see people so hyped. Lol

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