5 Characters that Defined this Generation

"Every generation of gaming has allowed gamers to step into the shoes of characters they’ve grown to love. However, exceptional characters that we can never get enough of are the ones that define that generation of gaming..." - Velox

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guitarded772044d ago

Interesting list... I don't disagree with any of them. They all had an important place this gen. I'm sure there are others to consider, but nice list in general.

Deku-Johnny2044d ago

I think Desmond might be a better choice because that would encompass the entire series rather than just three of the games.

Why o why2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Good call.

Cant argue too much with that list, New ips should always define a gen and we've had some great ones to be fair

Xof2044d ago

The list is:

Commander Shepard
Marcus Fenix
Nathan Drake
Isaac Clarke


I would argue that only Shepard and Nathan Drake are characters who defined this generation, because we're talking about characters, not games (and why are Miis even there? *sigh*).

If any one character defines this generation, it's Nathan Drake. In that he is the most representative of the archetype of "snarky white guy w/ short brown hair" 95% of western games use as PCs. And the whole massive cognitive dissonance established between his character & in-game actions.

Deku-Johnny2044d ago

I agree he's good at defining this gen but only as defining this gen as stagnant.

whamlollypop72044d ago

Hard list to argue all five deserve a spot. People can and will nitpick but I think it represents the gen.

Dj7FairyTail2044d ago

My List:
None because this gen is filled with

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