Two hours of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon gameplay appears online

From what is shown in the videos, the gameplay from Far Cry 3 seems intact; with enemy tagging and stealth takedowns in still in the game. However, the game has been layers with the stylings of the 1980s. A little part of me thinks that this is a staged leak, thanks to the fact that alot of this game is out in the public domain and Ubisoft have yet to comment, but, hey, it’s still awesome.

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Lior2106d ago

Downloaded the game played an hour of it so far, the phrases and theme of the game is truly amazing its game of the year so far

SPAM-FRITTER-1232106d ago

So you pirated it? People like you give us legit PC gamers a bad name dude.

Also why isn't this tagged under PC?

Lior2106d ago

lol I pirate only because this game looked awesome and I couldn't wait for it and I was right it is amazing

Salooh2106d ago

You play it without far cry 3 or you must have it ?.

Plagasx2106d ago

It's standalone. You don't need the original game.

famoussasjohn2106d ago

"A little part of me thinks that this is a staged leak"

What? A hacker came out and said he hacked uplay in order to be able to download the content straight from Ubisofts servers. If it was a staged leak, they wouldn't leak the entire game, nor would any company consider leaking out their game ever.

2106d ago