3DS will become an unstoppable monster this year

mii-gamer writes:
3DS is selling remarkably well. It is incredibly how Nintendo managed to turn the fortunes of the handheld around so quickly. It seemed like it was only yesterday that the 3DS was doomed. It was one 3DS is doomed article, after another 3DS is doomed article, after another. Is the 3DS still doomed haters? I don’t think so.

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dedicatedtogamers2023d ago

I'm excited for what is coming to the 3DS (for the record, I'm also excited for the Vita, since I own both). Pokemon X/Y will be the first Pokemon game I dig into since...the original Gold/Silver, I think.

Sadly, I will probably pass on MH4. This is coming from a guy who played MHF2, MHFU, and even a partially-translated MH3, all on the PSP. I've sunk over 600 hours between those three games, but after all that time, I'm ready for a truly next-gen MH, and that includes dual-analog camera control.

kesvalk2023d ago

so the completely overhauled dynamic of the game and the new monsters/stages interactions don't count as a upgrade, only graphics?

dedicatedtogamers2023d ago

No, I'm not talking about graphics. What I'm saying is that I've already invested over 600 hours into the "old style" (for lack of a better phrase) of the Monster Hunter franchise. From what I have seen, MH4 has new monsters and a few new tricks, but it is not the evolutionary step that I, personally, would like to see. It is just another "old style" Monster Hunter game with single-stick controls, cell-based maps, and so forth.

Anyone who wants to jump into MH now, go for it! It's an awesome series. I hope you get at least 600 hours out of it like I did. However, I've done my time and I'll give my hours to other games until MH decides to innovate again.

kesvalk2023d ago

i don't know which game you saw, cuz MH 4 will have the old monsters and is revamping the way you play.

you will prolly have to relearn half the game again because is way more dynamic than before with way more ways to fight the monsters than before, and the monsters now using the scenario to attack you.

you should go see a hands on of the game, and when you see a tigrex bringing down a wall just to you lose balance on top of it, you will understand just how much "next-gen" this game is.

Gregard2022d ago

MH3U on wii U and 3ds(with cpp) have dual analog camera controls! And on Wii U it looks awesome in 1080p! Me thinks you should get it :)

Nerdmaster2022d ago

I play MH3U on my 3DS with dual-analog controls everyday. You do know about the Circle Pad Pro, right?

dedicatedtogamers2022d ago

I know about it. I refuse to use it.

Yodagamer2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

If you want a comfortable grip it helps alot i keep it on even when the game doesn't support it. It's that comfortable for me. Not to mention it helps with some games.

Nerdmaster2022d ago

So you want a MH that uses two analogs, but refuse to use the thing that gives exactly what you want... Ok...

I do it, too. The only game that I don't use it with is Brain Age.

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Moonman2023d ago

3DS is awesome and keeps getting better. Can't wait for E3!

Trunkz Jr2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Wow look it all those Disagree's, Sony fans all jelly because Vita isn't on top like they thought because it has better everything inside cept 3D. Whats that? Vita just needs games? You can say that about Wii U and any other system that starts up... I bet you the PS4 will be in the same slump as the Wii U if not worse because it will be such a high launch price like the PS3, but look at the PS3 now it's on fire.

Hanso2022d ago

For me its
-Fire Emblem
-Bravely Default
-Project X Zone

-Guacamelee (just bought it)
-Dragons Crown
-Muramasa Rebirth
-Persona 4
-Disgaea 3
-Ys Celceta
-Batman Origins Blackgate
-Retro City Rampage

xursz2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

edit: stupid me. Yeah I bought Guacamelee too, with the Plus discount. Not bad.

dedicatedtogamers2022d ago

No Shin Megami Tensei 4 for your 3DS? It comes out this summer.

Hanso2022d ago

dont really like fps rpgs

DEATHxTHExKIDx2022d ago

Yea 3DS is pretty amazing only on its second year and cranking one good game after another. Makes me wonder what Ninitendo has to offer for thr future.

TongkatAli2022d ago

More Mario, Pokemon, maybe a Metriod game, Donkey Kong port from the Wii and Smash Bros.

No need to wonder, their bag of tricks are the most predictable.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Project x Zone
Bravely Default localized.
Possible 3DS Zelda game

ANd plus their "bag of tricks" as u called them.
Pretty strong line up and its working.

gedden72022d ago

What's really cool is that Nintendo "FINALLY" are combining 3ds studios and Wii U studios so that transition/connection/communic ation between 3DS and Wii U games will be more seamless and better marketable... Thats my first thought, as my second thought is; I wonder if they can do the same thing with the Wii U? Nintendo President has already stated that Wii U start is similar to the DS' so I just wonder!

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